The 2023 Honda CRF300 Rally is adept at both street and trail.

Honda’s already-broad range of small-displacement motorcycles expands for 2023, with a pair of approachable dual-sport bikes. As a pioneer in this category, Honda continues to lead the way in fun and efficient two-wheel transportation for a wide variety of customers.

Honda Announces Two Beginner-Friendly 2023 Dual-Sport Motorcycles—the XR150L (left) and CRF300LS (right)

Headlining today’s announcement is the XR150L, an all-new model for customers seeking an accessible, versatile and value-focused dual-sport motorcycle, ready for everything from urban transportation to weekend adventures on mixed terrain. In addition, Honda introduced a new, low-seat version of the CRF300L—the CRF300LS—making the industry’s most popular dual-sport platform an option for even more riders.

2023 Grasshopper Green Navi.

Rounding out the announcement is arguably the most approachable street-legal motorcycle, the Navi. In just its second year on the U.S. market, this affordable miniMOTO has garnered a huge following, establishing itself as the industry’s top-selling on-road motorcycle.

2023 HONDA XR150L

The 2023 XR150L is the lowest priced full-size dual-sport motorcycle.

Honda has proven to be adept at delivering motorcycling experiences to more and more people and that trend extends to the dual-sport category, with the approachable, value-focused XR150L, boasting potential for both short-run transportation and relaxed weekend off-road outings.

The under $3000 XR150L is perfect for urban riding. 

The XR150L does it all—while touting both the reputation for reliability established by the XR650L, and the industry’s lowest price for a full-size dual-sport motorcycle. The retail price on the 2023 Honda XR150L is $2971.

2023 HONDA CRF300L & CRF300LS

The 37.4-inch seat height CRF300L is available with or without ABS braking.

The CRF300L platform has long been the motorcycle industry’s top-selling dual-sport model, and for 2023, it’s an option for even more riders, thanks to a new version with a shorter seat height—the CRF300LS. The normal-seat-height CRF300L is offered in standard and ABS versions; all deliver unparalleled value and reliability, providing low-cost transportation and making the adventure of dual-sport riding amazingly accessible.

The Honda CRF300LS is a new model for 2023 and features a two-inch lower seat height.

The retail price on the 2023 Honda CRF300L is $5399 (the ABS equipped model adds $300), while the 2023 CRF300LS price is $5699.


The 2023 CRF300L Rally comes with added accessories to make it more adept  at both off-road, street and adventure riding.

The CRF300L Rally is based on the standard CRF300L, but with comfort-focused upgrades including hand guards, increased fuel capacity and a frame-mounted wind screen. A capable commuter and affordable entry to the Adventure Bike world, the CRF300L Rally evokes images of the Dakar while delivering practicality and value.

The 2023 CRF300L Rally can tackle off-road trail networks.

The retail price on the 2023 CRF300L Rally is $5399 (the ABS equipped model adds $300), while the 2023 CRF300LS price is $5699 (the ABS equipped model adds $300).


The Navi is Honda’s biggest selling street bike.

The Honda mini-moto Navi machines have been a huge hit with U.S. customers, taking over the number-one spot in on-road unit sales. The Navi is a mix of Honda’s Ruckus and Grom, offering the styling of a motorcycle and convenience of a scooter—including Honda’s V-Matic automatic transmission (just twist the throttle to go). With gas-sipping performance, long maintenance intervals and an MSRP of $1807, the Navi is available in red, grasshopper green, nut brown and ranger green.



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