This is the 2010 Kawasaki KX250F the way the MXA test crew raced it. As a rule, we don’t go for exotic or expensive mods, but if push comes to shove, we will seek competent help (no matter how much it costs). Use MXA‘s mods as a guide.

Throttle tube: Kawasaki vulcanizes the rubber grip to the throttle body, so it takes the patience of a saint to completely remove the grip. We pitched the throttle tube/grip assembly and installed an aftermarket aluminum throttle tube. The metal tube is very durable and won’t grenade in the event of a crash.

Gearing: Kawasaki missed the boat with the 2010 KX250F gearing. In stock trim, the 48-tooth rear sprocket is too tall for all but expert riders. We opted for a Renthal 49-tooth rear sprocket in order to bridge the wide gaps between gears. While at it, we installed a Renthal standard-tooth countershaft sprocket and R1 Works chain.

Chain guide: Just like a wood chipper, the chain chews up the lower chain guide on the KX250F. The culprit is the chain guide itself, which doesn’t provide enough clearance for the rear sprocket. We utilized a flashy green T.M. Designworks chain guide. Made from polyurethane, the aftermarket chain guide is a necessary item for the KX250F. To order, visit or call (541) 535-1612.

Graphics: The stock KX250F graphics aren’t made out of rice paper, but they might as well be. The life span of the bland-looking stock graphics is as short as a mayfly’s. After a mere few hours of riding, we slapped on the very attractive DeCal Works T-7 semi-custom graphics kit. These graphics stick with the resolve of a cockroach. Order the $199.00 kit at or (815) 784-4000.

Exhaust pipe: Does the 2010 KX250F really need an aftermarket exhaust system? No. Is it a smart investment? Absolutely. We chose the Pro Circuit T-4 exhaust for two reasons. It improves mid-to-top power and is quieter than the stock exhaust pipe from 5000 rpm on up. Call Pro Circuit at (951) 738-8050 or visit

Rear axle nut: Cotter pins are a cheap and advantageous way to keep a bolt from backing out. With that said, the cotter pin found on the KX250F’s rear axle is a nuisance. We round-filed the cotter pin, removed the stock 32mm axle nut and replaced it with a self-locking Honda CRF250 nut. Problem solved.

Triple clamps: The KX250F pushes from the center out in corners, but the problem didn’t stymie the MXA wrecking crew. We did what we always do with the KX250F?we swapped the stock clamps for 22mm offset triple trees. We immediately noticed an improvement in the bike’s turning characteristics.

Plastics: Every year, the KX250F is saddled with frail plastic. After just a few rides, we obliterated the radiator shrouds and bent the side panels. Instead of replacing the body work with stock plastic, we used more durable UFO plastic. The UFO kit comes with the front and rear fender, shrouds and side panels. We opted for white to really make the 250F shootout winner stand out. To purchase the $145.99 kit, visit or call (815) 756-9400.

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