Here’s a look behind the starting gate. The start goes uphill, then makes a 90 degree turn to the left. The racers will then descend down a slight hill before making another 90 degree left.

Here’s a look down at the starting gate (on the right). The white tents in the center cover the mechanic’s area, which comes shortly after the start.

This view aims at the area (notice the Ford sign) where the previous shot was taken. Not seen to the right is the mechanic’s area.

The dirt is eerily reminiscent to what’s found at Lake Elsinore. That’s not a good sign; however, the track crew brought in a bunch of top soil to put on top of the base, as well as a bunch of deep sand in certain areas.

This shot shows the downhill following the first turn. The track then veers left (under the Motorcycle Superstore holeshot sign) and over one of the many jumps found on the track.

The pit area sprawls just beyond the main entrance. Every semi is parked on asphalt, which is nice. It definitely gives the pit area a Supercross vibe.

You’ll notice a haze of smoke caused by a massive fire in the distant mountains. Ash was periodically falling at Miller Motorsports. It was a strange feeling. Hopefully the air quality and clarity is much better on race day.

The track crew had yet to put up the repeater banner, much less finish spreading dirt and watering the track. Word is that they are planning on dousing the track with water to make deep ruts and avoid dust.

It’s hard to deny how narrow certain parts of the track are. We’ll see how that plays out tomorrow.

Will Ryan Villopoto wrap up the 450 National title this weekend? He’s sitting on a 44-point lead. If he wins both motos then he’ll do the deed and trade in that 2 for a 1.

Speaking of 1, Marvin Musquin looks mighty comfortable on Ryan Dungey’s KTM 450SXF.

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