What’s in the newest issue of MXA? How about complete and thorough tests of the 2021 KTM Gas Gas MC450F, 2021 KTM 450XCF Cross-Country, 2021 Yamaha YZ250 two-stroke, 2021 KTM 150SX two-stroke, 2021 Husqvaran FC350, 2021 Cylinder Workd YZ270 big-bore and a retro test of Kevin Windham’s 1997 Factory YZ125. And those are just the bike test! We also have a revealing interview with Steve Stackable, a feature on how MXA won the 24-Hours of Glen Helen endurance race (with the help of Mitch Payton) , flashback about the original Factory Edition—the 1963 Triumph Tiger Cub Scrambler and lots, lots more.

The GasGas MC 450F was the talk of the town this winter. You can call it a “Red KTM” all you want because that doesn’t hurt anyone in Austria’s feelings. Why not? It’s selling like crazy, is the exact same price as a KX450 or YZ450F and just take a look at it—it’s clean, sleek and blessed with all the Austrian traits that the Japanese brands wished they had (222-pound weight, billet steel hydraulic clutch, Brembo brakes, braided steel brake lines interchangeable throttle cams, foolproof air filter cage, CNC-machined hubs and that ultra-broad KTM engine).

The 1963 Triumph Tiger Cub Scrambler was the “Factory Edition” of  50 years ago. It came from the factory with a competition exhaust, 199cc hopped-up engine, shorter seat, 27mm Amal Monobloc carb, and a Hi-F i Scarlet over Silver Sheen paint job. Only 340 were produced in 1963 and almost every one was shipped to the USA.

Want to have a 125cc bike with the punch of excitement that 125s lack? You are in luck, KTM makes the 2021 KTM 150SX for just one purpose—to get you over that big double that your 125 just can’t clear. Okay, it also gives you a fighting chance to get a good start against 250 four-strokes and makes that lovely sound scares four-stroke riders world-wide.

We sat down with “Short Stack” to hear stories of his days on the Action Supply CZ, Maico factory team, racing at the Battle of New Orleans, riding for Team Suzuki, switching to Team Kawasaki in 1978 and why he decided to retire. Oh yeah, we also asked to Steve about the marijuana leaf painted on his helmet, his Playmate of the Year wife (Janet Quist), his 500cc AMA Supercross Championship, hang gliding and being on Team USA with Semics, Howerton and DiStefano at the 1977 MXDN.

To tell the truth, we could care less that Yamaha has only made modest changes to the YZ250 two-stroke over the last decade-and-a-half.  It was a great bike back in the day and it’s a great bike today. We don’t care if Yamaha doesn’t make any major changes to the YZ250 for the next five years—we’ll make them ourselves.

What do we think of electric motocross bikes, Alta’s fear of us and how they should be integrated into the race formats? Just ask the Mxperts?

MXA wanted to race the 24-Hours of Glen Helen. How tough could it be to race non-stop from sunrise to sunset to sunrise? MXA’s Josh Mosiman enlisted Zac Commans, Carlen Gardner and Preston Campbell to join him in the adventure. Best of all, MXA got Mitch Payton to build our bike and stay up all night running the pit crew that included Schnikey, Bones Bacon, Gothic Jay Haines, Avo Lison and 15 other sleep deprived souls. How did it go? We won and nobody got any actual sleep. Read the story of the journey from a crackpot idea to top step of the podium in the March issue.

Imagine a 350cc bike that revs to 13,400 rpm, handles like its on a slot car track, is low enough for your feet to touch the ground and graced by the new XACT trampoline valve forks.  If you’ve never ridden a Husqvarna FC350, you need to beg a ride on one—it will change your life.

Josh Mosiman flies through the air in his Fly Racing Lite gear for MXA’s Gear Guide, while we tell you the ten most important things about ODI Lock-On grips.

It looks like an off-road bike, but apart from the big gas tank, plush suspension and 18-inch rear, this is a KTM 450SXF motocross bike that is willing to lead two lives—one in the woods and one on the track. Think about, you too could own one bike that would allow you to do it all.

On the left is the Luxon MX handlebar mount kit, while on the right are some names you need to know. Mike “Schnikey”Tomlin, Anthony Amos and Derek Natvig.

Not content with the options in the 250 class, MXA teamed up with Cylinder Works and Twisted Development to build a YZ270F that will blow your socks off. We tell you exactly what we did to it.

Do you remember this  cover from March of 2011—it was only ten years ago. Or, how about the Asterisk knee braces, EVS knee guards or Alpinestars Supervented boots from this year.

The MXA Wrecking crew goes back in time to take a close look and spin some laps on Kevin Windham’s 1997 factory Yamaha YZ125.


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