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MXAAUGUST2017coverIt’s time for the 2018 bikes to start hitting the showrooms. Before you go in to look at them, learn as much as you can about what’s new and what’s not.

MXAAUGUST2017deanwilsonreplicaWhen Mutch Payton gave us the engine that Dean Wilson used at the start of the 2017 Supercross — the engine that got him a Husqvarna factory ride in four races — we decided to build a Dean Wilson Replica YZ450F. Take a journey with us as we track down all the parts, including works Kayaba Suspension, to build a true-to-life replica that anyone can build (with enough money).

MXAAUGUST2017motoinmotionIf ther eis a drought somewher ein the world, it can be alleviated by holding a round of the World Championships there. Julien Lieber demonstrates his rain making skills.

(left) Meet three people who make a difference in the motocross world. (right) Remember the “Maytag?” Oops! We mean Yamaha WR500.

mxaAUG2017YZ450FThe MXA wrecking crew irons out the wrinkles in the 2017 Yamaha YZ450F. We give you 14 pages worth of tech tips, pratical advice, proven solutions and multiple maps to make your YZ450F perfect for you.

MXAAUGUST2017classicTT500You may be the macho four-stroke pilot at your local track on your CRF450, YZ450F, KTM 450SXF, KX450F or RM-Z450, but how would you do on the 1976 Yamaha TT500? This was the best Yamaha four-stroke made at the time…it was also the only Yamaha four-stroke motocross bikes made at the time. It may look crude, but riders won on these beasts.

(left) Remember when KT<‘s came with wrap-around fork fuards. They still can. (right) Factory Connection converts our WP AER forks to coil springs.

MXAAUGUST2017panicrevDo you know why your bike does the things it does? It’s all physics and it would serve you well to understand the physics involved. In this chapter we explain the panic rev.

MXAAUGUST2017twistedhusky450Jamie Ellis from Twisted Developmet is the master of black box magic. His Husvarna FC450 engine makes 65 horsepower on the start, but two laps late rit mellow out into an easier to ride lap-time engine. How does he do it? Electronic wizardry.

MXAAUGUST2017fadedgloryyANDY MXAAUGUST2017acerbisboot
(left) Andy Jefferson made Supercross history at San Diego Stadium in 1982. What for? (right) Axerbis may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to motocross boots, but maybe it should be.

MXAAUGUST2017mxpertsThe MXperts don’t know everything, but they know a guy who knows a guy who can fill in the blanks.

MXAAUGUST2017ontheblockmcqueenyz  MXAAUGUST2017barebones
(left) Someone bid $25,000 for this Steve McQueen owned 1974-1/2 Yamaha YZ250B. That didn’t ome close to meeting the reserve price. (right) Bones tell syou the harsh reality of sending your suspension out.

MXAAUGUST2017ryanhughesRyan Hughes has been a great motorcycle racer, but he never got the breaks…or worse, he got bad breaks when he was at his greatest. Let him tell you his story. You’ll be surprised.

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