Jody is one of the true pioneers of American motocross—if it happened in the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, or 2000s, Jody was there. Originally a road racer back in the 1960s, he began his motocross racing career by switching to motocross racing when the sport started in America in 1968 because it enabled him to race on a weekly basis. There were not enough road races to satisfy his racing needs! He was able to transfer is racing talent from motocross racer to test rider in the early 1970s—although he continued to race almost every weekend for the last 50 years. By conservative estimate, he has raced over 2000 motocross events. Using his skills as a writer and rider, he quickly became one of the original “test riders” in the new sport of motocross.

Jody is the motorcycle magazine editor with the longest active tenure in the motorcycle publishing business (at 44 years). Additionally, he has designed world class tracks for Saddleback, Perris, Glen Helen, the USGP and AMA Nationals. He still serves as the track designer for Glen Helen Raceway for the AMA National, World Vet and World Two-Stroke Championship; is a moto consultant for many industry entities; and has been a mentor to countless motocross racers over the years.

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