The Big Four don’t care much about the Pee Wee riders, but KTM proves that they value the contributions the youngsters have made to the sport since the Italjet days.

KTM North America, Inc. is excited to announce details for the $5199 2021 KTM50 SX Factory Edition, the clear choice for young racers looking to kickstart their championship-winning career. This mini weapon debuted during Opening Ceremonies of the 2020 AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship at Loretta Lynn Ranch, and is yet another example of KTM’s ongoing commitment to support racing at the youth level and build future champions of the world.

KTM’s Factory Edition models are the result of years of designing and developing factory race machines for some of the fastest riders on the planet. Hard-fought victories, title chases, lessons and experiences have led to the creation of a Factory Edition for the youngest shredders, and this purebred race machine offers the same competitive advantage as found in the full-sized Factory Edition thanks to a potent range of premium components.

The list of specifically selected performance features includes a full FMF exhaust system, CNC aluminum ignition and clutch covers and high-performance Dunlop Geomax MX53 tires. Designed for a wide variety of terrain, the MX53 tires feature Block in block technology and provide enhanced grip and control to offer the best race setup found on the showroom floor. Topping all this off with refinements to the engine and jetting, while wrapping everything in special Factory Edition graphics and a blue gripper seat, make the KTM 50SX Factory Edition the most “Ready to Race” 50 cc machine on the starting line. It is slated to arrive in North American KTM dealerships this fall

The Nihilo ignition cover is bright orange.

ENGINE: The high-performance two-stroke engine is extremely compact and powerful, setting the standard in the highly competitive 50cc class. Its three-shaft design positions the crankshaft very close to the center of gravity, offering exceptional handling. This design provides a flow-optimized intake angle into the reed valve, which results in impressive performance across the rpm range. Orange anodized CNC machined aluminum clutch and ignition covers provide excellent heat dissipation, durability and, of course, highlight this machine’s racing DNA. Plus, The KTM 50SX Factory Edition features a special clutch configuration for enhanced performance, combining extremely agile handling with maximum power delivery. The clutch can also be easily adjusted to the rider‘s personal needs or the specific requirements of each individual track within minutes and with no special tools required.

FORK: The KTM 50SX Factory Edition is fitted with an ultra-lightweight, fully adjustable WP Xact fork with AER technology. This upside-down fork with a 35mm tube diameter and 205mm of travel offers junior racers an outstanding ride, excellent damping characteristics and unrivaled directional stability. Another benefit is that it incorporates an air spring in the left fork leg, which can be adjusted to the rider’s weight using a simple air fork pump.

EXHAUST:The FMF Powercore 2 silencer and FMF Fatty pipe come standard on the KTM 50SX Factory Edition and provide an optimized low to mid-range power curve while looking incredible thanks to the nickel-plated, stainless, polished surface of the pipe and the high-grade, pressed, anodized aluminum silencer body. Rich 2-stroke sounds and the Factory appearance are assured with the FMF full system.

MX53 tires feature block-in-a-block technology for enhanced grip and control.

WHEELS AND TIRES: Super lightweight, black anodized, aluminum rims are paired with high-performance Dunlop Geomax MX53 tires to offer the best race setup found on the showroom floor.Designed for a wide variety of terrain, the MX53 tires feature block-in-a-block technology and provide enhanced grip and control.

SHOCK ABSORBER: The Xact shock with PDS (Progressive Damping System) from WP is connected directly to the swing-arm and features excellent damping characteristics. It can be easily adjusted to the rider‘s individual preferences and track conditions and offers 185mm of suspension travel.

COOLING: Like the full-sized KTM range, the KTM 50SX Factory Edition has an intelligent liquid cooling system which includes cooling the crankcase. Generously sized radiators ensure outstanding heat dissipation and reliability, even under extremely heavy conditions.

FRAME: The modern frame is made of lightweight, high-strength, chromoly steel sections. It combines maximum longitudinal stiffness and optimized torsional rigidity.It offers superb handling and precise cornering,in addition to outstanding stability.

HANDLEBAR: The KTM 50SX Factory Edition uses a perfectly shaped tapered handlebar made from a high-quality aluminum alloy. It provides a great feeling of control and comfort while little shredders are performing all out.

BODYWORK AND SEAT: The KTM 50SX Factory Edition features special in-mold graphics that clearly emulate the full-sized Factory Race machines. It has a fast, aggressive style, leaving no doubt as to the bike’s high-performance intentions. The blue gripper seat perfectly matches the blue touches in the graphics and adds another Factory touch.


(1) Factory graphics
(2) FMF pipe & silence
(3) Blue gripper seat
(4) Smaller rear sprocket
(5) CNC clutch cover
(6) CNC ignition cover
(7) Reworked jetting
(8) Special clutch configuration
(9) Gray grips
(10) Chain guide
(11) Dunlop MX53 tires

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