Ken Roczen 2019 Seattle Supercross PRACTICE-3507

Rider: Ken Roczen
Bike: 2019 factory Honda CRF450
Location: Seattle, Washington, Supercross
Photographer: Daryl Ecklund
Lens: 300mm
F Stop: 5.6
ISO: 1250
Shutter speed: 1/1600


1999 SUZUKI RM250

Hello MXA,

I started with a 1999 RM250 I brought for $1500 barely running and in terrible shape. I had a set of triple clamps and Showa SFF spring forks off my 2016 RM-Z250 race bike and they bolted straight up to the 1999 frame. Secondly I didn’t realize that Suzuki actually changed their shade of yellow in 2001 so I had to fit a 2002-2008 RM125 tank with current shape tank shrouds. The rear end is all 1999. The hardest part of the build was making a custom seat to fit the newer tank but also fit the old rear subframe. The suspension from the RM-Z works a treat with the old steel frame. The engine was fully rebuilt with all genuine parts and soda blasted. The rim set was custom made using a billet 1999 rear hub and a 2016 front hub. Even the 1999 brakes bolted straight up to the 2016 forks! The build ended up costing more than a new bike but there’s not many RM’s in this kinda shape with the modern suspension package. I also had the stock pipe sand blasted and gave it my own works treatment, with a heat gun and some sump oil from my truck. A brand new Keihin carb and Pro Circuit R304 silencer. Also I had 2017 RM-Z graphics printed to a 2008 RM250 template to give it the modern look as well as a 2013 RM-Z stock seat cover. I love the classic rear end mixed in with the modern front and it’s more than just a re-style when you factor in the modern suspension.

1999 SUZUKI RM250
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1995 yz250



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Ken Roczen 2019 Seattle Supercross-5737Ken Roczen: “Today was a lot better for me. I’m still not 100% with whatever is going on with my body, but the feeling that I had on the bike was good all day. It was the same for the races—I just tried to go out there and have fun, and I rode really well. I had a good heat race with the win and then got a good start in the main. The track was super technical, especially with the whoops, which were very tough. I had a good battle with Marvin [Musquin] for a second. He jumped on the red-cross flag, which opened up the gap for a bit, but overall, going from where we were the last two weekends and not feeling great to racing like we did today and feeling a lot better, it was a huge step in the right direction. I think we’re all pretty happy with how it ended up this weekend; it’s a big monkey off our back!”
Cole Seely 2019 Seattle Supercross-5288Cole Seely: “Today was a lot better for me. I’m still not 100% with whatever is going on with my body, but the feeling that I had on the bike was good all day. It was the same for the races—I just tried to go out there and have fun, and I rode really well. I had a good heat race with the win and then got a good start in the main. The track was super technical, especially with the whoops, which were very tough. I had a good battle with Marvin [Musquin] for a second. He jumped on the red-cross flag, which opened up the gap for a bit, but overall, going from where we were the last two weekends and not feeling great to racing like we did today and feeling a lot better, it was a huge step in the right direction. I think we’re all pretty happy with how it ended up this weekend; it’s a big monkey off our back!”
Jimmy Decotis 2019 Seattle Supercross-4788Jimmy Decotis: “I had a solid night in Seattle. I rode great all day, had an awesome heat race, and finished third in the main event. My Suzuki RM-Z250 is amazing, and I feel like I’m riding so well right now. I didn’t have the best main event, but to finish third on a track that difficult is a positive. I’m excited to keep things rolling in Houston.”
Justin Hill 2019 Seattle Supercross-5401Justin Hill: “I really struggled all week and on race day with food poisoning. Honestly, the main event was one of the worst 20 minutes of my life. I’m thankful that I got through the night without major problems, because I am going to regroup and come back healthy!”  
Enzo Lopes 2019 Seattle Supercross-4701Enzo Lopes: “It felt good to be back at the races after Atlanta. The team and I worked a lot during the 250 West break to make sure we were 100 percent ready for Seattle. I felt really good right away. The track was challenging, especially the long set of whoops. I didn’t qualify the best, but I had a fresh mindset heading into the heat race and main event. I finished fifth in my heat, which was good. I made a lot of mistakes that cost me a better position. The main event was a completely different story. I had a good start and got into fifth place for half the race. I started getting tight and faded to ninth. I’m happy with the progress, and it’s nice to show that I can run that pace. Now I have to figure out why I got tight and work on that part of my riding. I can’t thank the team enough for their support and helping me through my rookie year of Supercross!”
Adam Cianciarulo 2019 Seattle Supercross-4897Adam Cianciarulo: “I had a couple sections I was faster and maybe others that were slower. Right in the middle of the race I got messed up by a lapper and it took me a little bit to overcome that. It was a tough track but I felt like I could have been better overall. We’ll go back to the drawing board for next week and hope to have a good triple crown in Houston.”
Dean Wilson 2019 Seattle Supercross-5800Dean Wilson: “Overall, it was a pretty good day. I was the fastest qualifier, which is always a good way to start the day. I’ve been working really hard during the week and I would say today was a pretty good improvement. I fought to the finish and was very close to a top-five, so overall it was an improvement.”
Zach Osborne 2019 Seattle Supercross-5276Zach Osborne: “A big step in the right direction for me today and just an overall better day. I got the start in the Main Event, which was really awesome. It’s a tough class right now and I know what I’m capable of, and that’s to be at the front, so I’ll just keep working and it’ll come.” 
Michael Mosiman 2019 Seattle Supercross-4808Michael Mosiman: “In the Main Event, I was going back-and-forth with catching Jimmy Decotis in third and I got really close to him at the end but just ran out of time. I was really close to my first-career podium and it’s a real big confidence booster, I know I can run up there and run that pace. The goal is a podium finish moving forward and we’ll go from there.” 
Josh Grant 2019 Seattle Supercross PRACTICE-3362Josh Grant: “The bike was great all day. The track conditions were difficult to adjust to though, and there were some really slick spots and we struggled in the whoop section. I’m going to head home, work on a few things and come back to Houston with a little more riding under my belt. Everybody has bad days and looking at that main event, mine still went better than most.”
Justin Barcia 2019 Seattle Supercross-5710Justin Barcia: “It was a difficult day for me. I wasn’t able to ride during the week due to my shoulder, so I was a bit rusty. It was also an extremely difficult track. I had a rough start and got caught on a tough block, then I crashed in my heat race which set me back. Then in the main I had a pretty hard crash in the beginning of the race… It was definitely a weekend to forget and move on from.”
Dylan Ferrandis 2019 Seattle Supercross-5200Dylan Ferrandis: “It’s unbelievable, I’m so happy. It was difficult tonight because I was fast on the track and got a good start and I see my teammate crash really bad in front of me, so it was a little bit sketchy, I wasn’t really sure what happened to him. After I was leading, though, it was crazy. It’s been a while I haven’t led a race. AC was really fast. He pushed me… It was new for me to be out front. I kind of struggled a little bit just trying not to make mistakes. Lapped riders were really difficult to manage through. My team makes so much work for me and they deserve so much this week, so I’m just so happy.”
Ken Roczen_Eli tomac_2019 Seattle Supercross-5937Eli Tomac: “[It was a] better overall race than last week. On the start tonight got a little bit pushed out wide there, made a good move though down the second straightaway, a few passes, and then felt like I was in touch with Marvin and Ken for the first half of the race. And then I fell off a little bit in the middle and then kinda felt like I came back at the end, but at that point was too far gone. I was working the whoops good early in the race, skimming, and then kind of took too long to get to my rhythm jumping, and that’s what cost me. So I gotta pick up on those lines a little bit quicker next time.”
Marvin Musquin 2019 Seattle Supercross-6093Marvin Musquin: “I really enjoyed the track and the riding, I was super happy about everything today. Unfortunately, I made a mistake in not seeing the red cross flag. I saw a lot of yellows and I slowed down to make sure I was safe but I did jump, and the rules are ‘no jumping.’ It’s a big bummer, hard to swallow, but it doesn’t take anything away from a big win today.”
Cooper Webb 2019 Seattle Supercross-5652Cooper Webb: “It was an up-and-down result today. It was a good charge back in the Main Event but I definitely wanted to be on the podium, so we’ll work hard this week and try to be back up there in Houston.”


Speedway_2019 Daytona Supercross-39
Many of the injuries suffered during Bike Week this year didn’t occur on the streets of Daytona Beach, but rather on the Supercross track during the Pro and Amateur days.
Between the 2019 Daytona Supercross and Amateur day local hospitals had 106 patients come in with injuries between the two days of racing. Which was a huge increase from the 71 riders they saw in 2018. Ages of the riders ranged from 9 to 47 years of age.




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Brian Medeiros_Charlie Harrison_ODI Ride Day Fox Raceway 3-16-19Brian on the 2019 Suzuki RM-Z450.

By Brian Medeiros

“What’s up Motocross Action. Test rider Brian Medeiros here bringing you part two of the RM-Z250  suspension test. For this test my goal was to see how the RM-Z would react with the right spring rate’s for my weight. My purpose for this test was to give you a base line to go off of because let’s face it, you just spend a good chunk of change on your new motorcycle  and maybe you aren’t ready to spend the money on getting a full re-valve right away. So, will getting the right spring rate help? Let’s go over some data.

To clear up some of the confusion on the BFRC rear shock, it does not have the rebound adjuster in the conventional location (on the shock shaft) because there is no valving on the shaft itself. It is located all up top where the high-speed and low-speed adjusters are located on a conventional shock. On the BFRC shock the high-speed and low-speed adjuster are one adjuster measured in turns. The rebound adjuster is also measured in turns.

For my weight I went with a 5.2 kg/mm shock spring, and .47 kg/mm fork springs. With the correct shock spring I was able to get my sag to 106 mm which in turn made the bike feel level. On the compression adjustment I was able to run a stiffer setting compared to having the stock shock spring on. After riding the bike my final shock settings where 3 turns out on compression (1 turn is stock) and rebound was 2 turns out (1 turn is stock). With this setting I had good squat and traction on acceleration as well as good rear end stability on the entrances of corners. This setting also gave me a nice plush feel on hard landings, while still keeping good bottoming resistance.

As far as forks go, the correct springs gave the me ability to really feel the valving characteristics of the forks As the stock valving Suzuki did a great job. The initial part of the stroke was plush and also had great bottoming resistance. I ended up at 12 clicks out on the forks opposed to 14 clicks out with the standard springs. On rebound I ended up at 10 clicks out opposed to my 9 clicks with the standard springs. I felt that speeding up the rebound helped the front wheel tracked better.  I could feel the action of the front tire which in turn really helped with being able to know how hard you can push it before losing traction.

So does getting the right spring rate help? The answer is yes. Remember if you don’t have the money to get your RM-Z250 suspension revalved, just get the correct spring rate for your weight and that will help you out a lot, especially if your a light guy like me.”

Brian Medeiros #934



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Kevin Windham 2005 a1 winner
Kevin Windham after winning the 2005 Supercross season Anaheim opener mud-fest race.

Moto Trivia answer: Jeff Alessi.

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