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stewartA1_SXjakeklingensmithJames Stewart to take time off.

In what is the best possible decision for a rider suffering from post-concussion syndrome (even though he passed the AMA concussion test), James Stewart said, “I shouldn’t have been there in the first place. I was there because I’m not a quitter and I keep trying to be Superman for no reason. So, at this point, I’m gonna listen to my body and come back when I’m ready to race. It could be this weekend or a month from now, but I’m gonna do what’s best for me and not what’s best for the rest.”

This decision makes sense given what happened last Saturday in Oakland when James began to suffer from “blurry vision” in the middle of the 450 main event. It got so bad that he pulled off the track. James may be embarrassed by having to quit the race, but no rider suffering from the effects of post-concussion syndrome should ever regret pulling off the track when he runs the risk of endangering himself or his fellow competitors. James made the right decision on Saturday night—and he is making the right decision to take time off to heal.

Photo: Jake Klingensmith


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