Fuel-injected 2011 TC250.

From Husqvarna: The 2011 Husqvarna TC250 motocross bike, which was all-new last year, will be even newer for 2011. After only a year of production, Husqvarna decided to up the ante with a totally redesigned fuel-injected 250cc four-stroke engine, up-dated chromoly steel frame and expensive aftermarket pipe for 2011.

In addition to the Mikuni fuel injection, the 2011 Husky TC250 will also get revised cam timing for easier starting, lightweight hubs, redesigned engine guards, larger exhaust pipe heat shield and a titanium Akrapovic exhaust system. The most important changes are to the engine, which is now fitted with a Mikuni batteryless electronic fuel-injection system and 45mm diameter throttle body. The racing engine also sees changes in the cylinder head, with revisions to camshaft profile and timing to improve power throughout the rev range.

The engine crankcase has been reinforced and now has steel sockets on chassis mounting points for improved durability. The Akrapovic pipe has been specially designed for Husqvarna and features a steel manifold, titanium silencer and steel heat protection.

The TC250 frame design is also new for 2011. The lower cradle around the footrest mounts has been completely redesigned, with side plates of forged steel to reduce lateral bulk and increase resistance to strain. This effectively creates a single plate covering the footrest and brake pedal mounts and the cradle surface has been streamlined so as to reduce to a minimum any possible impact with the ground or other obstacles. The steering head area has also been improved and reinforced.

2011 TC250.

The TC250 engine guards are now made of a new material, providing better protection against damage, wheel hubs now have a mirror finish and the bodywork features new graphics which is molded into the plastic.

The 2011 TE310 enduro model.


Husqvarna will also release a 302.4cc version of the TC250 in enduro trim, called the 2001 Husqvarna TE310. The 2011 TE310 builds on the success of the new TE250, but offers an engine capacity increased to 302.4cc thanks to a revised bore-and-stroke of 82mm x 57.3mm (the TC250 bore-and-stroke is 79mm x 50.9mm).

The throttle body is the same as that fitted to the 2011 TC250?a 45mm Mikuni. The exhaust system is specially designed for the 310 and, as on the other models, has new heat protection on the silencer. The new TE310 is much lighter than the previous version (approximately a 13 pound reduction compared to 2010 TE310) and comes with significantly higher torque and power.

TE310 engine.

The TE310 chassis is based on the TE250 and as such shares all the new and standard features including the new reinforced frame, new Grimeca hubs, Kayaba 48mm front forks, Sachs shock absorber with new settings, 8.5 liter fuel tank, new hand guards and new bodywork graphics.

As for the 2011 Husqvarna TC450 (with the BMW engine)…no new news has been released since Husqvarna sent out a handful of prototype photos two months ago.

Prototype 2011 Husqvarna TC450.

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