mid-week 4-1873

“I bought this one nearly finished, but added a few things to get that factory look.  The suspension was done by Pro Circuit, and has been updated with cartridge internals from a KX80. The biggest score for this project was an actual HRC Double-strap screen door front number plate.”

mid-week 4-1876HRC Double-strap screen door front number plate.

mid-week 4-1879This CR480 has an old set of KX80 forks on it that were worked on by Pro Circuit. 

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Martin Davalos_2019 Nashville Supercross-5574Rider: Martin Davalos
Bike: 2019 Pro Circuit Kawasaki KX250
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Photographer: Brian Converse


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Doug Domokos 1999 Summercross SX-3Who is this wheelie master? Answer at bottom of the page.


2000 GAS GAS MC250



2019 TM 300MX project bikeWhat do you think of the American look on the Italian TM300MX project bike?

2019 TM 300MX project bikeWe had our MXA assistant editor, Josh Mosiman shake it down. 

2019 KTM 250XC-FWe know what you are saying. What is MXA doing testing an off-road bike? Well, for starters this 2019 KTM 250XC-F is virtually identical to the SXF version save for the six speed tranny, softer valving, oversize tank, 18-inch rear wheel and kick stand. The engine, mapping and even the suspension internals are the same. The softer valving intrigues us as most KTM forks are too stiff for our liking. 

David O'COnner If you don’t know who his handsome fellow is, it is KTM media relations go to guy, David O’Connor. He is the guy that has to put up with us all the time.

2019 KTM 250XC-FOff-road bike? Justin Muscutt couldn’t tell the difference. The MXA wrecking crew got our hands of the Oset MX10 and have been having a blast. This electric bike can take a beating, is fast and the battery lasts longer than most kids will. 

2019 Oset MX10 This little guy got comfortable really quick on the MX10. 

Oset MX10 josh mosimanJosh Mosiman was practicing his form on the MX10. 

2019 Honda CRF250FThe 2019 Honda CRF250F is an all-new bike with fuel injection. This is a great bike for the family to learn and play on. 

2019 Honda CRF250FWe were told not to jump the bike, but we couldn’t help ourselves. 

A committed Canadian.

Ralf Schmidt Ralf Schmidt and Josh going over the bike. 

MXA’s Jody Weisel dusting off an orange lid. 

Travis fant josh mosiman Our video guy, Travis Fant calling the shots to Josh on the TM 300MX. 


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COle Seely 2019 Nashville Supercross-5202Cole Seely: “Tonight was good but still not great. I’m still happy though. I was running really good for the first 14 minutes of the main event and then just got tired there toward the end. It’s kind of been the story of my season, unfortunately. I’ve been struggling with my fitness—more strength-wise than cardio. I’ve been working on it, but it’s hard to build during the season because you can’t work yourself so hard during the week then be flat on the weekends. It’s a fine line but I think I’m doing a good job in my routine. We’re just taking the positives away from tonight. I feel like I rode really well and rode with more confidence than I normally do when I line up.”

Ken Roczen2019 Nashville Supercross-1090Ken Roczen: “I don’t even know what to say because nothing surprises me at this point. I feel like I just can’t catch a break. Things started out so great and I really felt like tonight could have been my night. Everything was flowing well in qualifying and I got another heat-race win. My bike was working great and I was having fun. I didn’t get the start that I wanted in the main event but was making passes quickly. Unfortunately, [Joey] Savatgy went down while I was right behind him and I hit his bike. There was nothing I could do; I had nowhere to go. By the time I got going again I was last, so I just tried to dig deep and do whatever I could to make up as many positions as possible. I’m not happy with eighth but it’s okay considering what happened. We’ve got a few more opportunities to make it happen, so on to Denver.”

Martin Davalos_2019 Nashville Supercross-5574Martin Davaolos: “I’ve been going through a lot these past few weeks trying to get some answers on why I’ve still been in pain in my neck and we were able to make some progress since Indy. Even though I still have a ways to go, it helped just enough to keep me competitive and get the win. I am really happy to be back on top, especially after a tough day for the team. I’m looking forward to a few more weeks off before finishing out the season.”

Eli Tomac_2019 Nashville Supercross-5905Eli Tomac: “I’m kind of at a loss for words right now, really. Qualifying was not so good today. I was a little behind and not my normal self. Then, was leading the Heat Race and don’t know what happened and went to the LCQ and got through that. I had some fortune with those crashes [Musquin and Roczen], but overall felt good through the whole Main and that’s the most important thing. Thanks to everyone for sticking together”.

Justin Cooper_2019 Nashville Supercross-1782Justin Cooper: “I struggled to find my flow throughout the day, but was able to put it together for the main, pull the holeshot and get out front. I had a battle on my hands quickly and had some first lap adrenaline pumping, went to make a pass and ended up going down with Chase [Sexton]. It definitely wasn’t my intention, but hey, you live and learn, that’s racing and not everything goes right all the time. It was frustrating that I had to come through the pack again after two falls, but I’m happy to be on the podium and leaving safely. Thanks to my team for all the help this weekend and making sure I was comfortable out there when it mattered.”

Zach Osborne 2019 Nashville Supercross-2072Zach Osborne: “Progress is progress, even if it’s slow or small. I started off a little slow on the day but a third in the heat race and fifth in the Main Event definitely feels like we’re going in the right direction. I’ll keep plugging away and looking forward to outdoors.”

Dean Wilson_2019 Nashville Supercross-1051Dean Wilson: “I qualified third, so the speed was good today. In the heat race, I rode a bit tight and ended up fourth. In the Main Event, I got a good start and avoided some carnage early on and got into second. I got passed by a couple guys and from there I rode in a pretty solid fourth the whole race. Fourth is a good finish but the podium was so close, so I just have to keep pushing for that.”

Cooper Webb_2019 Nashville Supercross-5952Cooper Webb: “It was nice to get the holeshot and lead some laps in the Main Event. I made some mistakes and got passed by Eli and Blake – they were both riding really good tonight. I’m keeping the bigger picture in mind and a podium finish isn’t too bad, we were able to take away some points and extend the lead a little bit heading into the last three rounds.”

Marvin Musquin 2019 Nashville Supercross-1137Marvin Musquin: “Qualifying eighth in the heat race kind of put me in a bad position for the Main Event but I was able to get a decent start in second. Unfortunately, I made another mistake in the first set of whoops and I went down. From last, I came all the way back to sixth-place, which is okay but the end result is not good so we’ll keep on fighting.”

Kyle Peters 2019 Nashville Supercross-1184Kyle Peters: “The whole day was a lot better than previous rounds. I felt good in practice and qualifying. I was loose and comfortable right away and looked forward to a good night. The heat race came around, and where they prepped the track it was hard pack underneath and marbles on top. I washed the front end out and came back up to seventh. Once I saw Sexton and Cooper down, I knew it was time to go. I rushed it a bit and made some mistakes. I didn’t ride the race like I should have. I wasn’t hitting my breathing spots and tried too hard. Overall, it was a good night. It was awesome to have my family there, and the team was on it all day. We’re making progress, and we’ll get up there in New Jersey.”

Alex Martin 2019 Nashville Supercross-1170Alex Martin: “It was one of those days. The heat race was the highlight of my weekend. Nashville is a pretty cool city, but the racing was rough. We made some changes going into the night show and they didn’t work out like we had hoped. It was frustrating, but we’re going to rebound.”

Justin Hill 2019 Nashville Supercross-5150Justin Hill: “I was really vibing with the track this weekend, but I made a small miscalculation in a rhythm section and damaged my L5 vertebra and a few other things I can’t pronounce. I rode the remainder of the night as best as I could, but I was in a lot of pain. Ultimately, I couldn’t finish the race, because my back was giving out on big jumps after ten minutes of the main. It’s very disappointing, because I liked the track a lot. The bike is working really well right now. I’m going to get my body checked out and take it from there. I hope to make it to Denver.”



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Steve Lamson 2005Steve Lamson back in 2005.

Moto Trivia answer: Doug Domokos.

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