Jason Anderson (17) is the face of the factory Husqvarna team. He will be joined by another 450 rider as well as two 250 riders.


There’s big news from the racing world. Husqvarna, now owned by KTM CEO Stefan Pierer, is making a huge push to find relevance once again. They are making great strides in what has been a short period of time. Today Husqvarna shared their latest strategy–racing the 2015 Supercross and National series. Jon-Erik Burleson, President of KTM North America, shared the good news to journalists, as well as Husqvarna greats such as Chuck Sun, Brad Lackey and Mark Blackwell.


Who is on the factory Husqvarna team for 2015? Although the racing staff wasn’t too willing to spill the beans, we do know that there will be two 450 riders and two 250 riders. Jason Anderson rode in on a Husqvarna FC450. Anderson, this year’s 250 West Supercross Champ, will switch brands once the Nationals are over. His first race on the Husky will be the Swedish Supercross in October.


Although the details were minimal, we’ve deduced that Joey Savatgy will be on the team, though that cannot be confirmed at this time. We did hear that all four riders are already signed, though contract obligations don’t allow that information to be dispersed. Stay tuned…

Husqvarna Motorcycles North America, Inc.

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