FIRST LOOK! 2015 YAMAHA YZ450F ($8590)

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2015_YZ450F_PWS1_US_4NEW FOR 2015

  • Black wheels
  • Gold chain (blue model)
  • 1/4 turn fasteners on the air box
  • New fork internal settings
  • New motor mount shape/material
  • New Dunlop MX52 tires
  • Only manufacturer with 2 color options
  • Available June
  • $8,490 (tentative) 


    NEW! Stiffer fork springs, new valving and a new fork outer tube improve performance in the mid-to-end stroke and aid fork bottoming resistance.

    NEW! Quick-release quarter-turn Dzus air box fasteners for tool-less access to the air filter.

    NEW! A new steel bottom engine bracket has been designed for increased rigidity balance and damping feel.

    NEW! New Dunlop MX52 tires offer excellent traction front and rear, especially on hard surfaces.

    YZ450F ENGINE:

    The high-performance ECU provides great bottom-end torque plus delivers a strong feeling of power from 3rd gear up while the gear ratios lengthen the powerband and heighten the feeling of power in 2nd and 3rd gear.

    The valve mechanisms and cylinder head feature specs that take performance to the next level, resulting in added power and outstanding performance.

    The exhaust pipe has an innovative layout, circling the cylinder, giving the exhaust pipe proper length for an excellent exhaust-pulse effect. At the same time, the exhaust pipe has three different diameters throughout the exhaust tract, bringing out excellent power characteristics. This layout allows the silencer to be behind the side panel closer to the middle of the bike, which centralizes the mass for superior handling.

    The compact wet sump lubrication system with piston cooler spray jet eliminates the need for an oil tank, reducing engine weight. The water pump employs a plastic resin impeller for further weight reduction. The
    reduced size of the crankcase enabled by this lubrication system design is a major factor in making it possible to mount the 450cc engine on the compact frame to deliver precise and instinctive handling.

    The accessory GYTR Power Tuner can simplify the work of adjusting fuel injection volume and ignition timing settings to fit personal preferences or track conditions.


    A Bilateral Beam frame is adopted, and the overall dimensions are roughly the same as the frame of the 2013 YZ250F. This gives the YZ450F a compact chassis that provides the most instinctive handling in the 450 motocross class.

    The aluminum muffler is positioned closer to the machine’s center of gravity as it is almost completely hidden by the side number plate. The layout allows a shorter, lighter subframe and also contributes to mass
    centralization for a lightweight handling feel.

    The front suspension has proven KYB® air-oil separated forks with stiffer fork springs, new valving and a new fork outer tube to improve performance in the mid-to-end stroke and aid fork bottoming resistance. The rear suspension also features settings optimized for ideal damping characteristics to match the chassis dimensions.

    The large-diameter 22mm front axle and top triple clamp provide rigidity for unmatched handling and front-end feel. The handlebar mounts are rubber mounted to improve comfort and reduce handlebar vibration.

    The fuel tank and air cleaner box give the machine a slimmer feeling between the legs and positions the fuel tank mass closer to the center of the bike, which improves handling feel. Furthermore, the air box can
    be accessed without removing the fuel tank for easy serviceability of the large air cleaner element.

    A narrow radiator design contributes to slimming down the radiator panel


    Riders have a choice of two color options: Team Yamaha Blue/White or White/Red.


2015_YZ450F_DPBSE_US_1 2015_YZ450F_DPBSE_US_2

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