The first annual Camp Makeup 2 Mud was held at the awesome Cycle Ranch facility in Floresville, Texas. 

Photos & Story by Travis Fant

Motocross Action was fortunate enough to be invited out to Cycle Ranch MX in Floresville, Texas over the weekend to take part in the 1st Annual Makeup 2 Mud Camp. This is an initiative by Toyota and Feld Motorsports to spark new interest into the sport and help beginners advance their skills. This was a completely free event that included camping, live entertainment, catered food and training courses by athletes like Weston Peick, Jordan Jarvis and Vann Martin. If for some reason you came to the camp empty handed, Yamaha provided bikes to take out and ride from their TTR line up, FX line up and YZ lineup.

The Cycle Ranch track is prime riding for all skill levels. 

Both days were filled with activities and classes for everyone to participate in. Cycle Ranch opened up all their tracks to the event so all skill levels had a comfortable place to ride. Toyota also broughtout some of their vehicles to test drive. At any point you wanted a break there was water, games, water slides and shaded areas to kick your feet up.

Yamaha brought line-ups of bikes for people to ride. 

The day started out with a riders meeting and breakfast for the campers. Riders had a choice of taking classes like “how to jump” with Weston Peick or “holeshot techniques” with Jordan Jarvis. Beginners and first time riders had their own dedicated area to learn how to start the motorcycle and get going. All tracks were open to riding throughout the day for anyone that wanted to hone in on their skills. Lunch was served at noon with a one-on-one speaking group of trainers to talk about the event. Following lunch were more classes, open practice, Toyota test drives and games. As the sun set over Cycle Ranch and the riding portion came to an end, campers enjoyed a hot meal while listening to live entertainment in the paddock.

Weston Peick Weston Peick was one of the teachers at the event to teach new and experienced riders. 

We had an absolute blast at the 1st annual Makeup 2 Mud Camp. The team at Supercross and Toyota are investing their efforts into rejuvenating the sport of motocross by providing newcomers and beginners to have a home where they can learn the proper skills to become safer riders. This event was over a year in the making and all came together great. Families from all around the country made the trip out. You can judge an experience by the looks on peoples face as they pass by. We did not see one unhappy camper the entire weekend. Cycle Ranch MX is a must ride for anyone in the San Antonio area and we even got to spin some laps ourselves thanks to Yamaha. The staff worked over time to provide campers with a fun filled experience with one on one training sessions, games and entertainment. We spoke briefly with Todd Jendro (Vice President of Operations Feld Motorsports) and Sean Brennen (Public Relations Manager Feld Motorsports). They both teased that this is only the beginning and talks of expansion are already underway. We can’t wait to see what is next and the possibility of multiple locations coming soon. If you missed the one in Texas, keep an eye out because there might be one coming to a city near you. A huge thank you to Feld Motorsports for having us out to ride, learn and be apart of this special event.


It was awesome watching young kids learning and loving how to ride. 

These kids are the future of the sport.

There were nothing but smiles. 

Weston Peick Weston was ripping up the Texas dirt. 

Cycle Ranch is a top level facility. 

Toyota was a hurt part in this endeavor to introduce new riders to the sport of motocross. 

The Cycle Ranch bike wash area. 

Perfect dirt. 

We are looking forward to the 2nd annual Makeup 2 Mud camp already. 

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