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NOV2015COVERIf there is one bike on everybody’s wish list, it is the KTM 150SX. The MXA wrecking crew spent the last three month putting it through its paces. Find out if the dream and reality align.

NOV2016SUZUKIRM-Z450The Suzuki RM-Z450 got a small grab bag of changes for 2016. We dissect every aspect of the ‘Zook to give you an accurate portrait of what it’s like to race.

NOV2015PROPEGSLooking for titanium footpegs that are big, wide, beefy and light. Oh yeah, and don’t cost $350. Look no further than Pro-Pegs. Made in Holland, the 60mm wide footpegs are works of art.

NOV2015KTM150TESTIt’s an amazing time. Most of the Big Four don’t offer two-strokes, and even if they did it wouldn’t be a 150, and the one that does hasn’t redesigned the basic components in ten years. What’s amazing then? The 2016 KTM 150SX is totally new from the ground up. New engine, new frame, look plastic, new suspension and a new horsepower record.

NOV2015WESTONPEICKWe sat down with Weston Peick to talk about the long hard road that he followed to get to the top. He didn’t take the Loretta Lynn, motor home, million dollar, rich daddy route to JGR.

NOV2015R&DGENIUSOur sport has some incredibly creative designers working in the trenches. R&D’s Dean Dickenson and his Genius throttle body prove this point.

NOV2015TM85JUNIORTESTYou never think of a KX85, Yz85, KTM 85SX or RM85 in the same way once you set eyes on the 2016 TM 85 Junior. It’s a game changer.

NOV2015CLASSICDKWDid you own a Dampf-Kraft Wagon? Tom White breaks it down for you and even though DKW is long gone from the American scene, but it’s still an interesting machine.

NOV2015EKSBRANDIf you race motocross then you know how difficult it is to live happily ever after with tear-offs. EKS Brand has a solution.

NOV2015MOTOINMOTIONRyan Dungey didn’t have a cake walk to the AMA 450 National Championship. Well, he did, but this photo proves that it was a chocolate cake walk.

NOV2015FORGOTTENTECHHorst Leitner built this unusual prototype for KTM 25 years ago. It would still be ultra-trick today.

NOV2015RUNNERS-UPThe dirtiest word in motocross is “runner-up.” You’ll be surprised how many of the sport’s stars have spent considerable time on the second step of the podium.

NOV2015TIMETRAVELRCMXA has spent a week in Japan sight-seeing, going to races, visiting museums and going to the factories. Find out what it’s like to time travel with the GOAT.

NOV2015WERIDETWISTEDYZ250FThere is no doubt that 250 four-strokes need all of the power they can get. Twisted Development built one of the fastest YZ250F we have ever tested—and it has a secret inside.

NOV2015MOBIUSLooking for a new set of knee braces? Mobius is here to help (and they only sell them by the pair).

NOV2015OTHERGUYS250Most AMA National riders live in the shadows of the big stars. It is rare that riders who aren’t on the podium or battling for the title ever get their photos shown. This story is dedicated to ten of those “Other Guys” in the 250 class.


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