Rider: Justin Barcia
Bike: 2019 Factory Yamaha YZ450F
Photographer: Daryl Ecklund
Lens: 17-40
Range: 17mm
F Stop: f/7.1
ISO: 640
Shutter speed: 1/1600


“Hey MXA, This my 2001 YZ250 that became my son’s bike while waiting on parts for his YZ125. I wish I had better pictures of the final finished project but it’s still pretty sweet. Teaching YamaPro & Dyno at MMI for a few years and being a Yamaha guy in general (it’s said that my blood is Deep Purplish Metallic Blue) I knew of some things I could do to make it a bit better. The cylinder has had some serious massaging to broaden the power, reconfigured squish, Boyesen Rad Valve, the photo has an FMF Gnarly but the final is an SST. Custom shorty silencer, Wiseco Clutch Basket, polished main and counter shaft, polished shift drum, ProX rod, I trued the crank to .005″ (it wouldn’t get any better than that), Universal Triple Clamps, 2006 Kayaba SSS suspension front and Rear (2006 shock is not on yet in this photo), with Race Tech Valving, Talon Hubs with Excel rims.  I hope you guys like it!” –All the Best Dave Waters. 

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Donny Schmit 1993Who is this rider and what year was it taken? Answer at the bottom of the page.





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Josh Mosiman and Daryl Ecklund went to Boise, Idaho, for the Fly Racing Summer camp last week to check out and wear the 2020 Fly Racing gear. Here is Josh Mosiman modeling the new threads. 

Fly Racing surprised us with Pitster Pro pit bikes for the media to race against each other. 

That is Daryl Ecklund on the far left lining up for the first Pro mini heat race. 

Josh Mosiman leading the Pro heat number 2. He went on to win his heat. 

Damon Bradshaw The legend, Damon Bradshaw, was ripping at the Fly Racing Summer Camp ride day. 

Weston Peick Weston Peick was in attendance and riding. He was on the gas in the 2020 Fly Racing gear.

Cole SieblerEx-Pro rider and now Fly Racing Sales Manager Cole Siebler was jumping some huge jumps. 

Travis Fant MXA’s video guy Travis Fant got a chance to get some riding in as well. 

2019 Lorreta LynnWhile Josh and Daryl were in Idaho, Dennis Stapleton made his way to Loretta Lynn’s dude ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, for the MX Sports National Amateur Championship. 

2019 Lorreta LynnThis place is awesome as it is only holds races once or twice a year. You can see by the overgrown grass field which is the start. 

Up at Washougal we couldn’t help but notice how good the Star Racing YZ250F bikes were at getting up front at the start. Four Star Racing riders were at the front of the pack each moto. 

All the while you had Adam Cianciarulo hanging off the rear of the bike all day long to do everything he could to hang with the Star Racing YZ250Fs. 

The Washougal crowd was incredible. 

Christian Craig 2019 Washougal AMA national motocross -5776It was sad to hear the news about Christian Craig being suspended after Washougal until March 9th, 2020. He will be appealing the FIM’s decision.

2020 Yamaha YZ250 We got the 2020 Yamaha YZ250 smoker in the house. We will be causing some mayhem on this old war house soon.

2020 Yamaha YZ250F We will be doing initial testing on the 2020 Yamaha YZ250F this Thursday at Glen Helen. 


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Dylan Ferrandis: “The track is always slippery at Washougal, but today it was a bit worst due to the bit of rain we got all morning. I still had a lot of fun riding today. I got two very good starts and was really happy with myself. I had good battle with AC [Adam Cianciarulo] in the second moto. We made a good show for the fans, I hope they liked it and I look forward to watching it later myself. I’m pretty pumped about winning both motos today. It’s a good bounce back after my bad weekend in Millville. I look forward to racing again in two weeks at Unadilla.”

Justin Cooper: “The bike was really good this weekend! A couple mistakes in the motos, but nothing we can’t recover from. The conditions were really good with it misting in the morning, the track was moist all day and pretty rough. It was difficult to be consistent with the slick lines out there and that cost me a couple of times especially in the first moto when I lost the lead. It was good day overall, though. I’m still looking to get back to the top, but I feel we are headed in the right direction.”

Adam Cianciarulo 2019 WASHOUGAL MOTOCROSS NATIONAL-Adam Cianciarulo: “You’re always conscious of the points, but now after winning this year, I crave to win and kind of expect it of myself. Most of the time I’ve been happy with second because it’s been on an off day, but today I felt like I was the fastest out there and really wanted it. I just couldn’t get by and had a few mistakes here and there in that first moto that cost me. Overall, I had a lot of fun, the bike is working great and I feel like we’re in a really good spot heading to Unadilla.”

Eli Tomac: “On the bike [today] it was like perfection, other than the starts. The second moto was pretty much mistake free. Everything was in the right place, at the right time. It’s pretty cool when that happens. That was just a good day on a dirt bike.”

Jason Anderson 2019 WASHOUGAL MOTOCROSS NATIONAL--33Jason Anderson: “My day went pretty decent. In the first moto, I got up to third and then I fell and ended up fourth. In the second moto, I got up to fourth and tried to make a charge and ended up getting passed for fifth. I went 4-5 for the day but I got docked two positions, so I ended up fifth overall, which isn’t too bad.”

Zach Osborne: “It was just a really ‘off’ day until the second moto, where I was able to turn things around. I think I’ve just been a little bit off the normal regimen with my shoulder but going into an off-weekend, I feel like I can make a lot of improvement with it and keep moving forward.”

Dean Wilson: “Today was definitely an improvement but I’m still trying to catch up on my fitness. The second moto, I had a really good start and those guys passed me but to be honest I was really struggling with cramping in my legs. It’s a little disappointing as a 7-8 was looking doable but we’ll just keep working at it.”

Michael Mosiman: “It’s good to be here, I’m really fond of this track and this area. And I think this track suits my style – I’m really able to get into a flow. I’m stoked to get on the podium. I love the fans up here!”

Alex Martin 2019 Washougal AMA national motocross -5908Alex Martin: “Washougal is a tricky track for me, so I’m happy to just be moving on from this race healthy. In the first moto I had a good pace going while running in seventh position. Then I swapped out coming into a left-hand corner and went over the bars. I spun badly out of the gate in the second moto and was buried in the pack, but I made aggressive passes right away to finish seventh. My riding was decent. I just need better starts.”

Freddie Noren 2019 WASHOUGAL MOTOCROSS NATIONAL--14Freddie Noren: “I was really looking forward to Washougal. It was nice to ride press day and get a flow with the track. I cannot believe how comfortable I am on the Suzuki RM-Z450 after not much time at all. I expect my results to continue improving. Washougal was a race I can build off of.”

Ken Roczen: “I can’t really complain today. If you’ve seen my last few weekends, today was actually really good for me. I’m pretty happy to be back on the podium and to have an overall better day than in past weeks. In both races my starts weren’t that great, but I was able to make passes and find the front of the pack pretty quick, which was nice. I was trying to be aggressive until the end and give it my all but Eli [Tomac] was on it all day and I just wasn’t able to hold him off. I’m looking forward to this weekend off and to getting back to racing at Unadilla.”


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Grant Langston Mike Broan Ryan Hughes glen helenGrant Langston getting the jump on the start at the 2003 Glen Helen outdoor National.

Moto Trivia answer: Donnie Schmit back in 1993.

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