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vit3The Husqvarna Vitpilen (White Arrow in Swedish) is inspired by the 1953 Silverpilen road bike. The frame and engine come straight a KTM Duke 390, but has redesigned cosmetics to make it retro cool —ala cafe racer style.

svart2The 401 Svartpilen (Black Arrow) is another 390 clone, but this time as a retro-looking scrambler. These are not production bikes, but rather design concepts.

duke390The engine is a 373cc single of KTM design. It puts out a reported 43 horsepower in street trim.

pilenggg2On the White Arrow the exhaust exits down through the swingarm and then back up on the right side of the bike.

hupilenHere is the shock and exhaust interface.

pilen3332Note the front and rear fork guards, the cross-hatch swingarm, LED headlight ring and minimal instruments.

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