_DSC9624Justin Muscutt jumps a TM.

By Kyoshi Becker

This week, managing editor Daryl Ecklund decided to go to escape his sleepless nights for a whole week. First he (and Stapleton) went up to Zaca Station for the 2017 Kawasaki KX250F release and then flew out to visit John Basher on the east coast for a few days. Back at Glen Helen, we were up to the usual testing and photo shoots to get ready for the next issue. I went out with Stapleton and Justin Muscutt, and we cranked away some photos. Stapo was riding the all-new 2017 KTM 450SXF, and Justin was on the 2017 TM 250MX-FI. Atop the hill Jody went on with testing various setups with the KTM crew. While Jon Ortner was the riding guinea pig, having factory KTM tune your bike isn’t that bad of a position to find yourself in. Ortner finally found a setup that worked and was pretty happy. The little changes to the mapping, along with a new pipe and fine-tuned suspension, made a huge difference in the long run. See the story in the pictures.

_DSC9160_Jody Water TruckJody checked the Glen Helen water truck to see if he could hot wire it.

_DSC0012Justin Muscutt got sand in his undies.

_DSC0044_Dennis StapletonDennis Stapleton doing a bit of scrubbing on MXA’s 2017 KTM 450SXF.

_DSC9163The 2017 KTM 250SX’s stock pipe was nestled in the pick-up truck bed with a couple spare KTM rear fenders.

_DSC9165What would get us to remove the stock pipe? This, of course.

_DSC9190Jody meets Lucas Oil Pro 2 truck racer Myan Spaccarelli. He was testing on the big offroad truck track on Thursday and rode up to the upper pits to hang out with the MXA guys between test sessions.

_DSC9209_Shane McElrathShane McElrath was running a 1:51.7 lap time. Can he podium again next week at Southwick?

_DSC9244_Mitch OldenburgMitch Oldenburg was back out to practice.

_DSC9249_Shane McElrathShane hitting the corners at high speed.

_DSC9252_Justin HIllJustin Hill made an appearance at Glen Helen. He should be back on the circuit soon.

_DSC9595Zach Osborne made the National podium once again. He only spun a few laps Thursday before getting ready to fly back East.

_DSC9830Another secret sand spot at Glen Helen and a 2017 TM 250MX-FI.

_DSC9270 Justin and StapletonDennis Stapleton always has pointers for young test riders. We are guessing that Dennis is telling Justin Muscutt to “just go for it!”

_DSC9436Justin obviously took Dennis’ advice. No MXA bike test photo shoot is complete without a get-off.

_DSC0352Davi Millsaps took a big tumble over the Log Cabin jump when he hit a slick spot on the landing. The MXA “medical crew” was there to help. Dennis Stapleton (wearing his helmet liner as a hat), Daryl Ecklund and Jon Ortner aren’t doctors, nor did they stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. Davi was okay and left the track with trainer Tyla Rattray.

_DSC8930Jason McCune of Inside Line Connect gives Daryl a taste of the latest Shot gear right before the 2017 Kawasaki KX250F release.



_DSC1403 TalledegaThe man on his mountain. Jody (34), who turned Glen Helen from a tame flat land track into a mega mountain track, leads his class on Saturday.

REM is back on the big track. Unlike the one before the National, this track was tamed down a bit. The riders weren’t forced to make it up all the way to the top of Mount St. Helens, nor did they have to traverse the canyon. There wasn’t much of a breeze and it was warmer than predicted. One bonus of riding on this track was the amount of times the track crew ripped the start. Even with the large amount of flaggers accidents still happened, but everybody left with all of their limbs in tact. The MXA crew left pretty happy taking several wins in various classes. One rider that was a blast to watch was 85cc star Jett Reynolds. While I was unable to get his lap times during the race, I am curious how he stacked up to the Pro class. The current crop of 65 and 85 riders are the next dominant pros, and Jett is near the top.

Some of the most fun classes to watch were the older crowd. In the Over-50 Elite class, a three-way battle ensued between multi-time World Vet Champion Doug Dubach, Jon Ortner and two-time World Vet Champion Pete Murray. Unfortunately, a crash in the first moto by Dubach allowed the two to get by and Jon Ortner would go on to win. Ortner made sure that everybody who was within a mile of Glen Helen knew that he beat the Doctor—largely because he had been beaten so many times in the past by Doug. While tamed down, this track still bites and I’m sure everybody will be happy to return to the REM track next week.

_DSC0420_Kyoshi_Dan AlamangosDan Alamangos on MXA’s 2017 Husky TC250 attacking the chicane near the finish. 

_DSC0635Jett Reynolds killed it at REM. Is he the next Ryan Villopoto?

_DSC0951_Kyoshi_Jon OrtnerThis is the face of a man who beat Doug Dubach in a Vet race. This is Jon Ortner.

_DSC1161Terry Cook ran into trouble when he slid out on the top of Shoei Hill.

_DSC0478TM importer Ralf Schmidt rode his TM 300MX to victory in the Over-40 Intermediate class.

_DSC0686With MXA’s Randel Fout still recovering from a broken leg, his son Josh got to race Jody’s personal KTM 450SXF. Poor Jody had to race a 2017 KTM 450SXF instead.

_DSC0804Pro rider Bradley Lionnet qualified for every 250 West Supercross event after Phoenix this year (excluding Las Vegas).

_DSC0805Roost for days—courtesy of Matthew Malan.

_DSC0911Gage Schehr won the 250 Intermediates at REM.

_DSC1038 Jeff ScottThis was unfortunate because Jeff Scott had all seven of the riders in front of him lined up for the perfect pass.

_DSC1361_Kyoshi_Carter DubachCarter Dubach would take a tumble in the 85 Intermediates.

_DSC1389_Kyoshi_Jody WeiselJody has not missed a REM race in over two years (the ones he missed two years ago were because he tried to race with pneumonia).


LMP_9467_Brian-Converse_Justin-Bogle_High-PointJustin Bogle at Muddy Creek Photo: Brian Converse

With the focus on quite a few other riders in the 450 class, many haven’t paid a lot of attention to rookie Justin Bogle. Last year Bogle was unable to complete the Nationals after a crash that pinned him under his bike involving Troy Lee Designs rider Jessy Nelson at Glen Helen. He injured his shoulder and bruised a kidney and lung. His troubles didn’t stop there, as he injured his foot in the offseason. When he came to the Supercross season, it took a little time for him to adjust to the bike. While he suffered a wrist injury in the beginning of the season, he was able to finish the Supercross season 11th in points. The 2016 National season is halfway over and Bogle’s numbers are all over the place. The good news is he typically is within a few positions above or below tenth place, so he has a good foundation to build on. Time will tell if the Oklahoma native can break the top five by the time the season is over.

Bogle was on a 250 last year)
Starts: 2
Overall Podiums: 0
Moto Podiums: 0
Overall Wins: 0
Overall Win Percentage: 0%
Overall Podium Percentage: 60%
Overall Consecutive Podiums: 0
Overall Points Earned: 13

Starts: 6
AMA Series points: 118 (He is ninth in points)
Season Best: Seventh overall at High Point


20160703144036_RedBudRacesKen Roczen…need I say more? The Jimmy John’s Suzuki rider is on fire! Photo: Scott Mallonee

AMA Nationals 450 Class: Ken Roczen.
AMA Nationals 250 Class: Cooper Webb.
MXGP 450 Grand Prix: No race until July 24th in the Czech Republic.
MX2 250 Grand Prix: No race until July 24th in the Czech Republic.
Australian National 450: Dean Ferris.
Australian National 250: Caleb Ward.
Canadian 450 National: No race until July 9th.
Canadian 250 National: No race until July 9th.
Maxxis British 450 National: Tommy Searle.
Maxxis British 250 National: Adam Sterry.


20160702160222_RedBudRaces-2No, you can’t have Cooper Webb’s red plate. It’s his!


  • Cooper Webb takes the points lead from Joey Savatgy at 243 points over Savatgy’s 232.
  • Like last week, Joey Savatgy placed well in the first moto but crashed twice in the second moto. This is the first time he has not made the podium since Glen Helen.
  • Cooper Webb showed up to the press conference. He got into a spat with some of the promoters last week for skipping the post-race ritual.
  • Zach Osborne and Alex Martin are both back on the podium. Alex’s brother Jeremy Martin has yet to win a race in the 250 class this season despite being the defending champion.
  • Six races in and Ken Roczen has won every race in the 450 class excluding Glen Helen (which he would have won had it not been for a mechanical failure).
  • Ken Roczen’s teammate Broc Tickle took third overall for the second week in a row.


Pro-CircuitPro Circuit is not lacking on mods for your bike. From their famous pipes to plastics, pegs and seats, they have all sorts of stuff to make your bike “like” a works bike.


_DSC0780 Carson MumfordCarson Mumford racing REM.

With Tristan Charboneau now in the Pro ranks, the Geico Honda hatchery is getting empty. Luckily, they had a rider to step in and fill the spot. Carson Mumford has been with the Geico Honda team for a year now and is still adjusting to four-strokes (as his domain is in the smokers) and consistently places in the top five at the events he attends. Should we even call an amateur with a six-year contract to a factory team an amateur?


  f0bd10c0-459b-4bf9-bc9e-28a70a54dd00Over two stops difference? I’d say so!

Motocross is rough on camera gear. While it isn’t noticeable out on the field, you start to see the flaws of your gear in a controlled studio setting. After wondering why my exposures wouldn’t match Daryl Ecklund’s or John Kerr’s cameras, I decided to test the lens against another one of my lenses with the same settings. It was quite a difference. Of course, if you only compare two lenses you may not know what one is off so I also compared that lens with another lens at the same focal length and found the results to match. My conclusion is that the 70-200mm needs to go in for repair.

559aaea0-7b29-403f-bae9-5952e799891aHere’s a much similar comparison. The only difference is in the contrast on the 35-70mm. The lack of contrast is the result of too much dust inside the lens.


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