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The abbreviated “pilot season” of the FIM World Supercross Championship is set to conclude at Marvel Stadium in Melbourne, Australia, on October 22nd. One unique aspect about this weekend’s race is that there is two separate races going back-to-back in the same stadium on the same track this weekend. The Friday night race has already been concluded and it was the first Round of the domestic 2022 Australian Supercross series, while the upcoming Saturday night event is saved for the second and final FIM World Supercross race.

Justin Brayton won Friday night’s 450 class with Aaron Tanti second and Dean Wilson third. In the 250 class it was Max Anstie who won with Cole Thompson finishing second and Nathan Crawford finishing third.

The inaugural season of the new SX Global series was originally slated to be a three-race series, but the third round in Indonesia never panned out. Round one happened two weeks ago in Cardiff, Wales, and there we saw Eli Tomac take the win over Ken Roczen and Vince Friese in the WSX (450) class and Shane McElrath took the win over Chris Blose and Mitchell Oldenburg in the SX2 (250) class.

The WSX Class Championship is headlined by a battle between Ken Roczen and Vince Friese. Since the current points leader, Eli Tomac, isn’t showing up to the Australian GP, both Ken and Vince are in prime position to take home the title of FIM World Champion with just three points separating the two riders.

Ken Roczen Vince Friese 2022 FIM World Supercross WSX Melbourne AustraliaKen Roczen and Vince Friese are separated by three points going into the WSX race in Australia. 

Within striking distance of the WSX Championship is is Honda’s Justin Brayton, just eight points off the lead, and American CDR Yamaha rider Josh Hill – who has won rounds of the Australian Supercross Championship in the past – sitting 17 points out heading into Melbourne.

The Melbourne event had looked to be a dramatic homecoming for Chad Reed after coming out of retirement at the age of 40 for this year’s pilot season. Unfortunately for Reed, the British Grand Prix proved catastrophic when a fuel pump failure on his MDK Motorsport KTM threw him off-track during his heat race, resulting in a dislocated shoulder, broken hand, and broken ribs. Having already returned to Australia, Reed underwent surgery this week and is expected to make a full recovery.

In addition to Reed, MDK Motorsports rider Josh Grant was injured in Cardiff and will also be out for the final round in Melbourne. As a result of the two injuries, Australian replacement riders Joel Wightman and Jackson Richardson will race for MDK Motorsports in Melbourne.

Although Australian legend Chad Reed is out of action for this weekend’s event, fellow countryman and Aaron Tanti has a chance to make history. The Craig Dack Racing rider and local favorite comes into Melbourne just eight points behind SX2 points leader, Shane McElrath, riding for Rick Ware Racing.  Tanti’s local storyline aside, the SX2 Championship battle will be intense with Americans Chris Blose and Mitchell Oldenberg only one and two points back of McElrath respectively.

The FIM World Supercross Championship pits 10 licensed teams from Australia, America, Italy, and France against each other, including NASCAR and IndyCar team owner, Rick Ware and two Australian teams – Honda Genuine and Craig Dack Racing. Each team fields two riders in both the WSX and SX2 classes.

Joining the 40 licensed team riders are two local wildcards in each category, with Melbourne’s WSX additions being led by South Australian KTM veteran, Brett Metcalfe. The multiple-time Australian Champion will compete against the best in the world from America, Germany, France, Italy, and Sweden. Joining him as a Melbourne wildcard is 26-year-old Aussie young gun, Kyle Webster. The SX2 Australian Grand Prix wildcards, Rhys Budd and Nathan Crawford, are a duo that has been at the top of their game in Australian motocross and Supercross competition.


Catch the racing live on Fox Sports 1 at 9:00 AM (Eastern)/6:00 AM (Pacific). Or watch the replay 24-hours later by paying $6.99 for the WSX TV streaming service.


Vince Friese_2022 FIM World Supercross Cardiff WSX

WSX (450) Free Practice #2

Pos. Num. Rider Bike Time
1 #17 Joey Savatgy Kawasaki KXF 46.577
2 #94 Ken Roczen Honda CRF +0.454
3 #85 Cedric Soubeyras Kawasaki KXF +1.480
4 #75 Josh Hill Yamaha YZF +2.161
5 #19 Vince Friese Honda CRF +2.216
6 #78 Cade Clason Yamaha YZF +2.321
7 #26 Thomas Ramette Yamaha YZF +2.528
8 #61 Freddie Noren Suzuki RMZ +2.961
9 #14 Ryan Breece Yamaha YZF +3.331
10 #137 Adrien Escoffier Kawasaki KXF +3.351
11 #911 Jordi Tixier Honda CRF +3.435
12 #65 Grant Harlan Yamaha YZF +3.480
13 #945 Anthony Bourdon Yamaha YZF +4.078
14 #941 Angelo Pellegrini Honda CRF +4.090
15 #140 Alex Ray Suzuki RMZ +5.110


WSX (450) Free Practice #1

Pos. Num. Rider Bike Time
1 #17 Joey Savatgy Kawasaki KXF 47.954
2 #19 Vince Friese Honda CRF +0.759
3 #94 Ken Roczen Honda CRF +1.209
4 #85 Cedric Soubeyras Kawasaki KXF +1.488
5 #75 Josh Hill Yamaha YZF +1.895
6 #78 Cade Clason Yamaha YZF +2.027
7 #26 Thomas Ramette Yamaha YZF +2.140
8 #137 Adrien Escoffier Kawasaki KXF +2.457
9 #945 Anthony Bourdon Yamaha YZF +2.579
10 #14 Ryan Breece Yamaha YZF +2.755
11 #61 Freddie Noren Suzuki RMZ +2.837
12 #65 Grant Harlan Yamaha YZF +3.415
13 #911 Jordi Tixier Honda CRF +4.124
14 #140 Alex Ray Suzuki RMZ +4.760
15 #941 Angelo Pellegrini Honda CRF +6.022


Justin Bogle_2022 FIM World Supercross Cardiff WSX

SX2 (250) Free Practice #2

Pos. Num. Rider Bike Time
1 #891 Justin Bogle KTM SXF 48.414
2 #200 Cole Seely Honda CRF +0.035
3 #910 Carson Brown Yamaha YZF +0.323
4 #12 Shane McElrath Yamaha YZF +0.419
5 #48 Mitch Oldenburg Honda CRF +0.715
6 #11 Kyle Chisholm Yamaha YZF +0.830
7 #66 Chris Blose Kawasaki KXF +0.831
8 #715 Phil Nicoletti Yamaha YZF +0.908
9 #141 Maxime Desprey Yamaha YZF +1.128
10 #773 Thomas Do Honda CRF +1.339
11 #401 Jace Owen Yamaha YZF +1.456
12 #45 Henry Miller Yamaha YZF +1.617
13 #40 Dilan Schwartz Suzuki RMZ +1.792
14 #41 Derek Kelley Suzuki RMZ +2.384
15 #384 Lorenzo Camporese Honda CRF +3.855



SX2 (250) Free Practice #2

Pos. Num. Rider Bike Time
1 #48 Mitch Oldenburg Honda CRF 48.176
2 #200 Cole Seely Honda CRF +0.199
3 #891 Justin Bogle KTM SXF +0.628
4 #12 Shane McElrath Yamaha YZF +0.793
5 #910 Carson Brown Yamaha YZF +1.253
6 #141 Maxime Desprey Yamaha YZF +1.376
7 #401 Jace Owen Yamaha YZF +1.398
8 #715 Phil Nicoletti Yamaha YZF +1.831
9 #79 Derek Drake KTM SXF +1.996
10 #11 Kyle Chisholm Yamaha YZF +2.075
11 #773 Thomas Do Honda CRF +2.100
12 #45 Henry Miller Yamaha YZF +2.228
13 #40 Dilan Schwartz Suzuki RMZ +2.437
14 #41 Derek Kelley Suzuki RMZ +3.792
15 #66 Chris Blose Kawasaki KXF +3.832
16 #384 Lorenzo Camporese Honda CRF +5.147


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