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It’s Friday and Motocross Action’s cameras are hot and ready for another Saturday Supercross. One day before the gate drops, we sent Trevor Nelson to scour the pits and highlight the work that each mechanic has done to their race bike since Anaheim 1. The 2023 San Diego Supercross was originally slated to be Round three of the 2023 Monster Energy Supercross season, but heavy rainfall in Northern California led FELD Entertainment to cancel the Oakland Supercross, which was supposed to race January 14th, and reschedule it for February 18th. Motocross Action’s Best in the Pits photo gallery is brought to you by Helix Racing Products.

Photos by Trevor Nelson


Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki team truck semi rig 2023 San Diego Supercross-9605 It’s a team effort. Each factory team has one truck driver (per rig), but on most teams, the mechanics and managers are required to pitch in while pitching the tent.  

Josh Ellingson 2023 San Diego Supercross-9953 Mechanic Josh Ellingson is all smiles with Eli Tomac’s red plated Star Racing Yamaha YZ450F. 

Eli Tomac 2023 San Diego Supercross-9923Tomac’s steed looks pretty sharp. 

Joe Thomas HEP Suzuki American flag 2023 San Diego Supercross-0031HEP Suzuki truck driver, Joe Thomas, served our country as an electronic warfare technician in the US Navy. It’s fitting that he is the man assigned to the job of setting up the American Flag. Learn more about Joe in our interview with him by clicking here.

Eli Tomac skid plate 2023 San Diego Supercross-9923Up close on the Star Racing Yamaha YZ450F engine and LightSpeed skid plate. 

KEN ROCZEN 2023 San Diego Supercross-9759Ken Roczen and Dilan Schwartz are apart of the HEP Suzuki team, but their primary sponsor is Progressive insurance. Kyle Chisholm and Shane McElrath represent the Twisted Tea HEP Suzuki team. Reason being, Ken Roczen’s Red Bull sponsorship conflicts with the Twisted Tea alcoholic iced tea brand. 

KEN ROCZEN 2023 San Diego Supercross-9759Notice Ken Roczen’s Suzuki RM-Z450 doesn’t have fork stickers? He was testing factory Showa suspension and Factory Connection suspension this past week in Florida. He posted how thankful he was for the hardworking HEP Suzuki team. 

Travis Soules 2023 San Diego Supercross-9975Ken Roczen’s mechanic, Travis Soules, is all smiles.

Austin Forkner 2023 San Diego Supercross-9977Sadly, Austin Forkner injured his knee at Anaheim 1. The Pro Circuit team hired Carson Mumford to replace him, but Carson won’t begin racing until Oakland, on February 18th. 

Marvin musquin 2023 San Diego Supercross-0018Marvin Musquin crashed this week and injured his wrist. He’s not racing this Saturday. 

Snapdragon Stadium 2023 San Diego Supercross-9961We’re excited to experience the brand new SnapDragon Stadium. 

Chase Sexton 2023 San Diego Supercross-9863Chase Sexton was third at A1, but he tightened up while leading the race. We expect him to have ironed out the kinks for Round 2.

Chase Sexton wheel 2023 San Diego Supercross-9863Sexton’s front wheel.

Christian Craig 2023 San Diego Supercross-9825 Christian Craig was 13th in his first 450SX Main Event at A1. 

Christian Craig 2023 San Diego Supercross-9825Wow, those 52mm WP forks look big from this angle. 

COOPER WEBB 2023 San Diego Supercross-9889Cooper Webb’s Red Bull KTM 450SXF loaded and “Ready to Race.”

Shane McElrath 2023 San Diego Supercross-9894 Shane McElrath’s Twisted Tea Suzuki.

Shane McElrath 2023 San Diego Supercross-9894Another view of the Suzuki RM-Z450.

Chase Sexton 2023 San Diego Supercross-9656 Chase Sexton’s rear wheel.

Jason Anderson 2023 San Diego Supercross-9840 Jason Anderson’s mechanic, Jason “Rango” Montoya, is proud of his work.

Jason Anderson 2023 San Diego Supercross-9840Anderson was 7th at Anaheim 1 and is surely looking for redemption after lots of crashes at the opener.

Brandon Zimmerman mechanic 2023 San Diego Supercross-9883Chase Sexton’s mechanic, Brandon Zimmerman, tightening the front brake rotor bolts.

Pro Circuit 2023 San Diego Supercross-9788Pro Circuit spares.

Malcolm Stewart 2023 San Diego Supercross-9812Malcolm Stewart’s Rockstar Husqvarna.

Justin Barcia 2023 San Diego Supercross-9715The Troy Lee Designs GasGas pits with Justin Barcia and Pierce Brown’s bikes. 

Josh Varize 2023 San Diego Supercross-9703Josh Varize’s AEO KTM 250SXF.

Derek Kelley 2023 San Diego Supercross-9700Josh Varize’s AEO KTM teammate, Derek Kelley, earned AMA National number 41 for 2023. Pretty funny to see teammates with numbers 41 and 42.

Stilez Robertson 2023 San Diego Supercross-9691Edging out Varize and Kelley on the National number list is the forty of Stilez Robertson.

Colt Nichols 2023 San Diego Supercross-9673Colt Nichols’ HRC Honda CRF450. Colt was sixth at Anaheim 1.

Colt Nichols 2023 San Diego Supercross-9653It’s surprising that FELD gave up the Monster Energy advertisement real estate on the front number plates for the 2023 season. Now that it’s a SuperMotocross series, they want each series to be identified on the front plates.

Jett Lawrence 2023 San Diego Supercross-9630Jett Lawrence’s HRC Honda CRF250 is looking very red.

Cooper Webb 2023 San Diego Supercross-0010Cooper Webb looked spunky at A1. We’re hopeful that he looks the same at San Diego. It’ll make for an exciting season.

Ty Masterpool 2023 San Diego Supercross-9887 Ty Masterpool missed the 250SX Main Event last weekend due to crashes, but he was plenty fast enough to make it if he hadn’t of crashed while leading the LCQ. He was sick with the flu during A1, so we expect him to be healthy and in the Main this weekend. 

DYLAN FERRANDIS 2023 San Diego Supercross-9936 Dylan Ferrandis finished a quiet fourth at A1. He passed Ken Roczen, but wasn’t going fast enough to hold off Cooper Webb.

RJ Hampshire 2023 San Diego Supercross-9810 RJ Hampshire finished a strong second at the opener.

Adam Cianciarulo 2023 San Diego Supercross-9794 The Kawasaki pits look cool with a little bit of water on the ground. 

Jason Anderson 2023 San Diego Supercross-9965Up close on Jason Anderson’s engine.

KEN ROCZEN 2023 San Diego Supercross-9759 Ken Roczen uses a Guts Racing gripper seat and grip tape.

Dilan Schwartz 2023 San Diego Supercross-9737 Dilan Schwartz’ race bike is ready to go.

Levi Kitchen 2023 San Diego Supercross-9688 Levi Kitchen’s Star Racing Yamaha.

Jett Lawrence 2023 San Diego Supercross-9665 Up close on Jett Lawrence’s HRC Honda CRF250. The black panel hanging off the frame is added by Honda to give Jett extra gripping area.

Justin Barcia wheel 2023 San Diego Supercross-9726 Justin Barcia’s front wheel.

Jett Lawrence 2023 San Diego Supercross-9631Jett Lawrence uses a Works Connection Pro Launch starting device.

Aaron Plessinger 2023 San Diego Supercross-0016Aaron Plessinger is one of the only top riders who wishes it would rain more at Supercross.


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