The infamous Muddy Straight is now the Muddy Sweeper.

With the Hangtown National looming, Glen Helen’s pre-National warm-up race was a chance for AMA Pros to test their suspension, handling, power and fitness on a fully prepped National track (albeit one that they won’t see again until September).

Andrew McFarlane, Bradon Jones and Les Soito in the Canyon.

ÿÿÿÿJosh Grant missed practice and showed up with a CRF450 instead of this Sobe/Samsung CRF250, but it didn’t matter. Without practice and not even knowing that the massive triple layer step-up could be jumped, Josh won both 450 motos with ease. In fact, Josh never jumped the triple step-up and, even though it cost about a second a lap, ÿhe pulled away to win the first moto by 20 seconds and the second moto by ten seconds. For his efforts Josh pocketed $7000 (about triple what he could win at the Hangtown AMA National).

This is a really, really big step-down!

ÿÿÿÿIn the 250F class virtually every rider jumped to the second level of the triple step-up and, in practice, two riders, Sean Hackley from Texas and Nathan Ramsey from Team KTM, decided that they could make the 120-foot uphill leap to the top of the REM pits. They both made it to the top, but Hackley broke the spokes out of his rear wheel and Ramsey cased the lip and broke the spokes out of his front wheel. Ramsey’s “Flying W” looked horrendous, but he got up and rode away with a wobbly front wheel. He elected not to race.

ÿÿThe WMA Women’s class with Mt. Whitney in the background.

ÿÿJason Lawrence showed phenomenal speed in the first 250F moto, marching past Matt Goerke, Sean Hackley, Brett Metcalfe, Andrew McFarlane and Troy Adams to take the win. Unfortunately, Lawrence hurt his heel in the process of winning and didn’t ride the second moto.

Troy Adams (323) and Matt Goerke (53) both got to lead the 250F class.

ÿÿÿÿMartin Davalos won the second moto over Brett Metcalfe, but Metcalfe got the overall win for Yamaha of Troy. McFarlane would have taken second overall, but he pulled out of the second moto near the end while running third.

ÿÿThe rider in the foreground isn’t stepping up, while the rider in the background is stepping down.

ÿÿThe most impressive 250F riders on the day were Martin Davalos of the Lucas Oil/Star racing team, Brett Metcalfe of YoT, Jason Lawrence of Rockstar, Troy Adams (who got second overall) of Monster/Pro Circuit and Sean Collier of Lucas Oil/Star Racing.

ÿÿÿÿThe best 450 riders were Josh Grant, Antonio Balbi, Darcy Lange, Colton Fasciotti, Daniel Sani and Joe Oehlof.

ÿÿÿÿHaving incredibly bad days were Sean Hamblin, who’s RM-Z450 blew up in both motos, and Heath Voss, who fell several times and started each 450 race in last place.

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