_gen4001_lrMarvin Musquin (25) had the jump on the pack, but Justin Barcia (51) moved him out of the way. 

By John Basher

After the heat races, it appeared that Marvin Musquin would walk away from the field. The Red Bull KTM rider won his heat by 12-1/2 seconds over Justin Barcia. Justin Brayton looked strong in the second heat race, winning by five seconds over Malcolm Stewart. However, the lap times were a telling sign. Musquin was consistently nailing the triple-quad-quad rhythm section and, rather unorthodox but effective, he chose to jump through the whoops rather than skim them. As a result, he logged a fast lap over a second quicker than heat two race winner Brayton.

_gen4129_lrThe action was exciting on Friday night, with Barcia (51), Musquin (25) and Brayton (10) racing with high intensity.

The Americans took notice of Musquin, although they failed to employ some of the techniques that made Marvin excel. One thing they did understand was that Musquin couldn’t, under any circumstances, get the holeshot. Marvin, lined up to the outside of Malcolm Stewart and Justin Barcia, and had good drive out of the metal grate. He had a wheel on Barcia halfway down the start straight, but Justin kept the throttle pinned and put the squeeze on the Frenchman. The melee pushed Musquin back to 11th after the first lap, while Barcia led over Valentin Teillet, Malcolm Stewart, Khounsith Vongsana, Arnaud Tonus, Cyrille Coulon and Justin Brayton. Musquin blitzed through the back markers with precision and worked up to fourth on the fourth lap.

_gen4136_lrMusquin made the pass on Brayton for the lead on the 12th lap.

That’s when things got interesting. Brayton, who followed Barcia in second, made a run for the lead. Handlebars hit, countermeasures were used, and Barcia kept the MotoConcepts Honda rider at bay. It didn’t last long, though. The game of cat and mouse allowed Malcolm Stewart and Marvin Musquin to close up. Brayton led briefly, but by then Musquin was all over him like a cheap suit. From that point forward it was a foregone conclusion. Marvin won with 2-1/2 seconds to spare and celebrated over the finish with a heelclicker. Stewart and Brayton squabbled over second and it just depended who hit the lappers at the right spot. Stewart got the place, while Brayton rounded out the podium. Credit goes to Justin Barcia, who was in the mix until he slid out in a flat corner after the whoops.

The action at the Palexpo arena in Geneva, Switzerland, continues tomorrow night. Who will be crowned the King of Geneva? Given tonight’s performance, Marvin Musquin is in the driver’s seat.


1. Marvin Musquin…KTM
2. Malcolm Stewart…Hon
3. Justin Brayton…Hon
4. Justin Barcia…Suz
5. Arnaud Tonus…Yam
6. Cyrille Coulon…Suz
7. Cedric Soubeyras…Suz
8. Valentin Teillet…Hon
9. Thomas Ramette…Suz
10. Killian Auberson…KTM



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