Starting line_Glen Helen World Vet 2019

Pre-entries for the 2019 World Vet Motocross Championship on November 1-3, are now easier than ever! Save money and time by submitting your online pre-entries now. For additional savings riders have the option to sign-up for both Saturday’s and Sunday’s events! The World Vet consists of two separate days of racing. Saturday is all amateur classes, plus the Over-40 and Over-50 Pro Championship motos. Sunday is for all the amateur classes and the Over-30 World Championship and 1st Annual World Cup of Nations race.

Saturday & Sunday Pre-Entries: $90 Two Days | $80 Second Class
Saturday only Pre-Entries: $60 | $50 Second Class
Sunday only Pre-Entries: $60 | $50 Second Class

Dubya and Glen Helen are excited to announce two new events; (1) The Dubya World Vet Vintage MX Championship on Friday November 1 and (2) 1st Annual Dubya World Vet “Cup of Nations” on Sunday, November 3.

Dubya World Vet Vintage MX Championship: The World Vet Vintage Championship is open to vintage bikes (1995 or older) on the REM track on Friday, November 1. All ages are welcome. Pre-register for the Vintage MX Championship—$50 | $40 Second Class. Click Here to pre-register.

Glen Helen owner Bud Feldkamp holding the World Vet Cup of Nations.

World Vet Cup of Nations: Gather your teammates to represent your country on Sunday, November 3 for the 1st Annual Dubya World Vet MX Cup of Nations! View the complete schedule and submit your team application by September 15th. Click Here to register you nations team. Each team consists of three riders (one Over-30, one Over-40 and one Over-50) and each nation is allowed three separate teams. Americans can only ride on one of the three American teams.

For more information about the 2019 Dubya World Vet Motocross Championship Click Here.


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