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Photos by Massimo Zanzani

MXGPstart_MXGP_10_RUS_2017Tony Cairoli is in the lead, but Tanel Leok (7), Max Nagl (12), Gautier Paulin (21), Arnaud Tonus (4), Max Anstie (99) and Ken DeDycker (9) have a lot of work to do.

Desalle1_MXGP_10_RUS_2017Kawasaki’s Clement Desalle took his second straight Grand Prix victory with a 3-1 in the Russian mud. Desalle has narrowed the gap to leader Tony Cairoli to 47 points.

Herlings1_MXGP_10_RUS_2017Jeffrey Herlings went 1-8, but that was still good enough for second overall in Orlyonok. Paulin is one point behind Desalle in the title chase.

Paulin_MXGP_10_RUS_2017Gautier Paulin, now on Husqvarna, was third overall in Russia and has taken over third in 450 GP points.

Cairoli_MXGP_10_RUS_2017Tony Cairoli has a massive lead after the injury to Tim Gajser, so he doesn’t have to risk anything on a muddy day. Tony went 2-9 for 5th, but leads Clement Desalle by 47 points.

Febvre_MXGP_10_RUS_2017Former 450 World Champion Romain Febvre struggled in the first moto to 10th, but came back in the second moto for a 2nd. Febvre is 139 points out of the lead after an eartly season injury.

Tonus_MXGP_10_RUS_2017Arnaud Tonus won Saturday’s gate pick qualifier in the dry, but finished 7th on Sunday in the wet. Tonus in 10th in points

MXGPpodium_MXGP_10_RUS_2017The soggy 450 podium —Jeffrey Herlings (left), Clement Desaale and Gautier Paulin.

1. Clement Desalle…3-1
2. Jeffrey Herlings…1-8
3. Gautier Paulin…5-3
4. Max Anstie…4-5
6. Tony Cairoli…2-9
6. Romain Febvre…10-2
7. Arnaud Tonus…9-4
8. Arminas Jasikonis…7-7
9. Glenn Coldenhoff…11-6
10. Max Nagl…8-11
Other notables: 11. Alessandro Lupino; 12. Evgeny Bobryshev; 13. Ken De Dycker; 15. Rui Goncalves; 16. Evgeny Mikhaylov; 20. Damon Graulus.


MX2start_MXGP_10_RUS_2017There is nothing like deeply ripped mud and water on the charge to the first turn. Jeremy Seewer won this drag race.

Jonass_MXGP_10_RUS_2017Pauls Jonass has manhandled the 250 pack in 2017. He is 45 points ahead of Seewer, 97 points ahead of Olsen and 106 points ahead of Lieber.

Seewer1_MXGP_10_RUS_2017With the rain coming down Jeremy Seewer used a 7-1 for second overall in Russia.

Bogers1_MXGP_10_RUS_2017Brian Bogers is a sand specialist, but he’s pretty good in the mud also. Boger’s 6-2 gave him third overall and moved him into 9th in 250 Grand Prix points after 10 of 19 rounds.

Paturel1_MXGP_10_RUS_2017French rider Benoit Paturel (6) Jet Skis through a low spot. Paturel had a 3rd in the first moto, but the mud magnets dragged him back to 12th in moto two.

Ostlund_MXGP_10_RUS_2017Alvin Ostlund (161) wasn’t bothered by the mud as he was a very consistent 8-6 for 5th overall.

Lieber_MXGP_10_RUS_2017A rare sight in Russia was the rider in clean gear. Julien Lieber went 11-5, but is 4th in the 250 World Championships.

Olsen_MXGP_10_RUS_2017Thoma Kjer-Olsen has been the hottest new rider on the 250 GP circuit. Olsen won the first moto, but crashed back to 20th in moto two

Covington_MXGP_10_RUS_2017American Thmas Covington finished 14th overall, but still held on to 7th in 250 GP points. Covinton is 7 full motos behind points leader Pauls Jonass.

MX2podium_MXGP_10_RUS_2017The 250 podium — Jeremy Seewer (left), Pauls Jonass and Brian Bogers.

1. Pauls Jonass…2-3
2. Jeremy Seewer…7-1
3. Brian Bogers…6-2
4. Benoit Paturel…3-12
5. Alvin Ostlund…8-6
6. Hunter Lawrence…4-11
7. Julien Lieber…11-5
8. Thomas Kjer Olsen…1-20
9. Jorge Prado…15-4
10. Ben Watson…12-7
Other notables: 13. David Herbreteau; 14. Thomas Covington; 16. Conrad Mewse; 18. Darian Sanayei; 20. Michele Cervellin;  24. Petar Petrov.

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