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450 racing is on the track in San Diego, where track conditions are tough and rutted this evening. Ken Roczen was fastest in qualifying but not by much above the rest of the field such as Jett Lawrence, Chase Sexton and Eli Tomac. Though more dry than last weekend the track is still deep and wet which will play a pivotal role in the race results this evening. The stage is set and will be interesting to see who can perform the best throughout the evening. Tune in below to see the full race report:



AARON PLESSINGER 2024 San Diego Supercross Heats-4946Aaron Plessinger wins his first 450SX Main Event of his career!

Justin Cooper grabbed the holeshot but it was Ken Roczen and Justin Barcia who jumped into first and second right away. Chase Sexton had a bad start and he tangled with Malcolm Stewart and crashed in the first straight away rhythm lane. Jett and Hunter Lawrence were buried in the pack early, then Eli Tomac and Christian Craig went down on lap two, in the same spot as Sexton and Stewart. Justin Barcia pressed Roczen for the lead early, but then he made a mistake and Aaron Plessinger got into second. Jett Lawrence was 7th and Chase Sexton 16th after the first five minutes of the race. Then, with 13 minutes left on the clock, Ken Roczen went down, allowing Aaron Plessinger to take the lead. Cooper Webb caught and passed Justin Barcia and he pressured Aaron for the lead, but he was never close enough to force Aaron into a mistake. Then, Aaron lapped Eli Tomac and Chase Sexton, but when he lapped Sexton, Chase slowed up Cooper and caused him to lose a lot of time. It didn’t look intentional, but it also didn’t look pretty and it basically ended Webb’s chances of getting close to Plessinger.

1 7 Aaron Plessinger
2 2 Cooper Webb
3 51 Justin Barcia
4 18 Jett Lawrence
5 21 Jason Anderson
6 14 Dylan Ferrandis
7 96 Hunter Lawrence
8 1 Chase Sexton
9 3 Eli Tomac
10 15 Dean Wilson
11 111 Jorge Prado
12 94 Ken Roczen
13 9 Adam Cianciarulo
14 32 Justin Cooper
15 67 Benny Bloss
16 12 Shane McElrath
17 22 Freddie Noren
18 81 Cade Clason
19 27 Malcolm Stewart
20 28 Christian Craig
21 148 Justin Rodbell
22 125 Vince Friese


Aaron Plessinger Ken Roczen 2024 San Diego Supercross Heats-4807Aaron Plessinger wins 450 Heat 2 with Ken Roczen placing second.

The track is treacherous tonight in San Diego after hours of pouring rain this evening. Ken Roczen and Aaron Plessinger ran up front early in the second 450 Heat and they traded the lead multiple times before Aaron Plessinger finally asserted his dominance out front and pulled away from the number 94. The track is getting better with time, but it’s still ultra slick inside the SnapDragon stadium. Chase Sexton and Hunter Lawrence were both last and second to last around the first turn. Both Hunter and Chase fought hard to make it into transfer positions and Freddie Noren held on strong to take the last transfer position.

1 7 Aaron Plessinger
2 94 Ken Roczen
3 2 Cooper Webb
4 14 Dylan Ferrandis
5 28 Christian Craig
6 111 Jorge Prado
7 1 Chase Sexton
8 96 Hunter Lawrence
9 22 Freddie Noren
10 12 Shane McElrath
11 74 Josh Cartwright
12 173 Hunter Schlosser
13 46 Justin Hill
14 726 Gared Steinke
15 44 Josh Hill
16 930 Joel Wightman
17 118 Cheyenne Harmon
18 129 Lane Shaw
19 84 Anthony Rodriguez
20 52 Derek Drake

Aaron Plessinger Ken Roczen 2024 San Diego Supercross Heats-4807Aaron Plessinger and Ken Roczen neck-and-neck. 

Aaron Plessinger Ken Roczen 2024 San Diego Supercross Heats-4807 Aaron Plessinger and Ken Roczen had a great battle, with AP7 grabbing the win in 450 Heat 2. 

Chase Sexton 2024 San Diego Supercross Heats-5137Chase Sexton came from behind and ate some serious mud.


Malcolm Stewart pressured Eli Tomac for the win and eventually finished second.

Eli Tomac and Cade Clason shot out front off the start, but it was Jett Lawrence who passed into the lead early in the whoops. Then, after leading for two laps, Jett went down in the whoops, the section he was fastest in. Eli took over the lead with Malcolm Stewart in second and with two laps to go, Malcolm almost passed Eli. Adam Cianciarulo went down in the 90-degree left-hander before the whoops twice. First, he was taken out, brutally, by Justin Barcia. Then, he tangled into the backside of Vince Friese a few laps later.

1 3 Eli Tomac
2 27 Malcolm Stewart
3 18 Jett Lawrence
4 51 Justin Barcia
5 67 Benny Bloss
6 32 Justin Cooper
7 81 Cade Clason
8 21 Jason Anderson
9 125 Vince Friese
10 9 Adam Cianciarulo
11 199 John Short
12 15 Dean Wilson
13 636 Luke Kalaitzian
14 11 Kyle Chisholm
15 282 Theodore Pauli
16 70 Jerry Robin
17 148 Justin Rodbell
18 411 Scott Meshey
19 144 Jason Clermont
20 66 Justin Starling

Eli Tomac wins Heat 1 in the mud.


Adam Cianciarulo wins the 450 LCQ with Shane McElrath in second, Justin Rodbell third and Dean Wilson fourth.

1 9 Adam Cianciarulo
2 12 Shane McElrath
3 148 Justin Rodbell
4 15 Dean Wilson
5 74 Josh Cartwright
6 11 Kyle Chisholm
7 46 Justin Hill
8 636 Luke Kalaitzian
9 199 John Short
10 726 Gared Steinke
11 173 Hunter Schlosser
12 282 Theodore Pauli
13 144 Jason Clermont
14 930 Joel Wightman
15 52 Derek Drake
16 84 Anthony Rodriguez
17 118 Cheyenne Harmon
18 411 Scott Meshey
19 129 Lane Shaw
20 70 Jerry Robin
21 66 Justin Starling
22 44 Josh Hill


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