DSC_8506Brian Converse_Marvin Musquin_High-Point_06182016Marvin Musquin is the only rider from Red Bull KTM racing today.

DSC_8589Broc Tickle qualified eighth.

DSC_8595Justin Barcia qualified seventh.
DSC_8611Marvin Musquin is looking for his first podium of the 450 National series. He qualified third.

DSC_8635Alex Martin wants those points back from his brother.

DSC_8641Can Aaron Plessinger finally get a good start and run with the leaders? He has the speed.

DSC_8649Arnaud Tonus qualified tenth in the 250 class.

DSC_8651Austin Forkner was right behind Tonus in the eleventh spot.

DSC_8654Joey Savatgy shows no signs of letting up. He qualified second.

DSC_8678Aaron Plessinger.

DSC_8713Joey Savatgy.

DSC_8720_Brian Converse_Josh Osby_High-Point_06182016Josh Osby.

LMP_8710Brian Converse_Cole Seely_High-Point_06182016Cole Seely sports his new Troy Lee Designs SE4 helmet.

LMP_8713Brian Converse_Christophe Porcel_High-Point_06182016Christophe Pourcel was the second fastest qualifier in the 450 class. Can he follow up in the race?

LMP_8720_Brian Converse_Justin Bogle_High-Point_06182016Justin Bogle in his Arai helmet. How many tearoff’s do you think he has?

LMP_8726_Brian Converse_ELi TOmac_High-Point_06182016Eli Tomac needs to pick up where Ryan Dungey left off. Can he pressure Ken Roczen for the 450 outdoor title?

LMP_8729_Brian Converse_Broc Tickle_High-Point_06182016Broc Tickle.

LMP_8732_Brian Converse_COle Seeley_High-Point_06182016Cole Seely churns through the Mt. Morris loam.

LMP_8738_Brian Converse_Justin Bogle_High-Point_06182016Justin Bogle qualified tenth.

LMP_8742_Brian Converse_Cole Martinez_High-Point_06182016Rock River Cycle Trader’s Tommy Hahn re-injured his ankle, so the team brought in Cole Martinez to fill in for him.

LMP_8752_Brian Converse_Eli Tomac_High-Point_06182016Eli Tomac is on the hunt.

LMP_8763_Brian Converse_KEn ROczen_High-Point_06182016Ken Roczen is known for his mediocre qualifying times for a rider of his level. He logged the fifth fastest lap time. That’s good enough to do the job.

LMP_8783Brian Converse_Jason ANderson_High-Point_06182016Jason Anderson qualified fastest.

LMP_8795Brian Converse_MArvin Musquin_High-Point_06182016Look how high Marvin Musquin’s right foot is.

LMP_8820Brian Converse_Luke Renzland_High-Point_06182016Luke Renzland gives the camera some kudos.

LMP_8829_Brian Converse_Zach Osborne_High-Point_06182016Zach Osborne puts power to the ground. He was fastest in 250 qualifying.

LMP_8836_Brian Converse_Arnaud Tonus_High-Point_06182016Arnaud Tonus.

LMP_8860_Brian Converse_Mitchell Harrison_High-Point_06182016Mitchell Harrison qualified 18th.

LMP_8872_Brian Converse_ALex MArtin_High-Point_06182016Alex Martin qualified third. He wants that points lead back, but will Joey Savatgy or his brother Jeremy Martin hand it over?

LMP_8903_Brian Converse_Jessy Nelson_High-Point_06182016Jessy Nelson is back, although his qualifying position of 22 shows he is still recovering from a bum knee suffered at Thunder Valley.

Photos by Brian Converse


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