Photos by Jon Ortner

The Mammoth Mountain Motocross is broken into three different segments. The first segment is the Vet week. Started decades ago as a separate Old Timer’s National, the Vet classes were absorbed into the Mammoth schedule and given its own high-profile week. This is Willy Simons flying through the mountain air on the way to third in the Over-50 Pro class.

Steve Lawler is stoked with his fourth place finish in the Over-50 class.

Either Eddie Davis is in tenth or his wife is drying her finger nail polish.

The Simons clan has been racing forever.

Mark Trubucco and Mason Drammer were at the Mountain. Mark raced the Vet races and Mason will be in the mini events.

Johnny Campbell and his two sons. Ooops! We stand corrected, that is Johnny Campbell and his son Preston…with Vet Pro winner Timmy Weigand.

John Caper plots, plans and lives for this race for 51 weeks out of the year. The Caper girls? Not so much.

Doug Dubach and Billy Mercier discuss world politics on the starting line. Doug dominated the older classes until he crashed and broke more ribs that we though a human body had. Mercier would win the 40 Pro class…his first Mammoth win since taking the 500 Pro class 21 years ago.

LightSpeed owner Willy Amaradio tests the ductile strength of carbon fiber at 7000 feet of elevation. He asked us to say that so that he could write his week in Mammoth off as a business expense.

The Joe Sutter fan club.

Troy Lee tries to explain to Doug Dubach the best approach to getting off the gate, but he had no explanation for his pants.

The Jimmy O’Neal family.

Famous museum owner, White Brother, AMA dirt tracker, 1990 Over-40 World Vet Champion and announcer Tom White interviews Doug Dubach after one of his three moto wins (unfortunatey Doug crashed out of moto four).

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