Glenn Coldenhoff was the Champion of Champions of the 2019 Motocross de Nations.

1. Tim Gajser…Slovenia
2. Jeffrey Herlings…Holland
3. Jorge Prado…Spain
4. Jeremy Seewer…Switzerland
5. Gautier Paulin…
6. Jeremy Van Horebeek…Belgium
7. Ivo Monticelli…Italy
8. Thomas Kjer Olsen..Denmark
9. Hakon Fredriksen..Norway
10. Calvin Vlaanderen…Holland

Other notables: 11. Tom Koch (Ger) 13. Tanel Leok (Est); 15. Dean Ferris (AusS); 17. Jason Anderson (USA); 18. Maxime Renaux…(Fra); 19. Valentin Guillod (Swi); 23. Kyle Webster (Aus); 24. Adam Sterry (Eng); 25. Justin Cooper (USA); 30. Jago Geerts (Bel).

Thomas Kjer Olsen was the top 250 rider.

Race one recap: 2019 450 MXGP World champion Tim Gajser on the first moto overall in front of home town hero Jeffrey Herlings. Jorge Prado came in third. Third was MX2 World champion Jorge Prado. Team USA’s Jason Anderson and Justin Cooper crashed into each othe rin a very violent crash. Anderson finished 17th and Justin Cooper was 25th. Team USA was out of the running for the title after the first moto with a total of 42 points. The top 250 riders were Thomas Kjer Olsen 8th, Calvin Vaanderen 10th and Rene Hofer 12th.The points standing after the first moto was Holland with 12 points, while Switzerland and France were tied for second at 23 points.

1. Glenn Coldenhoff…Holland
2. Pauls Jonass…Latvia
3. Shaun Simpson…England
4. Harri Kullas…Estonia
5. Zach Osborne…USA
6. Jordi Tixier……France
7. Jago Geerts…Belgium
8. Thomas Kjer Olsen…..Denmark
9. ..Dennis Ullrich…Germany
10. Calvin Vlaanderen…Holland

Other notables: 11. Regan Duffy (Aus); 12. Adam Sterry (Eng); 13. Carlos Campano (Spa); 14. Kyle Webster (Aus); 17. Kevin Strijbos (Bel); 24. Valentin Guillod (Swi); 29. Justin Cooper (USA); 30. Maxime Renaux (Fra).

Race two recap: Holland continued to prove that they are the sand masters as Glenn Coldenhoff won the second moto and Clavin Vlaanderen was 10th on a 250. Pauls Jonass was second and Shaun Simpson third. Team USA’s Zach Osborne was 5th, but Justin Cooper as 29th. The top 250 riders were Thomas Kjer Olsen 8th, Calvin Vlaanderen 10th and Alvin Ostlund 16th. In overall national points the Dutch led with 23 points, France was second at 59, Belgium third 60, Estonia fourth fifth 63, Australia 63, Spain sixth 66, Denmark seventh 66, Sweden eighth 69, England and Norway tied for ‘ninth tenth with 75 points apiece. Team USA was 11th with 76 points.

1. Glenn Coldenhoff …Holland
2. Tim Gajser…Slovenia
3. Pauls Jonass…Latvia
4. Jeffrey Herlings…Holland
5. Jeremy Seewer…Switzerland
6. Jeremy Van Horebeek…Belgium
7. Jorge Prado…Spain
8. Jason Anderson…USA
9. Nathan Watson…England
10. Shaun Simpson…England

Other notables: 11. Kevin Strijbos (Bel); 12. Harri Kullas (Est); 13. Zach Osborne; 16. Jordi Tixier (Fra); 23. Gautier Paulin (Fra); 30. Dean Ferris (Aus)..(Fra).

Everyone expected Jeffrey Herlings to win, including him, but his 2-4 day couldn’t match Coldenhoff’s 1-1.

Race three recap: For the second year in a row Glenn Coldenhoff is the overall winner of the Motocross des Nations—winning both the Open/250 race and the Open/450 race. Coldenhoff led Holland to the overall victory, but none of the Dutch riders finished out of the top ten in any their six scores. They dropped Calvin Vlaanderen’s first moto tenth. Second overall went to Team Belgium, which did not have any scores in the top five, but their top five scores were 6-6-7-11-17 (they dropped Jago Geerts 30th in the first moto). Third overall went to England, thanks to Shaun Simpson’s 3-10 day and Nathan Watson’s 9th in race three and Adam Sterry’s 10th. Team USA was 6th overall with Zach Osborne’s 5-13 scores, Jason Anderson’s 8-13 and Justin Cooper 25th in race one (they threw out Cooper’s 29th  in race two).

1. Holland…18
2. Belgium…47
3. England…58
4. Estonia…64
5. France…68
6. United States..68
7. Germany…72
8. Latvia…73
9. Spain…73
10. Denmark…77


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