Shane-n-MitchShane McElrath (right) eagerly provides the virtual mic to Mitch.

By Kyoshi Becker

“I’m here with Mitch Oldenberg and Shane McElrath”

Mitch, how does it feel to be the only 250 West rider healthy on the Troy Lee team? Oh wow. It is alright. Any pressure is good pressure I think, but there is not too much pressure. Shane Interrupts: “He handles it well.”Mitch: I just go out there and do the best I can each weekend and whatever happens, happens.

Practice_Supercross_Anaheim_010428-copyMitch Oldenburg at Anaheim.

Mitch, you had a pretty mediocre start to the season, but you have been working your way up.  I have just been being smart out there. I wasn’t using my head the first three races, Shane will agree with that. The speed is there along with everything else. I just have to put it all together and I think that is where I’ve changed. My attitude has changed and I am riding within my means and not trying to ask for too much and end up on the ground.

Shane, have you ever had last gate pick and won a race?  I don’t know, maybe in some small race or Arenacross. Although I have almost missed a gate.

Mitch, have you ever had last gate pick and won a race?  Yes, not at an amateur national or anything like that. Not anything over a local race, but yes. I’m not good at drawing pins so I’m always like 39th or 40th every time.

_BAS6776Shane racing Daytona.

Mitch will you be racing the USGP this year? Not sure yet. Right now I am only signed for Supercross. When outdoors gets closer we will take it one step at a time. If the opportunity presents itself then yeah, I’ll be lining up. I’d love to do a GP, especially after watching Shane (McElrath) and Jesse (Nelson) kill it at the Glen Helen USGP last year. It is really cool to see the whole team do well and I’d like to be out there representing them too.

Speaking of the MXGP Shane…  That was probably one of my favorite races all year, other than Straight Rhythm. It was cool to see how the GP’s go about doing their whole schedule. Over two days it was a lot more laid back, but at the same time it is a whole week-long ordeal. It wasn’t too much different than a total day over here, but it is spread out over two days. It was a fun experience.

mxgp-world-USA0259Shane McElrath earns a solid second place right behind teammate Jesse Nelson in the 250 class during  last year’s Glen Helen USGP.


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