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“I guess I’ll have to be satisfied to be the greatest Supercross rider that ever lived,” said Jeremy McGrath back in 1999 when criticized for his failure to make much of a dent in the outdoor Nationals. It’s obvious that the criticism hurt Jeremy’s feelings, but he can’t deny that the criticism was somewhat justified. In the process of winning seven AMA Supercross Championships, racking up 72 indoor victories and 87 combined indoor and outdoor wins, Jeremy has earned only one 250 National Championship.


Because he failed to apply himself in the sunlight, Jeremy McGrath will not go down in the history books as the greatest motocross racer who ever lived, that honor is reserved for Ricky Carmichael, Bob Hannah or Roger DeCoster, but the point is moot. Supercross is what Jeremy applied his talents to, and Supercross is what he was the undeniable master of. Jeremy is, without a doubt, the man with the golden wrist.

The MXA wrecking crew looks back at the Supercross career of a man who couldn’t be beaten indoors.

As a kid Jeremy had lots of success in BMX.
Jeremy McGrath 1989
Jeremy McGrath in his rookie year in 1989 on a Honda CR125. He finished 8th overall in the West 125 Supercross championship.
Jeremy McGrath 1989
Jeremy McGrath (125), Jeff Emig (36), Ty Davis (26), Jimmy Button (59), Mike Craig (43) and Greg Zitterkopf (66) in 1990.
Jeremy McGrath 1990
A black and white shot of Jeremy back in 1990. 
Jeremy McGrath 1990
Jeremy in 1990 racing a Kawasaki KX125. He trails Jimmy Button who is on a Honda CR125. Jeremy placed second in the West Coast 125 series that year.
Jeremy McGrath 1990 kx250 TEST RIDER
Jeremy was an MXA test rider before making the big time. Here he is riding MXA’s 1990 KX250.
Jeremy mcgrath Cover
The shot above made the cover of the March 1990 issue of MXA. 
Jeremy McGrath TEST RIDER
Another action shot of Jeremy on the 1990 KX250.
Jeremy testing MXA’s 1991 Yamaha YZ250.
Jeremy McGrath 1991
Jeremy joined the new Peak Honda Pro Circuit team in 1991. He went on to win the 125 West Coast Supercross Championship that year.   
18 in Jeff Emig, 125 is Jeremy McGrath. 33 is Erik Kehoe and 42 is Brian Swink.
A shot from 1991 with Jeff Emig (18), Jeremy McGrath (125), Erik Kehoe (33) and Brian Swink (42).JEREMY MCGRATH 1993Jeremy again on the number 15 Honda.
Jeremy raced a CR125 in outdoors in 1993.
Here he chases his teammate Doug Henry.
Jeremy McGrath 1994
Jeremy in 1994 with the number 1 plate on his factory Honda CR250. 
Jeremy in 1995 at the Paris Supercross.
Steve Lamson (4) Jeremy McGrath Ryan Hughes 1996
Steve Lamson (4) Jeremy McGrath and Ryan Hughes in 1996 at the Paris Supercross.
Jeremy McGrath 1997
In 1997 Jeremy went to factory Suzuki. He placed second in the Supercross series to Jeff Emig.
In 1998 Jeremy switched to Yamaha riding for the Chaparral team with Jimmy Button. Pictured is Jeremy in 1999. Jeremy was number 2 in 1998. 
Jeremy won 28 races for Yamaha on the YZ250 from 1998 to 2001. 
Ricky Carmichael Jeremy McGrath
Jeremy and Ricky Carmichael had some great battles. 
Jeremy McGrath 1999 YZ250
Jeremy ready for aNother night of racing in 1999.


2001 Anaheim podium Carmichael McGrath Lusk
Jeremy on the top step on the podium with Ezra Lusk and Ricky Carmichael in 2001.
Jeremy and his teammate at the time, David Vuillemin.
Jeremy in 2003 when he got the title sponsor to be Bud Light.
Jeremy McGrath 2003
In 2003 Jeremy made the switch to KTM. He dislocated his hip before racing any AMA races. It was a short-lived venture and Jeremy retired from racing for the first time. We think it was to get out of his KTM contract. 
Jeremy McGrath 2003 KTM 250SX
Another rare shot of Jeremy his KTM 250SX.
Jeremy sure had style.
Jeremy McGrath 2005
Jeremy on his factory Honda CR250. He fully retired from racing in 2006. 
2023 KAWASAKI KX450 Jeremy McGrath
Jeremy is still spinning laps in today. He left his brand ambassador deal at Honda to become the brand ambassador for Kawasaki. Here he is riding the 2023 Kawasaki KX450


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