STARTING POINT: In 1997 I couldn’t get into the Navy’s nuclear program because of a detached retina, so I went to Loretta Lynn’s as a mechanic for my cousin. I was a mechanic for about six years, then left the industry to work in finance for John Deere. I came back into the motorcycle industry in 2006 to work at C&L Companies, which owns Hot Rods, Pivot Works, Hot Cams, Cylinder Works and Vertex Pistons.

THE JOB: My responsibilities at C&L are very broad. I handle just about everything that has to do with getting the correct information about our products to our customers, including the distributors, the dealers and the end users. I love the traveling part of my job. I have ridden dirt bikes all over the world while getting paid to do it. The absolute best skill I ever learned was how to be very adaptable.

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