20160619131138_HighPointRaces StartWeston Peick (28), Justin Bogle (19), Josh Grant (33) and Justin Barcia (51) battled for a five foot plot of land in the first turn at High Point. Barcia got there first.

By Kyoshi Becker
Photos by Scott Mallonee and Brian Converse


The amount of riders absent stuck out like a sore thumb at High Point. Ryan Dungey, Trey Canard, Blake Baggett, James Stewart, Jessy Nelson and Tristan Charboneau were among the riders missing from the gate. Of the riders that lined up, quite a few of the top names had trouble in the High Point ruts. Josh Grant DNF’ed both motos and teammate Eli Tomac failed to make the podium. Without any true challengers Ken Roczen basically had 70 minutes of high speed cruising around southern Pennsylvania. Justin Barcia tried to challenge the RCH Suzuki rider early on, but Roczen flew by Barcia within a few laps. Jason Anderson had many points to make up after not finishing Thunder Valley. He was able to get a career best of second overall. Eli Tomac finished second in the 2nd moto, but a paltry fifth in the first moto resulted in fourth overall. Marvin Musquin earned his first 450 career National podium at Mt. Morris. He obviously likes the track, as he won the 250 overall there last year.

The 250 class was full of surprises. Joey Savatgy came back from a crash in the first moto to take the overall win (4-1). Zach Osborne earned his first career National moto win. Both Martin brothers suffered at the hands of a mechanical failure. Gared Steinke surprised everyone by earning his first 2016 AMA point aboard his Husqvarna TC125. While Cooper Webb was a force to be reckoned with in Supercross, his wrist injury is holding him back. However, last Saturday he moved up in the points and is second behind Joey Savatgy.

708_mcr_facility_-_spectator_Tennesee Muddy Creek_map
The 2016 Muddy Creek National track layout map—give or take a few features. One has to wonder if the substitute artist drew this diagram.


  1. The 2016 series is 41.6% complete.
  2. Muddy Creek is one of the newest tracks on the circuit. It was added in 2013.
  3. Muddy Creek is the closest track to the Loretta Lynn Ranch. The Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National is the premiere amateur race in the world.

20160619132002_HighPointRaces Ken ROczen Scott MalloneeKen Roczen shows no signs of slowing down. The RCH Soaring Eagle Jimmy Johns rider finished 1-1.


  1. Muddy Creek has only had two winners in the 450 class–Ryan Dungey and Ken Roczen.
  2. Marvin Musquin and Jason Anderson both finished with a career highlight at Mt. Morris. Anderson would get his first second place finish in a 450 National, and Musquin earned his first National podium in the 450 class.
  3. KTM is the only brand to win in the 450 class at Muddy Creek. Husqvarna, Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki all have been on the podium. Yamaha has never had a 450 podium at Muddy Creek.


  • Hangtown Moto 1 – Ryan Dungey – 2:00.475
  • Hangtown Moto 2 – Ken Roczen – 2:02.776
  • Glen Helen Moto 1 – Ken Roczen – 2:26.867
  • Glen Helen Moto 2 – Ken Roczen – 2:29.60
  • Thunder Valley Moto 1 – Ken Roczen – 2:10.649
  • Thunder Valley Moto 2 – Eli Tomac – 2:11.230
  • High Point Moto 1 – Eli Tomac – 2:01.932
  • High Point Moto 2 – Justin Barcia – 2:00.304


  • Ken Roczen – 193 Points
  • Eli Tomac – 152 Points
  • Ryan Dungey – 131 Points (out with injury)
  • Cole Seely – 116 Points
  • Jason Anderson – 113 Points

LMP_9624_Brian-Converse_Joey-Savatgy_High-PointWhile not at the dominant level of Ken Roczen, Joey Savatgy is showing a healthy level of consistency in his riding ability.


  1. There has been no duplicate winner at Muddy Creek in the 250 class.
  2. Marvin Musquin is the only rider to finish on the overall podium twice in the 250 class at Muddy Creek.
  3. Yamaha has two wins and KTM has one in the 250 class at Muddy Creek. Husqvarna and Suzuki have never been on the podium.
  4. In a weird twist of fate, both Martin brothers–Alex and Jeremy–got one second place finish and one 30+ finish at High Point last weekend. Alex Martin’s bike blew up in the first moto, and Jeremy’s in the second moto.


  • Hangtown Moto 1 – Cooper Webb – 2:01.669
  • Hangtown Moto 2 – Zach Osborne – 2:02.473
  • Glen Helen Moto 1 – Cooper Webb – 2:30.635
  • Glen Helen Moto 2 – Austin Forkner – 2:32.143
  • Thunder Valley Moto 1 – Joey Savatgy – 2:12.506
  • Thunder Valley Moto 2 – Joey Savatgy – 2:12.099
  • High Point Moto 1 -Zach Osborne – 2:03.830
  • High Point Moto 2 – Aaron Plessinger – 2:03.182


  • Joey Savatgy – 166 Points
  • Cooper Webb – 146 Points
  • Jeremy Martin – 142 Points
  • Alex Martin – 136 Points
  • Zach Osborne – 121 Points

_DSC3256_Kyoshi_Trey Canard_Hangtown_2016Trey Canard missed High Point due to a midweek injury.


450 Class

Ryan Dungey – Dungey’s crash at Thunder Valley looked like no big deal. He got up and finished the moto. After the fact, doctors discovered a crack in the C6 vertebrae. He will be out 6-8 weeks.
Jason Anderson – Out with a broken collarbone.
Trey Canard – Trey missed High Point with a bulged disc in his back. There’s no info on whether he will race Muddy Creek.
Josh Grant  – Ankle surgery will cut his season short.
James Stewart – James should return at Muddy Creek.
Blake Baggett – Blake broke his collarbone at Hangtown. He should be at Muddy Creek.
Dean Wilson – No word on when he will return in the National season. Currently he’s practicing in Florida.
Tommy Hahn – Tommy injured his ankle and will miss two races. Cole Martinez has been brought in to fill his spot.
Ronnie Stewart – Injured shoulder and punctured lung.

250 Class

Jessy Nelson – Injured his knee at Thunder Valley and was unable to race Mt. Morris. He may race Muddy Creek.
Alexander Frye – Troy Lee Designs’ Alex Frye sustained a torn ACL and additional torn ligaments in his knee. He will be out for the rest of the 2016 National season.
Justin Hill –Hill, another Troy Lee Designs KTM rider, hurt his back. There’s no word on when he will return.
Tristan Charboneau – Tristan broke his collarbone at Glen Helen and will be back with a newly plated collarbone at Muddy Creek.
Gannon Audette –
He’s recovering from a crash at Hangtown.
Chris Alldredge –
 Still recovering from a pelvis injury he suffered in Las Vegas.
Christian Craig – Craig said that teammate Jordon Smith cross-jumped him at Glen Helen. In the crash, Craig broke his tib/fib.
Kyle Peters – Separated AC joint.


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