Not your typical motocross video, this film was made by Jody Weisel as a special feature for the “Monsters Of Motocross” gala back in November, 2008. It was shown to an audience of 800 hardcore motocross fans and an elite list of motocross greats, including Brad Lackey, Tony DiStefano, Bob Hannah, Marty Smith, Tommy Croft, Gary Jones, DeWayne Jones, Ron Lechien, Danny LaPorte, Rex Staten, Chuck Sun, David Bailey and many others. Even though Motocross Immortals is 12 years old, it still tugs at the heart strings of every motocross racer. Sadly, because of when it was made, it misses many of the sport’s heroes who have passed away since, but they are still remembered as friends, competitors and heroes. The film was such a hit that people asked if the one-time gala film could be put up on the internet for more than just 800 people to see.

In the intro to the film there is a veritable potpourri of motocross heroes, many still living. Watch and see if you can spot Marty Tripes, David Bailey as a little kid on a bicycle, Joel Robert riding shotgun on a minibike, Don Jones wheelie up a hill on a Triumph (and seconds later a young Gary and Dewayne), Edison Dye, Torsten Hallman on the podium with Preston Petty, Jimmy Weinert putting on a plaid shirt, Malcolm Smith, Bob Hannah as a DG privateer and Danny Laporte sitting on the tank of his dad’s Hodaka.

Jody Weisel said, “When I set out of make Motocross Immortals, I wanted to pay tribute to the people that I grew up watching, racing with and admiring. Motocross Immortals was my way of saying thank you to people who I felt deserved to be remembered — not just by those of us who knew them, but by the generations that followed in their footsteps. It is commonplace to say that we owe the earlier generations a debt of gratitude for the contributions they made to the sport—but it is true. I am sad to say that since I made this film with Todd Huffman back in 2008, we have lost even more of our friends. This film is dedicated to everyone who has ever raced a motocross bike, and with special love to those who have passed since it’s making.


If you missed the Monster of Motocross gala (which you probably did, since it was in 2008), you can still see it here in a full-length DVD. You don’t want to miss Bob Hannah’s hilarious parody film. It retails for $9.95 by clicking here

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