Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA,  announced its 2021 YZ cross country models including a redesigned 2021 YZ450FX. Designed to beat the competition in Hare Scrambles and Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) races, the newest YZ450FX features a refined, more efficient engine, a redesigned frame with all-new flex characteristics, updated suspension settings, and more.

The return of the two-stroke YZ125X and YZ250X models and four-stroke YZ250FX completes the 2021 YZ cross country lineup. All models will feature a next-generation Team Yamaha Blue color and graphic scheme to further accentuate the advances of the YZ series.


2021 Yamaha YZ450FX

The 2021 YZ450FX is designed to beat the cross country competition. The new 449cc, liquid-cooled, four-stroke, electric start engine features an all-new compact cylinder head with redesigned combustion chamber shape, and steeper valve angles. The rearward-slanted cylinder houses a higher compression piston with low friction rings attached to a longer connecting rod. The wide ratio, 5-speed transmission has been refined to provide smoother shifting, and a more efficient crankcase breather system has been adopted to decrease pumping losses. In all, the lighter, more compact engine produces increased power across the entire RPM range for stronger and more linear pulling power.

2021 Yamaha YZ450FX

The latest evolution of Yamaha’s lightweight aluminum bilateral beam frame has been redesigned with all-new flex characteristics that provide improved cornering performance, traction and bump reaction to give the rider more confidence to push harder in any off-road condition. Other chassis components such as engine mounts, top triple clamp and front axle, as well as the class-leading KYB suspension with enhanced compression and rebound characteristics were carefully refined to reduce weight while improving handling and performance. To bring the new package to a stop, the 2021 YZ450FX features a newly designed front brake caliper, brake pads and front and rear disc. The combined changes to the new 2021 YZ450FX deliver increased power output with more controllable, linear acceleration and lightweight handling characteristics that mimic the YZ250FX.

To further showcase the YZ450FX’s cross country edge, electric start, a lightweight lithium battery, and advanced fuel injection are all standard features. The front-positioned intake and rear-positioned exhaust layout deliver the widest spread of reliable power while balancing the weight for excellent mass centralization. This cross country machine also continues to feature Yamaha’s advanced racing technology. The dual-mode switchable engine mapping and wireless connectivity is handled through the industry’s only free-of-charge complete tuning system, highlighted by the Yamaha Power Tuner App, which allows racers to adjust their engine performance right from their phone. With new next-generation Team Yamaha Blue colors and graphics, the 2021 YZ450FX showcases Yamaha’s cross country competitive edge.

The 2021 YZ450FX will be available from Yamaha dealers in September in next-generation Team Yamaha Blue for $9,699 MSRP.

2021 YAMAHA YZ250FX 

2021 Yamaha YZ250FX

Yamaha’s winning design returns with the 2021 YZ250FX. With its revolutionary front-intake, rear-exhaust, liquid-cooled, DOHC 4-stroke power plant, added sixth gear, and wide ratio transmission, this is the weapon of choice for cross country racing. The aluminum bilateral beam frame, and industry leading KYB suspension of the 2021 YZ250FX provide the ultimate balance of race-winning performance, rideability and comfort.


With electric start, a 2.16-gallon fuel tank, rugged plastic skid plate, sealed O-ring chain and 18-inch rear wheel, the YZ250FX is ready to win right out of the box. The bike also feature’s Yamaha’s free-of-charge complete tuning system, highlighted by the Yamaha Power Tuner App. With the ability to make fueling and ignition timing changes and choose between two user-defined ECU maps through the handlebar-mounted dual-mode switch, the YZ250FX is equipped for on-track, wireless performance adjustments.

The 2021 YZ250FX will be available from dealers in October in next-generation Team Yamaha Blue for $8,499 MSRP.

2021 YAMAHA YZ125X & YZ250X 

2021 Yamaha YZ250X2021 Yamaha YZ250X two-stroke.

The two-stroke YZ125X and YZ250X are back for 2021. Optimized for the unique demands of cross country racing, the YZ125X and YZ250X feature the Yamaha Power Valve System with six-speed and wide ratio five-speed transmissions, respectively, for the ultimate cross country power plant. Their lightweight aluminum frame hosts the industry-leading fully adjustable, KYB speed sensitive spring-type suspension that is tuned specifically for cross country races. The 18-inch rear wheel, sealed O-ring chain, and off-road focused tires, coupled with the aggressive styling, ready the YZ125X and YZ250X for GNCC racing.

2021 Yamaha YZ125X2021 Yamaha YZ125X.

The 2021 YZ125X ($6,699 MSRP) and YZ250X ($7,599 MSRP) will be available from dealers this month in next-generation Team Yamaha Blue.


2021 Yamaha PW50

With 40 years under its belt, the 2021 PW50 continues to be one of the best trail bikes for first-time riders. After making its debut, the PW50 established itself as the go-to bike for children just learning how to ride off-road. By focusing on a “toy-like” design, Yamaha engineered a bike that was both visually appealing and approachable to new, younger riders. Selling over 8,000 units in its first year, Yamaha has now shipped more than 380,000 PW50s to over 150 countries.

2021 Yamaha PW50

The 49cc, two-stroke engine coupled with the fully automatic transmission make this a perfect bike for beginners. The PW50’s seat height of only 18.7 inches and the adjustable throttle stop screw offer both rider comfort and parent peace of mind. Additionally, the PW50’s shaft final drive system is virtually maintenance-free while Yamaha’s proven Autolube oil injection system eliminates the need for fuel/oil premixing.

2021 Yamaha PW50

The 2021 PW50 will be available from dealers this month in next-generation Team Yamaha Blue for $1,649 MSRP.

2021 YAMAHA TT-R50E, TT-R110E, TT-R125LE & TT-R230E

The 2021 TT-R50E, TT-R110E, TT-R125LE and TT-R230E are made for ultimate trail riding fun. These electric start, air-cooled, four-stroke motorcycles offer Yamaha’s legendary durability and dependability, along with a broad, accessible powerband for ease of use and great performance in a variety of trail conditions. The low seat height of the entire TT-R line allows smaller and less experienced riders to gain confidence with easy access to the ground and great comfort.

2021 Yamaha TTR502021 Yamaha TTR50.

The 2021 TT-R50E ($1,699 MSRP) will be available from dealers in August, while the TT-R110E ($2,299 MSRP), TT-R125LE ($3,349 MSRP) and TT-R230E ($4,449 MSRP) will be available from dealers this month in next-generation Team Yamaha Blue.

2021 Yamaha TTR1102021 Yamaha TTR110.

2021 Yamaha TTR1252021 Yamaha TTR125.

2021 YAMAHA TTR2302021 Yamaha TTR230.


2021 Yamaha Tenere 700.

The top features if the 2021 Yamaha Tenere 700 are as follows:

1. Advanced Twin- Cylinder Engine. The Ténéré 700™ features a fuel-injected, 689cc liquid-cooled, inline
twin-cylinder engine derived from Yamaha’s award-winning MT-07. This compact powerplant features an ideal power delivery for adventure riding, for tractable and controllable power in every riding condition.
2. Adventure- Focused Ergonomics. The Ténéré 700 features a narrow body, slim fuel tank, and flat seat
that allow maximum rider agility, enabling the rider to grip the tank whether sitting or standing, giving added confidence on dirt or asphalt. The protective fairing and handguards work with the tapered handlebar to ensure comfort on the longest rides.

3. Not Afraid To Get Dirty. Highly adjustable, long-travel suspension is mated to dirt-ready
spoked wheels mounting 21-inch front and 18-inch rear tires, ensuring that Ténéré 700 doesn’t shy away from aggressive riding when the pavement ends. The triple-disc brakes also feature selectable ABS, which can be disabled when desired for off-road riding.

4. Refinement Meets Durability. Every aspect of the Ténéré 700 is built to combine Yamaha’s legendary reliability with impressive performance, from the compact LED headlights, to the strong and narrow steel frame, to the smooth.

Retail price is $9999.

2021 YAMAHA XT250

2021 Yamaha XT250

The top features of the 2021 Yamaha XT250 are as follows:

1. Advanced Long- Travel Suspension. Long-travel suspension and more than 11.2 inches of ground clearance live under a seat that’s only 31.9 inches from the ground.
2. Modern Fuel Injection. The XT250’s fuel injection offers smooth throttle response and easy starting in nearly all conditions.

2021 Yamaha XT250
3. Convenient Electric Start. Electric start makes firing up the 249cc four-stroke effortless.
4. Dual Disc Brakes. 245mm front disc and 203mm rear disc brakes combine to deliver superb stopping power on both paved and unpaved surfaces.

2021 YAMAHA TW200

2021 Yamaha TW200

The top features of the 2021 Yamaha TW200 are as follows:

1. Terrain- Conquering Tires. Big fat tires deliver great traction and rider comfort over a wide range of
terrain, and they make the TW200 the most distinctive-looking, dualpurpose machine around.
2. Low Seat Height. A low seat and compact chassis help inspire confidence in anyone
who rides the TW200, making it one of the most user friendly on- and off-road bikes on the market.
3. Electric Start. The electric start and full-street equipment make the TW200 super convenient to ride just about anywhere you need to go.

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