FIRST LOOK! 2019 HONDA CRF450, CRF250 & CRF150

2019 Honda CRF450RFor 2019, the Honda CRF450 receives a laundry list of changes.  


2019 HONDA CRF450

For 2019, the CRF450 receives a host of updates for, making it lighter and more powerful. Rider comfort has been increased through the addition of adjustable mounting positions for the new Renthal Fatbar handlebar. It also comes with all-new black rims. The 2018 CRF450 was the victor at the 2018 Daytona Supercross at the hands of Team MotoConcept Honda’s Justin Brayton.


2019 Honda CRF450R engineThe 2019 CRF450’s engine offers many updates. 

• Updated cylinder-head design, with changes near the exhaust ports, achieves improved exhaust efficiency and contributes to increased power across the rev range
• Revised clutch lifter and pressure plate allow optimum oil supply to clutch plates and friction discs, resulting in enhanced durability
• New scavenge-pump design features two 12mm pumps, up from a single 16mm pump, for increased lubrication and reduced friction in the engine, improving peak performance and enhancing over-rev characteristics
• All-new piston oil jet uses five nozzle holes and a refined pattern to improve cooling efficiency and reduce knocking, enabling a precise ignition-timing setting for optimum power delivery
• Shift sensor adopted to establish an ignition map for each gear, enabling optimum running

2019 Honda CRF450 handlebar switch LUpdated Standard, Smooth and Aggressive riding modes enable easy tuning depending on rider skill or conditions.

• Utilizing the space gained by eliminating the kick starter, a new exhaust features a larger pipe diameter and optimized design at the branching location for increased power. Previously 31.8mm, the right and left pipes are now 35mm and 43mm, respectively. In addition, total tube length (from exhaust port to muffler end) is up 98mm on the right and 187mm on the left.
• Updated Standard, Smooth, and Aggressive riding modes enable easy tuning depending on rider skill or conditions
• Optimized frame for improved traction and cornering feel, as well as reduced weight

2019 Honda CRF450R swingarmThe swingarm is redesigned to be lighter and have less rigidity for 2019. 

• Swingarm is redesigned to be lighter and have appropriate rigidity, endowing the 2019 CRF450 with great handling and traction
• Fork uses revised settings and low-friction oil for improved performance and handling
• Revised shock linkage works with all-new swingarm to provide optimum performance over bumps

2019 Honda CRF450R WE linkageThe shock linkage is updated.

• Mimicking the race team’s setup, a new, lighter front brake caliper uses a pair of 30mm and 27mm pistons, versus identical 27mm pistons, for added braking performance
• Updated front brake hose has reduced expansion for more precise braking
• New black Renthal Fatbar handlebar is positioned 15mm lower than in 2018 for a more active riding position, while also contributing to light steering feel

The top triple clamps offers different handlebars mounting positions. 

• Newly shaped footpegs are 20% lighter and shed mud more easily, giving the rider great feel and confidence in all riding conditions
• Redesigned fork protectors have improved coverage
• New front number plate design accommodates handlebar in any of the four available positions





 2019 HONDA CRF250

The 2019 Honda CRF250 receives much needed engine updates. 

 Newly introduced in 2018, the CRF250 was down on low-to-mid power compared to the competition. For 2019, Honda focused on acceleration performance. The updates to the CRF250 were factory-inspired for the engine, brakes and electronics.


• New cam profile based on feedback from the Team HRC factory MX2 race team provides strong off-corner acceleration
• New intake- and exhaust-port geometry improves low rpm engine power while also maintaining the CRF250’s top-end performance

• New 44mm throttle body improves low-rpm intake airflow compared to previous 46mm version, for improved corner-exit performance

The Honda CRF line now comes with Renthal Fatbars as well as two handlebar-holder locations.

• All-new piston oil jet uses five nozzle holes instead of four, for improved piston-cooling efficiency and reduced knocking, enabling a precise ignition-timing setting for optimum power delivery

• Right-side exhaust pipe shortened 50mm for excellent high-rpm power
• All-new AC generator reduces weight and friction losses
• Renthal Fatbar reduces weight of the steering system, and flexes for optimal comfort
• Top triple clamp features two handlebar-holder locations for moving the handlebar rearward and forward by 26mm, ensuring rider comfort. When holder is turned 180 degrees, the handlebar can be moved an additional 10mm from the base position, resulting in four total unique riding positions

• New engine guard allows increased airflow, improving engine-cooling performance

Right-side exhaust pipe has been shortened 50mm.

• Redesigned fork protectors offer improved coverage

• Rim color has been changed from silver to black
• New, lighter front-brake caliper now uses pistons of different diameters (30mm and 27mm) for strong braking performance
• Updated front brake hose has reduced expansion for more precise braking
• Newly shaped footpegs are 20% lighter and shed mud more easily, giving the rider great feel and confidence in all riding conditions


2018 250 SHOOTOUT


2019 HONDA CRF150

2019 Honda CRF150R Expert - 19 Honda CRF150RThe 2019 Honda CRF150 have no changes other than graphics.

Raced by Amsoil Honda hotshot Hunter Yoder on the amateur National circuit, Honda’s smallest motocross machine is powered by a Unicam four-stroke engine that offers a spread of ample, useable power and torque across the rev range. Suspension duties are handled by Showa, with a 37mm inverted fork and Pro-Link rear link system. In addition to the standard version, Honda offers the CRF150, which features larger wheels, a taller seat, a longer swingarm, and more rear-suspension travel.


  • High-performance Unicam cylinder-head design
  • Compact, lightweight engine assembly weighs only 43.6 pounds
  • Twin-sump lubrication system separates the oil supply for the crankshaft, piston and valve train from the clutch and transmission. This ensures a supply of cool oil to the clutch, eliminates potential clutch and transmission material contamination of the engine oil, reduces the amount of circulating oil, and permits the use of a smaller oil pump
  • Cylinder head, piston, camshaft, and carburetor provide power, torque, and rideability throughout the powerband
  • Lightweight, compact, internal auto decompression and handlebar-mounted hot-start system provide easy starting, hot or cold
  • 32mm Keihin FCR carburetor with an accelerator-pump circuit provides accurate fuel metering, resulting in crisp throttle response and good rideability throughout the powerband
  • Suspension settings provide good action through even the toughest of track conditions
  • Exhaust system uses a lightweight stainless-steel header and re-packable aluminum muffler
  • Durable close-ratio five-speed transmission


  • Front and rear suspension settings unique to the CRF150 deliver ideal bump-absorption characteristics
  • Lightweight, high-tensile steel frame with large-diameter frame tubing and cross-member provides excellent turning performance and straight-line tracking
  • 37mm leading-axle inverted Showa cartridge fork features friction-reducing design to improve compression and rebound control
  • Pro-Link rear suspension
  • Strong, lightweight wheels are durable and minimize unsprung weight
  • Lightweight front and rear disc brakes with high-performance pads offer powerful, precise braking
  • Stout 15mm front and 17mm rear axles incorporate a surface-treatment for added strength and durability
  • Large-capacity airbox and reusable two-stage foam air filter
  • Lightweight plastic body components (radiator shroud, side covers, rear fender, seat base, fuel tank, front fender, and front number plate) offer a slim, aggressive style
  • High-quality Dunlop tires
  • HRC works-type rear-brake system integrates the rear master cylinder and fluid reservoir, eliminating the separate rear master-cylinder reservoir and hose

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