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ditdfireworkOriginally started at a Hollywood and stuntman race, the “Day in the Dirt” has expanded into more of a party atmosphere than a race. The races go off like clockwork, but most people are too busy hanging with their cliques in the pits. When the sun goes down the revelers come out.

ditdseancollierSean Collier (207) is “Mr. Day in the Dirt.” The Thanksgiving weekend event is sponsored by FastHouse, which accounts for the abnormal number of riders wearing their SoCal-centric gear.

ditdwillysimonsWilly Simons, Jr. is a second generation racer. His father was an Indian Dunes hero —and “Day in the Dirt” promoter Kenny Alexander’s dad ran Indian Dunes.

didtwillysWilly Jr. and Will Sr. Nice numbers Junior.

ditdredflagcrashYou may know the “Day in the Dirt” by its local nickname — “Day to get Hurt.” This crash occurred when coming out of the Talladega first turn going in the opposite direction. It brought out a red flag.

ditdjeffemigJeff Emig (47) has a long history with Husqvarna, going back almost four months, which is why he is the perfect Husqvarna Ambassador. The more logical Kawasaki Ambasadorship had been handed out to Jeremy McGrath, the Honda one to Andrew Short and the Yamaha one to Doug Henry. Either way, after the “Day in the Dirt,”  Jeff can say that he once raced a Husky.

ditdrainIt never rains is Southern California, until you don’t want it to. Glen Helen is awesome after a rain, or with a little bit of rain or if you are in your motorhome when its starts pouring. However, if there is a deluge, you are better off being like the guy in the lower right – who pulled off to the side of the track and watched. He probably didn’t need the hydro-pack on his back.

ditdmudRain prep in SoCal consists of a sheet of plastic and no goggles. “Day in the Dirt” charges for transponders, which is like being charged for a pencil back in 2001, but this guy took no chances and added an extra “1” to his now four-digit number.

ditdonwheelsNobody has as much fun as the guys on rigid Harleys. It’s really cool to see them let go of the bars to grab the next gear. Who needs a front brake anyway?

ditfmaxleeTroy Lee’s son, Max, has been doing “Day in the Dirt” since he was a little kid.His dad owns a gear company and runs KTM’s 250cc factory effort.

ditdyogaThere are times when your bike feels that you are holding it back from achieving its full potential—and just goes on without you.


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