The third and final round of the Indianapolis Supercross series has finally arrived in the 2021 Monster Energy Supercross season! After some intense battles and close calls from the previous Indy rounds, we are very much ready for another round under the Lucas Oil Stadium lights. Taking a look at the track map, the Indianapolis 3 round features a ton of rhythm but no over-under as featured in the previous rounds. However, the riders start off with a right hand turn so that means there’ll be no rear brake for safety in case things get a little hairy. Unfortunately, this does mean that there are typically way more crashes due to the very reason that more riders are coming in hot into that first turn. While we wait for the 250 East Coast class to line up, who do you think will be dominant in the class for the fastest lap time? Will the Star Yamaha boys be close as usual in times or will we see another breakout performance from Jett Lawrence? Or will the two often overlooked riders, Michael  Mosiman and Jo Shimoda, take the cake in Indy 3 and set fastest times out of the 250 pack? Find out down below as we bring you updates from Lucas Oil Stadium on who’s the fastest 250 riders on the East Coast.


Photos by Brian Converse


Mitchell Oldenburg on the gas.

The second qualifying session started off with a bang with Mitchell Oldenburg getting the lead and Michael Mosiman and Christian Craig bumping into each other. Jett Lawrence appeared to be taking it easy and let the rest of the pack head forward as he worked himself into the qualifying times. Christian Craig led with the fastest lap time followed by Oldenburg and Mosiman. Christian’s teammate Colt Nichols, snuck past into the top qualifying spot but not quite as fast as his previous qualifying time. Michael Mosiman soon after past Christian’s lap time and eventually took the top spot. Colt Nichols took several different lines and was already in possession of his lead a lap later. Jett Lawrence moved up to the second position and the top six riders were very close to each other in times but none could catch up to Colt Nichols’s lap time.

1 64 Colt Nichols 47.913
2 18 Jett Lawrence 47.979
3 42 Michael Mosiman 48.026
4 30 Jo Shimoda 48.245
5 29 Christian Craig 48.566
6 49 Mitchell Oldenburg 48.577
7 99 Hunter Sayles 49.790
8 76 Grant Harlan 49.814
9 773 Thomas Do 50.034
10 88 Logan Karnow 50.093
11 95 Joshua Osby 50.161
12 122 Jeremy Hand 50.217
13 170 Devin Simonson 50.224
14 193 Hunter Schlosser 50.389
15 637 Bobby Piazza 50.564
16 85 Kevin Moranz 50.642
17 241 Joshua Varize 50.878
18 125 Luke Neese 50.948
19 384 Lorenzo Camporese 51.015
20 216 Devin Harriman 51.199
21 162 Maxwell Sanford 51.244
22 437 Vincent Luhovey 51.300
23 597 Mason Kerr 51.301
24 185 Wilson Fleming 51.363
25 441 Scott Meshey 51.385
26 124 Lane Shaw 51.437
27 551 Guillaume St-Cyr 51.665
28 87 Curren Thurman 51.710
29 364 Chad Saultz 51.826
30 509 Alexander Nagy 52.153
31 675 Kyle Dillin 52.174
32 512 Austin Cozadd 52.184
33 625 Jonah Geistler 52.449
34 55 John Short 53.032
35 693 Rene Garcia 53.219
36 160 Vincent Murphy 53.951
37 414 Mason Morris 56.281


Michael Mosiman pushing his bike up to the gate.


Will Colt Nichols set the fastest lap time in timed qualifying? Find out down below.

The first timed qualifying session for the 250s took and Michael Mosiman took an early in the front of the pack to get a headstart. The plentiful rhythm sections provided more variety for the riders so that they may expermient and take other options instead of the race line. Michael Mosiman tipped over in a turn but was quick to get up. A word thing the Star Yamaha team was experiencing was bike issues with Christian Craig’s bike. The seat came off as both Christian and Colt’s mechanic worked hard to get the bike running. Jett Lawrence may have had his struggles in the previous round but wasn’t afraid to set the fastest lap time a few laps in. Colt Nichols also went down as the dirt was hard pack, slick on top, and already forming large ruts in the berms. Jo Shimoda moved up to second followed by Thomas Do. Michael Mosiman came into the pits to swap out a clutch lever and it appeared Colt did as well with a pair of bent handlebars. Colt didn’t dwell on the situation very long as he went back out and jumped to the top of the leaderboard. Michael Mosiman jumped up to the fourth place spot as Christian Craig and his mechanic pulled the bike back to the pits to continue to work on the bike.

1 64 Colt Nichols
2 30 Jo Shimoda
3 42 Michael Mosiman
4 18 Jett Lawrence
5 49 Mitchell Oldenburg
6 773 Thomas Do
7 99 Hunter Sayles
8 76 Grant Harlan
9 95 Joshua Osby
10 88 Logan Karnow
11 122 Jeremy Hand
12 241 Joshua Varize
13 125 Luke Neese
14 85 Kevin Moranz
15 87 Curren Thurman
16 124 Lane Shaw
17 185 Wilson Fleming
18 55 John Short

Despite having a rough previous round, Jett Lawrence would still qualify decently in fourth place.


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