How much does a real estate agent charge for selling your apartment?

The real estate market has been a traditionally opaque market, in which the real estate agencies took advantage of the ignorance of people about the real estate sector. However, since the real estate “boom” this has changed since people are more informed about the current situation in the sector.

Likewise, they negotiate purchase agreements more cautiously and trusting more in public bodies and less in market trends or in the word of the other party involved in the sale.

Consequently, real estate agencies have suffered from the loss of prestige caused by bad practices. This has made them plummet many of them and even many had to close their businesses after the outbreak of the real estate boom.

Even so, the real estate agencies continue to charge a fairly high commission for their services. These fees are charged by the real estate company in the concept of, among others:

  1. Valuation of the property according to your market estimates
  2. Advertise the floor
  3. Take charge of organizing the visits
  4. Negotiate the price of the sale
  5. Contract drafting
  6. Organization of meetings and/or signatures between the signing parties

Now, how much do real estate agencies charge for these services? Well, the normal thing is that there are big differences between the fees of the different real estate companies since it will depend on the prestige and recognition of each of them and the services included. Therefore, the real estate commission percentage is between 2% and 10%.

The percentage of the real estate commission usually lowers the higher the price. There are even real estate agencies that charge a fixed price for their services regardless of the price of the home, although this is usually not the usual since they only usually charge a fixed price when the price of the house is very low, in order to make sure a minimum income.

Given the discontent of the ordinary citizen who is forced to pay such amounts of money for real estate brokerage, new companies emerge that challenge traditional methods in order to adapt to that demand for a cheaper service adapted to the new times.

Who pays the real estate fees?

If you wonder who should pay the commission to the real estate … the buyer or the seller? It will be because you are immersed in a process of buying and selling a house. In that case, it should be clear that the real estate commission is paid by the buyer, either directly or indirectly.

In the first place, it would be normal for the advertised sale price to include the fees charged by the real estate agency and, in that case, the fees would be paid indirectly by the buyer. That is, the buyer pays a purchase price and does not pay directly to the real estate agent, however, in that purchase price the commission of the real estate is already planned.

Secondly, there is the option for the buyer to pay the sale price set by the seller and, in addition, pay the agency directly his fees. This, we repeat, is not usual, normal is what we have told you in the first case.

But you have to know the different ways of charging that a real estate company has because depending on the territory in which you find yourself, it will be customary to apply one or another payment formula.

Avoid the real estate to save your commission

If you have a contract with one or more real estate agents but you want to skip the real estate, it would be best if it were with the documentation that proves that the buyer has not provided the real estate with which you have the agreement, but is your own contact.

This way you would not infringe the current contract, because in case you do, they will report you and have a good chance of winning the trial.

Real estate that does not charge commission

As we mentioned before, the best option when selling or buying your apartment is to look for a real estate that does not charge commission, because you will save a lot of money in real estate fees.

In this way, companies that do not charge commissions are usually companies that do not act as a traditional real estate, but rather present you with an offer directly and immediately for your property, acting as a direct buyer.

Thus, you will not have to worry about knowing how much a real estate agent charges for selling your flat, nor will you fight with the other part of the sale to decide who pays the real estate fees and even the option of skipping to your mind will be erased from your mind. real estate. In addition, the sale of a floor can be a headache and the wait can be endless.

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