Not your typical motocross video, MXA’s Jody Weisel made this film as a special feature for the “Monsters Of Motocross” gala back in November, 2008 (with the aid of Todd Huffman). It was shown to an audience of 800 hardcore motocross fans and an elite list of motocross greats, including Brad Lackey, Tony DiStefano, Bob Hannah, Marty Smith, Tommy Croft, Gary Jones, DeWayne Jones, Ron Lechien, Danny LaPorte, Rex Staten, Chuck Sun, David Bailey and many others.

Even though “Motocross Immortals” is 15 years old, it still tugs at the heart strings of every motocross racer. Sadly, because of when it was made, it misses many of the sport’s heroes who have passed away since its premier, but they are still remembered as friends, competitors and heroes. The film was such a hit that people asked if the one-time gala film could be put up on the internet for more than just 800 people to see. Here it is.

If you missed the “Monster of Motocross” Gala, and you probably did because it was held back in 2008, you can see the whole night on DVD. It includes the entire 2008 Monsters of Motocross Show—with Bob Hannah’s hilarious spoof of the “One Chance to Win” Battle of New Orleans race called “No Chance to Win” (Bob plays all 10 roles)!, plus Jody Weisel’s “Motocross Immortals” tribute to fallen motocross heroes and a roast of “Bad Brad” Lackey by Danny LaPorte, Thorleif Hansson, Chuck Sun, Marty Smith, Tommy Croft, Ricky Johnson, Roy Turner and Steve Stasiefski. The DVD has four hours of content and retails for $9.95. You can order by Clicking Here.



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