The 250 East Coast class have shown up to Lucas Oil Stadium located in Indiana, Indianapolis for the fourth round in the 2021 Monster Energy Supercross season. After free practice, there was a substantial change to the track and rather than turning back on to the start shortly after the beginning of the race, the track crew had decided to have the riders go back across the very beginning of the start to prevent accidents if there was a first-turn pileup. In qualifying, we saw both of the Star Yamaha riders take the fastest qualifying lap times until the 18 of Jett Lawrence swept in during the second session of qualifying to get the fastest lap time out of the 250s. The 250 rookie, Max Vohland, unfortunately, went down right after the whoops and the qualifying session was halted for the red cross flag. However, the two Star Yamaha riders still could not catch up the Australian’s fast lap and Jett would walk on to have the first gate pick. Who do you think will win walk out of round four with the points lead or win? Scroll down below to find out as we report LIVE from Indianapolis.


Photos by Brian Converse


The 250 pack sliding around turn one.

The Main Event for the 250 East Class was underway and Colt Nichols took the holeshot followed by his teammate Christian Craig. Michael Mosiman held onto the third place position followed closely by Mitchell Oldenburg. Jo Shimoda made the pass on Mitchell Oldenburg for fourth place and back in the pack, Jett continued to have issues after getting a poor start leaving himself in 12th place. Half a lap later, Jett already caught up two positions but still sat 16 seconds behind the leader. The top three still held onto each other with Colt leading the race and Jo Shimoda sitting in fourth place. With 10 minutes left, the gap between Colt Nichols and Christian Craig grew as Colt sat almost three seconds ahead of his teammate. At this point, Jett had already caught up to sixth place and was six seconds behind Oldenburg. Mitchell lost the battle to Jett as the young rider would obtain the fifth place position in the race. 5 minutes remained and the leader had been caught deep in lap traffic as the blue flags flew. Back in third and fourth place, the battle for third was on between Michael Mosiman and Jo Shimoda with Jett Lawrence setting his eyes on the back of Shimoda. The three riders grew tighter and tighter as Jett made the pass on Jo Shimoda and Michael Mosiman. With one minute remaining, Colt’s lead grew even larger at 8 seconds on Christian Craig. Jett was soon behind Christian Craig on the final lap and the two would ride off the track as Christian Craig blocked the Honda rider. Colt would win the Main Event.

1 64 Colt Nichols
2 42 Michael Mosiman
3 30 Jo Shimoda
4 18 Jett Lawrence
5 29 Christian Craig
6 49 Mitchell Oldenburg
7 773 Thomas Do
8 55 John Short
9 95 Joshua Osby
10 76 Grant Harlan
11 241 Joshua Varize
12 99 Hunter Sayles
13 122 Jeremy Hand
14 170 Devin Simonson
15 85 Kevin Moranz
16 193 Hunter Schlosser
17 185 Wilson Fleming
18 124 Lane Shaw
19 604 Max Miller
20 162 Maxwell Sanford
21 384 Lorenzo Camporese
22 88 Logan Karnow

Jett made an insane comeback after getting a poor start in the Main Event.


Michael gave Jett a taste of his own medicine and tipped the 18 of Jett over in a turn by taking his line away.

Jett took the early lead with the 42 of Michael Mosiman just behind in the second heat. A few turns later, Jett would run out of track as Michael ran him high in a turn causing the Australian to tip over. Back in Houston 3, Jett ran into the GasGas rider causing him to crash. Jett fell back but made a lot of passes and made his all the way up to third place but still sat 12 seconds behind the leader. Fleming sat in fourth with Joshua Varize sitting in fifth. The 30 of Jo Shimoda currently sat in sixth place with Lane Shaw just behind. Jett Lawrence made an impressive recovery and sat in second but did not catch up to the 42 of Michael Mosiman as the checkers flew.

1 42 Michael Mosiman
2 18 Jett Lawrence
3 30 Jo Shimoda
4 241 Joshua Varize
5 185 Wilson Fleming
6 99 Hunter Sayles
7 55 John Short
8 124 Lane Shaw
9 773 Thomas Do
10 76 Grant Harlan
11 384 Lorenzo Camporese
12 597 Mason Kerr
13 437 Vincent Luhovey
14 125 Luke Neese
15 637 Bobby Piazza
16 675 Kyle Dillin
17 87 Curren Thurman
18 115 Max Vohland
19 509 Alexander Nagy
20 116 Tj Albright

Jett made a very impressive comeback all the way to second place after tipping over.


Christian Craig got the second-fastest lap time for the 250s in timed qualifying.

The first heat was off and Mitchell Oldenburg took the holeshot just barely in front of Christian Craig and Colt Nichols. Josh Osby sat in second place with a swarm of talented 250 riders just behind him. Mitchell Oldenburg continued to lead the race but the 29 of Christian Craig made ground, moved into second, and set his eyes on the Muc-Off Honda bike. Colt Nichols made his way up into fourth place behind Osby. Christian Craig made a clean pass on Oldenburg and took the lead away from the 49 bike. Colt Nichols eventually made the pass on Josh Osby and scored second place in the race and put the charge on Mitchell Oldenburg. With a minute and a half left, Colt Nichols made the pass on Mitchell and started to close the gap on Christian Craig. Even though Mitchell lost his position in the race, he did not give up easily and remained just behind the 64 of Colt Nichols. The gap started to close between Christian Craig and his teammate as Colt only sat half a second behind the leader. Christian Craig won the first Heat race just in front of his teammate.

1 29 Christian Craig
2 64 Colt Nichols
3 49 Mitchell Oldenburg
4 95 Joshua Osby
5 85 Kevin Moranz
6 88 Logan Karnow
7 162 Maxwell Sanford
8 122 Jeremy Hand
9 170 Devin Simonson
10 604 Max Miller
11 216 Devin Harriman
12 441 Scott Meshey
13 193 Hunter Schlosser
14 364 Chad Saultz
15 551 Guillaume St-Cyr
16 625 Jonah Geistler
17 693 Rene Garcia
18 512 Austin Cozadd
19 151 Carter Gordon
20 414 Mason Morris

Mitchell Oldenburg led the race for a handful of laps before getting passed by the Star Yamaha bikes.

250 LCQ

Grant Harlan grabbed the lead and would win the LCQ, transferring the 76 to the Main Event.

The LCQ was off for the 250 class and four riders ended up getting taken out in the start straight. Hunter Schlosser led the race with Camporese and Harlan just behind. Unfortunately, the Yamaha rider lost his position to Grant Harlan through the whoops.  Grant Harlan won the LCQ would transfer to the Main Event.

1 76 Grant Harlan
2 193 Hunter Schlosser
3 604 Max Miller
4 384 Lorenzo Camporese
5 441 Scott Meshey
6 364 Chad Saultz
7 216 Devin Harriman
8 597 Mason Kerr
9 437 Vincent Luhovey
10 693 Rene Garcia
11 512 Austin Cozadd
12 551 Guillaume St-Cyr
13 625 Jonah Geistler
14 637 Bobby Piazza
15 675 Kyle Dillin
16 509 Alexander Nagy
17 414 Mason Morris
18 125 Luke Neese
19 87 Curren Thurman
20 151 Carter Gordon
21 116 Tj Albright
22 115 Max Vohland



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