Justin Cooper (32) raced five 450 Supercross races in 2023 (Houston, Tampa, Oakland, Arlington and Daytona) and made the top ten in all five with a high of 6th at Daytona, but Star wanted him to focus on the 250 class.

After six years in the 250 class for Star Yamaha, Justin Cooper will return for a seventh season, but now in the 450 class. This move by Star would appear to seal the fate of Dylan Ferrandis, who will have to find a new team, return to France or retire.

Justin Cooper said, “I’m super excited to sign the 450 deal with Monster Energy Yamaha Star Racing. We’ve had an awesome six years together on the 250 class, and I think that success should transition quite nicely to the 450 class. I’m also super excited to start this next chapter of my career. It’s really nice to know that we have a team behind us that knows me and what I like on the bike to make that transition easier and carry over the success we’ve built on the 250 over to the 450 class. I feel like I’m in a good spot going into this next season. To be able to make my full-time 450 debut with a crew that I’m comfortable with and that I trust — It’s just a welcome feeling. There’s nothing really to worry about, like a big transition stage and having to move or anything like that. I’m really looking forward to it.”

Yamaha Star Racing Team ManagerJeremy Coker said, “We’re pleased to announce Justin’s addition to the 450 team. Having him with us full-time in the premier class is truly exciting. You can feel his real potential when he’s on a 450, and I honestly think we’re about to see some amazing things from him in the near future.”



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