GHjamestewartMulti-champion, James Stewart will miss the first round of the AMA Supercross series. But the good news is he will be back.

James posted the following on his Instagram account telling everyone that he is not done racing. He will be back in the stadium in due time and the Stewart brothers will be doing it on their own. We can’t wait to see them back on the track!

“It’s been 16 years since a Saturday night in January came and I wasn’t in a stadium doing what I love. But all I can say is it won’t last for long!!! Truly can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to returning doing it my way. After months of trying to make things happen, I realize that no matter what I would do, it wasn’t going to work. You keep doing the samething then it’s no one else fault besides your own, no matter who’s doing it to you. So we’re doing it on our own. To all that supported me… I’ll see you soon. To all that didn’t… I’ll see you soon. Wanna thank all my sponsors that are supporting me through this adventure. And most importantly, I wanna thank my fans for being ultra patient with me through all of this. Wasn’t until last week that I actually had a final plan to go at it this way. For those that tried to break me. Sorry… but you can’t get rid of me that easy. Not quite done yet.”–James Stewart

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