Ryan Villopoto 2014Rider: Ryan Villopoto

Ryan Villopoto was one of the most dominant riders in motocross and Supercross racing and is on the list of greats. Ryan did have a good amateur career, but was not stellar as he did receive support from Yamaha on minis and then moved to Kawasaki where he would spend his entire professional career. Though he had many second-place finishes at the Grand National Championship at Loretta Lynns, he only came away with one victory in the 125 Pro class the same year he made his pro debut for Pro Circuit Kawasaki. He would go on to become a staple in the professional circuit winning the 250cc motocross championship just a year later in 2006. From there he flourished and became a rider that everyone feared when they showed up on race day. When he raced in the 450cc class he was able to win the outdoor motocross series twice and the Supercross series four times (consecutively). After years of success, Ryan announced his retirement and moved back home to his native state of Washington where he would spend just a couple of years before returning to Southern California and the motocross scene. He works as a brand ambassador for Yamaha and can be seen at local events and sometimes in the broadcast booth.


Austin Forkner leading the heat race in Arlington.

Unfortunately at the last round in Arlington Texas, Austin Forkner’s luck had ran out again. Some speculate he may have been riding over his head, but Austin was as prepared for this season as any other rider. It had seemed that we were going to get a full season of amazing riding from the Pro Circuit rider after he dominated the first round in Detroit. Austin was looking very good in Arlington as well, he put in great times in qualifying and came from behind to win his heat race. Through the main event, he seemed comfortable while leading and mentally strong with the pressure being put on by Haiden Deegan. However in this sport, anything can happen, with the slightest miscalculation Austin had come up just a few feet short entering into one of the challenging rhythm sections, this propelled his body forward on the bike where his hand came off the handlebars. This sent Austin flying off course without hise motorcycle. He slammed down onto the concrete stadium floor. It was one of the scarier crashes we have seen in a while. Unfortunately for Austin, he ended up injured in the crash, luckily his injuries did not require surgery and he is expected to make a full recovery. Such a bummer after the years of adversity, it had seemed that we were going to see Austin’s full potential this season.


Cooper Webb winning in Arlington.

Cooper Webb has had quite the record in Texas and this past weekend added his sixth win to the list of Dallas area Supercross wins. Though he did not start up front and it had seemed that Jett Lawrence would get the best of him, Jett Lawrence made a costly mistake when he jumped wide in a rhythm section and got caught on the Tuff Blocks, sending him down. Cooper was able to take the lead  and hold it for the rest of the race. Cooper Webb now only sits 3 points out of the points lead and if he can gain momentum from this win, he will be a force to be reckoned to the end of the season. Cooper is famous for his mental strength on the track and refusing to breakg under pressure. We will see how he does in Daytona on Saturday.


Haiden Deegan on the podium after his win in Arlington.

Haiden Deegan rebounded after a tough race in Detroit by winning the 250 East round in Arlington. Throughout the main event, he pressured leader Austin Forkner until Austin’s unfortunate crash gave Haiden his first ever AMA 250 East win. He proved his strength and determination and rode a fairly mistake-free main event. He was able to grab the win and, in true Deegan fashion, ghost rode his bike after then finish. He is still in fifth in points after his round in Detroit, but only 7 points out of the lead. Haiden is looking to carry this momentum into Daytona.


Randel Fout was the 2023 Over-65 World Vet Motocross Champion, an MXA test rider and the friendliest racer you could ever meet.

In it’s 51 years of existence, Motocross Action has never had a test rider die in a racing incident, but in great sadness MXA regrets having to announce the passing of one of our best test riders and closest friends. Randel Fout was killed when his motorcycle went over the edge of a ridge during an SRA cross-country race at Glen Helen on Sunday, February 25.  Randel and son Josh had raced the “Saturday at the Glen” motocross the day before, winning three classes between them, and they camped out at the track that night so they could race the cross-country Grand Prix the next day. As Randel’s race ended, he did not come around on the last lap. Five sweep riders were sent out to search the length of the long off-road course. They search for over an hour before finally finding Randel and his bike down the steep side of one of Glen Helen’s hills. He was killed in the crash, but coroner has yet to determine the exact cause of death.

Logan and Randel Fout between motos at Glen Helen.

Randel leaves behind three sons, Jake, Josh and ten-year old Logan. MXA is devastated by the passing of one of the nicest guys in the sport. He was an incredible person and our prayers go out to his family and friends. A Go Fund Me account has been set-up for his young son Logan . All the donations will go to the aid and support of Logan Fout—the Fout family will take care of the expenses for Randel’s final resting place. If you’d like to donate to help his young son, please Click Here.


David BaileyWho is this rider? The answer can be found at the bottom of the article. 


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You can make your KTM, Husky or GasGas run better by letting it idle.


Dear MXperts,
My 2022 Husqvarna FC250 seemed to slow down suddenly. It still runs okay, but it doesn’t have the pep it had before. I checked everything from the fuel supply lines to the spark plug to the wiring loom, but nothing was wrong. What can I do?

If we were betting men, we would assume that your bike ran great in the spring and summer and then suddenly slowed down as fall and winter approached. If this is the case, you need to teach your ECU what the atmospheric conditions are like every time there are significant temperature, humidity, or altitude changes. Initializing the ECU allows the black box’s sensors to learn the information it needs for different conditions and keeps everything up to date. It is not hard to initialize a Husqvarna or KTM ECU. Here is how to do it: (1) Start your engine, but do not touch the throttle. (2) Let the bike run for four minutes, but do not let it overheat. (3) After the time is up, your ECU sensors will be attuned to that day’s atmospheric conditions. The MXA wrecking crew initializes our KTM and Husky black boxes every race—and sometimes we re-initialize them when the afternoon sun heats up the air.

If this does not work, take your bike to your local friendly Husqvarna dealer and have them initialize your ECU while connected to their proprietary software.

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Eli Tomac blasting a berm in Arlington.

Eli Tomac looked like his old self again this past weekend in Arlington. Though a mistake early in the main started him in last place, he quickly worked his way through the field, riding at another level. By the end of the main event, he had worked his way all the way up to second. With this newfound speed from the veteran, we head into Daytona where Eli has been known to be dominant. It will be tough for the rest of the field if Eli rides like he did in Arlington. In the past Eli has won in Daytona seven times and has five wins consecutively. This is Supercross so anything can happen but he will be one to watch this weekend.


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“We just had our first week in Florida and it was great to get back home, to get back to my own house, and just chill. It was a really good week. Everything was dialed in. I had good motos and it was just a fun, fun week with the crew and just to get back with everybody. It was nice not to have all the extra outside noise as in California.”


This past weekend the Moto 4 Kids series continued at LACR for an action-packed weekend.

First turn charge from LACR MX local boy Jamison Posca #57 as he leads Tristan Fernandez and Hunter Humphreys en route to an overall in the Supermini and 85cc Open classes.

Boys will be boys – Half the fun of race day is spending with your friends.

Even the PW’s get a shot at the Main Track – JR Love #185 showing his speed and good style!

Elevated views of LACR MX’s new track layout for Round No. 2 of the Thriller Beezz Series.

Photos courtesy of: Take Two Photos

For racing details be sure to follow or visit today!


Jett Lawrence had a commanding lead over second-place Cooper Webb and it appeared he would take the win up until getting cross-rutted and going down over a tough block. Jett would remount but only to run into the back of a lapped rider which caused him to go down again. Cooper Webb would grab the win and make up valuable points after a disappointing last few rounds. Eli Tomac also saved valuable points as he started near the back after falling early and making his way all the way back to second position. The points standings are tightening up heading into Daytona.

1 18 Jett Lawrence 135
2 2 Cooper Webb 132
3 7 Aaron Plessinger 128
4 1 Chase Sexton 127
5 3 Eli Tomac 122
6 21 Jason Anderson 118
7 94 Ken Roczen 116
8 14 Dylan Ferrandis 93
9 96 Hunter Lawrence 86
10 32 Justin Cooper 75
11 51 Justin Barcia 71
12 27 Malcolm Stewart 64
13 12 Shane McElrath 56
14 111 Jorge Prado 45
15 15 Dean Wilson 44
16 28 Christian Craig 39
17 9 Adam Cianciarulo 33
18 46 Justin Hill 28
19 125 Vince Friese 26
20 52 Derek Drake 25
21 67 Benny Bloss 20
22 11 Kyle Chisholm 18
23 22 Freddie Noren 13
24 55 Mitchell Oldenburg 10
25 81 Cade Clason 10
26 981 Austin Politelli 7
27 200 Ryan Breece 6
28 148 Justin Rodbell 5
29 82 Mitchell Harrison 4
30 97 Tristan Lane 3
31 41 Carson Mumford 3
32 70 Jerry Robin 2
33 73 Robbie Wageman 1
34 144 Jason Clermont 1
35 91 Devin Simonson 0
36 636 Luke Kalaitzian 0


What a race for the 250 East class this weekend in Arlington. Haiden Deegan was able to grab the win and make up valuable points on the leader. Unfortunately for Austin Forkner a big crash took him out of the event. Because of this, the points lead was handed over to Max Anstie and he will get to represent the Red Plate next weekend. A lot of action this evening and now the top five are all within a few points of each other. It will be interesting to see if Haiden Deegan can keep the momentum at the next round in Daytona.

POS. # NAME Total
1 37 Max Anstie 38
2 39 Pierce Brown 34
3 59 Daxton Bennick 32
4 69 Coty Schock 32
5 38 Haiden Deegan 31
6 63 Cameron Mcadoo 29
7 64 Austin Forkner 27
8 48 Chance Hymas 27
9 83 Guillem Farres 27
10 65 Henry Miller 26
11 16 Tom Vialle 24
12 75 Marshal Weltin 22
13 43 Seth Hammaker 19
14 511 Nicholas Romano 18
15 33 Jalek Swoll 16
16 602 Gage Linville 12
17 174 Trevor Colip 11
18 86 Luca Marsalisi 10
19 128 Preston Boespflug 9
20 60 Lorenzo Locurcio 8
21 296 Ryder Floyd 6
22 682 Izaih Clark 5
23 80 Michael Hicks 4
24 247 Brock Papi 3
25 483 Bryton Carroll 3
26 58 Cullin Park 2
27 90 Hardy Munoz 1
28 751 Evan Ferry 0


Jett Lawrence on the ground from his first crash while leading the main event in Arlington.

Jett Lawrence kept it very professional after his crashes in Arlington. He knew he had made a mistake in the rhythm and owned up to it. The second rash was potentially a lappers fault, but Jett did not blame him for it, Jett kept it cool and kept his head up heading into Daytona. Very mature for the young racer.


Ricky Carmichael adjusted his handlebars before racing back in 2002. As you can see he’s quite bruised and has his wrist taped from a practice crash earlier in the year. 

MXA MOTO TRIVIA ANSWER: David Bailey who has 30 national race victories and won three motocross championships.

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