Rider: David Vuillemin
Bike: 2005 Factory Yamaha YZ450
Race: 2005 Unadilla National
Lens: 70-200mm
Focal length: 140mm
Exposure: 1/500th
F-stop: 2.8
ISO: 800


RM250 2 stroke Traction MX made the late model RM250 into 1992 RM250 replica. 

“I still remember when the 1992 Suzuki RM250 hit the showroom floors. I just turned 8 years old and this was the coolest looking bike I had ever seem. Kids like wild crazy designs with flare. That description doesn’t usually make the cut when it comes to a production motorcycle.

RM250 2 stroke

Why? Well, because I know a lot of you reading this are thinking how ugly this bike is, just like back in 1992. Cheetah print was at one time cool, but I think the look on the 1992 RM250 was before its time. After seeing this bike all I wanted was a Suzuki RM80. Somehow, someway, my parents scrapped up the cash and got me one for my next birthday. I bled yellow until I was fast enough to break the fast yet brittle RM80s.”Daryl Ecklund 

The 1992 Suzuki RM250. 

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2004 KTM 450SXFThis is the 2004 KTM 450SXF.


The 2020 KTM 450SXF must have got kissed by a princess to turn from an ugly frog into a handsome prince. 

2004 HUSQVARNA TC4502004 Husqvarna TC450. 


The 2021 FC450.



Ride Enginering has just added another offset option for the bike most kids transition up from minis on. Their 23.5mm offset is designed to bridge the gap between the stock 25mm clamps and their most popular selling 22s. Intended for sandy, muddy, high speed tracks like Glen Helen and Millville, these clamps out handle stock without getting too busy in the rough sections. They also switch the rider from the stock solid mount bar mount to a rubber mount system like all the current model YZFs improving comfort from hard impacts. The full triple clamp kit with rubber mounted bar mounts, poly cones and misc hardware retails for $692.

2021 KAWASAKI FIRST RIDE AT PERRIS RACEWAY | photo & words by Trevor Nelson

With the announcement of the all-new KX250, Motocross Action received an invitation to Perris Raceway to test the new green bike. With the KX250 being the only all-new model in its class for 2021, we couldn’t be any more excited to throw our leg over the little sister of the KX450. With a plethora of new parts, the 250 now shares a lot of similarities to its larger engine counterpart such as the same frame, swing arm, hydraulic clutch, electric start and bodywork like the 450 as well. MXA headed to Perris Raceway to learn more about what Kawasaki did to improve their 250.

Just like similar intros, COVID-19 guidelines were in place for people attending the event.

Upon arrival at Perris Raceway, the Wrecking Crew had to follow COVID-19 guidelines just like many other intros. Although it’s not fun to wear a mask, we weren’t too bothered by this as we were just glad to ride the new bike. At the event, they had a table that displayed many significant part changes from last year’s model. From an all-new clutch to weight-reduced cranks, it was pretty neat and convenient for us to see all the changes that were made to the bike hands-on.

The table that housed all the different parts from last year’s model compared to this year’s.

On the right is the all-new clutch with the Belleville washer spring instead of the standard five coil springs. 

The crankshaft received significant changes for the 2021 year, most notably weight reduction.

A bulldozer grooming the track for us to test on.

Kawasaki provided their own tuff blocks for the event to make the track look even cooler.

The Perris Raceway track crew was hard at work making sure the track was prime for the intro. From extensively tilling, grooming, and watering the track, they had it dialed. The track was smooth and fast, but it helped us get a feel for the new bike. The dirt was slick in the morning, but by the end of the afternoon, large ruts were forming that both Josh Mosiman and Daryl Ecklund enjoyed throwing the new KX250 into.

The brand-new KX250 basking in the sun before we rode the bike for almost three hours.

We appreciate all the work that some of the manufacturers put in to enhance the track’s appearance. 

Ryder DiFrancesco, Jett Reynolds and the new 2021 KX250s.

The media outlets weren’t the only ones at the event. All-star amateurs Ryder DiFrancesco and Jett Reynolds also got the opportunity to do a little bit of testing of their own on the new 2021 KX250s. It is no surprise that they were fast and looked comfortable on the new bikes as the two are some of the most talented young riders in the states. MXA also took the time to make a raw video if you are interested in an early look at what the bike looks like in the hands of some very fast riders CLICK HERE.

Test rider Josh Mosiman power sliding the brand new KX250.


2009 James Stewart Yamaha YZ450F 2009 James Stewart Yamaha YZ450F 2009 James Stewart Yamaha YZ450F 2009 James Stewart Yamaha YZ450F 2009 James Stewart Yamaha YZ450F 2009 James Stewart Yamaha YZ450F


Mike Bell Dave OstermanHere is Mike Bell and mechanic Dave Osterman (yes the same Dave the was the team manager for Chad Reed’s TwoTwo Motorsports team) and the then-new factory Yamaha 495cc 4-speed. This open bike had a power-valve and the cases were designed for a water pump, although water-cooling wasn’t deemed necessary after pre-season testing in Europe.


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