Rider: Josh Grant
Bike: 2007 Honda CR250F


“In February of this year my hero past. The person in my life who introduced me to dirt bikes when i was 6 years old. And from that day, he always grinned when he saw my bikes. Im 56 now and last year, no matter how hard it was for him to walk out to the trailer, he always wanted to make that walk to look and see what I was riding. When I brought all three home the first time, I told him, “This XR75 was the first one you worked hard to get me, This RM125 was the last one you worked hard to get me, and this CR250 was the one I always wanted but, you always said, work hard you’ll get one one day,” he walk over to the CR250, patted it on the seat, didn’t say a word, smiled and went back into the house.

“I always wanted a 2003 Honda CR250 even knowing they had so many issues with the power band being horrible. There’s a certain character to the older bikes in my eyes, so when my friend found this 2003 CR250 with only 22 hours, I jumped on it. Renthal Fat bars were the first purchase then the call to ARC levers for a custom set of offset levers to make the clutch pull to the complete Hinson clutch kit bearable for my old fingers. My cousin Clark Jones at Noleen J6 helped me get the suspension to my weight and speed to balance the bike out. DirtTricks are very good to me and sent over a complete sprocket set for the bike, adding one tooth to the rear for a little help down low. The original carb and reed cage were tossed out and a VForce Reed and PW Airstriker Carb put in their place, then a VHM head with an FMF shorty silencer which helped the low end on the bike more married to a Pro Circuit pipe. It’s not perfect down low, but I don’t yell cuss words near as loud now when it blubers . My very good friends at Dubya USA hooked me up with an amazing wheelset of Kite/DID for the bike, which are wrapped in Michelin Starcross 5 tires. Ride Engineering sent over some 22mm offset triples to help her turn better and calm down more in the straights and Galfers 270mm front kit and rear disk help in the fear stops. Lightspeed rear chain guide and TM Designworks kit keeps everything moving along out back. A Throttle Jockey pleated HRC cover keeps my old rear end planted in the saddle, and Pro Pegs titanium foot pegs with Hammer Head controls down low, keep my feet where they belong since I have a tendency to ride like a newborn baby giraffe learning to walk.

“MXGurl graphics, and a host of other company’s helped out and I can’t thank them enough. The bike was built to be durable and as maintenance free as a two-stroke can be since my time doing movie stuntwork can keep me away for long periods. It draws a lot of attention, but was built to race and enjoy, the cool factor was an after effect which is pretty awesome. It’s the bike I never got to build when I was younger. I grew up on two-strokes and my heart just can’t walk away from the smell and sounds they generate, it makes me feel like a 6 year old kid again every time I kick one over and slowly let out the clutch.” –Ray Barrow.

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Zach Osborne_2019 Hangtown 450

By Jim Kimball

With his 2019 450 rookie season thwarted by a pre-Supercross injury, Rockstar energy Husqvarna’s Zach Osborne has been on a steady progression to relive his championship winning 250 days. On an extremely hot and humid outdoor National at WW Ranch in Jacksonville, Florida, Osborn equaled his season best third with another third overall. In typical Osborne fashion, his best laps were near the end of the motos. After the press conference ended, we asked Zach what it was going to take to get to the top in the 450 class, where he currently lies fourth in championship points.

ZACH, YOU ARE STRONG NEAR THE END OF THE MOTOS, BUT YOU ARE OFTEN PASSING PEOPLE THAT PASSED YOU EARLIER IN THE MOTOS. Yes, the main thing that I am struggling with now is just the first three laps, making the quick passes, or quick decisions where I am not getting passed. That is my biggest struggle. I am going to be strong at the end, whether I am strong in the beginning or not, but I just have not found my stride in the beginning of the races yet.

YOU WERE INJURED MOST OF THE SUPERCROSS SERIES, BUT DO YOU FEEL MORE AT HOME ON THE 450 NOW? For sure, it is the only bike I ride now. I rode it for quite a while in 2017, a little last year getting ready for Outdoors before I got injured, and now, full-time, and I think that it is second nature to me. We had some issues during Supercross that we had to work through and now that I have gotten to where I am really, really comfortable and I can really go out there and rally. I feel good with the bike.

ZAch Osborne 2019 Fox National pala motocross raceway-8253

HAS YOUR TRAINING APPROACH CHANGED FROM 250s TO 450s? I haven’t really changed the approach. The bike is heavier, and the training is heavier. With the 450 I need to beat them to win on the weekends. So, it has been a tough deal, just to transition with the workload as it has been hard on me, but I am surviving.

HOW IS THE ATMOSPHERE AT THE ROCKSTAR HUSQVARNA TEAM? We gel well, all of us, the 250 guys, all the mechanics, all of us get along well, and we are a team effort. I think that this is a huge part of our success. We are all pulling in the same direction and that we all enjoy going racing every weekend.

Zach Osborne_2019 Seattle Supercross PRACTICE-3030

DO YOU HAVE A COUPLE FAVORITE TRACKS COMING UP? For me, it is the tougher ones, so I like Red Bud. I love High Point, but have already done that one. I liked Florida and I liked Hangtown. Washougal is one that I have on my list that I feel I am going to really have to pull something out to do well there, just because it is a little faster, and does not play to my strengths. But all at the same time, it is something that I can get down with. I have been on the podium there before. I love Ironman and Unadilla. Actually I pretty suchlike all of them that are left. I think next weekend’s Southwick it is going to be a big test of fitness, but we should be good.

YOU HAVE NEVER WON A 450 RACE. IS THAT ON YOUR MIND? No, it is not on my mind right now. Right now, I am just out there trying to do as good as I can, and the win will come. I am going to keep working, keep training and keep putting myself in good positions. I was only a few seconds away from a moto win this past weekend in Florida.



Larry Brooks 1986Who is this rider? Answer at the bottom of the page.


450 start 2019 Thunder Valley National motocross

By Brian Medeiros

I  raced the first two National of 2019 in the 450 class. I thought it would be cool to give you guys a break down of what it cost for me to go race this event the first Hangtown round as a privateer. I raced MXA’s 2019 Husqvarna FC450 test bike,  loaded it up in my van early that Friday morning before the race and hit the road.

  1. AMA Pro Motocross license: $350.00
  2. Entry Fee: $256.71 ($250 plus a $6.71 convenience fee)
  3. Graphic Kit (with proper MX Sports Logo’s): $150.00
  4. Tires for the bike: $135.00 (Front and Rear)
  5. Race fuel: $145.00 (MR-Pro6 HT)
  6. Fuel for vehicle: $384.00 (936 miles round trip)
  7. Hotel: $109.00 (One night, Friday before the race)
    Grand Total: $1,529.71

As you can see, motocross isn’t cheap but I’m sure you already knew that. The Hangtown Motocross Classic was the second closest AMA Pro Motocross event to where I live in Southern California (Fox Raceway was the closest). The next closest event would have been round three in Lakewood Colorado (Thunder Valley National), 1,016 miles away. That would be a 2,032 mile journey to race and come back here to Southern California for the week break in the Pro Motocross Schedule. As a privateer it was financially out of the question for me to race every round of the series, so if you see a privateer out there at all the races, be sure to give them the credit they deserve.


1998 Yamaha YZ400F



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Steve Lamson 2001Steve Lamson back racing Supercross for the factory DKNY Husky team on their 250cc two-stroke back in 2001.

Moto Trivia answer: Larry Brooks back in 1986.

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