The March 2013 issue of MXA is in the mail and on the shelves right now. Since you are looking at this on the MXA website, you probably understand that the internet can never go into the depth on bike tests, tech articles or interviews as the magazine can. To get the whole story, you need the paper edition.

We tested the twice-pipes for the 2013 Honda CRF450 from FMF, DR.D. Pro Circuit and Yoshimura. Not only did we weigh them, sound test them, dyno them, race them and do back-to-back tests with a Novice, Intermediate and Pro, but we even took the time to test the stock CRF450 exhaust while we were at it.

MXA’s Dennis Stapleton went around the world in 40 days to race in far-away lands. We chronicled his 40,000 mile trip and the exotic countries that he got stamped in his passport. Join him.

Do you remember the Penton? You should because today they call it KTM.

Meet three people who are living the dream of working in the motocross world.

To explore the possibilities of the new Honda CRF450, Doug Dubach from DR.D built us his ultimate example. Doug used all the companies and parts he trusted during his AMA National and Supercross career. See how he did inside this issue.

Every rider in the 2013 Supercross series has a back story and much like baseball players they also have stats to back up their claims to fame. We give you their numbers.

The name Michele Rinaldi may not be familiar to many young American racers, but for Vets, European fans and GP aficionados, Michele is the man behind the Yamaha Grand Prix race team…and he was also the 125 World Champion.

Got a question? Need an answer? This is the place.

KTM’s phenomenal string of successes hasn’t come from luck, unless you count the good fortune of hiring the best people to back up the men in the saddle. MXA interviews three of the men behind the men in orange to hear their stories.

It’s not that we don’t like the KTM 350SXF, it’s just that we think it could be so much better if the power was moved lower in the rpm range and beefed up. So, rather than keep whining about it, we built a KTM 365SXF. And we loved it.

We take our trusty 2013 Husqvarna TC250 Red Head and make it rip. All it took was exotic parts, lots of time on the dyno and even more time on the track. We try things that the Husky GP team never thought of.

Who makes the most horsepower in the 250 class? Who makes the most horsepower at 8000 rpm, 10,000 rpm, 12,000 rpm and at peak? And while we are at it, who makes the most torque and who can crack the 35 horsepower barrier for the longes?. The answers to these 250cc four-stroke horsepower questions are all in this story.

Have you heard about the all-new 6D helmet and its unique dual-liner design? This is your chance to take a look inside the biggest change in helmet design since we stopped wearing leather.

KTM is doing it again. If you thought last year’s Ryan Dungey Replica was a one-time-deal, so did we. Guess what? It is back for a second time. Find out what’s so new about the 2013-1/2 KTM 450SXF Factory Edition.

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