By John Basher


    We’re smack dab in the middle of 2013 bike testing. Want to know what we’ve already tested? Here goes: KTM – 250SX, 250SXF, 350SXF. Kawasaki – KX250F, KX450F. Right now we’re focused on the Suzuki RM-Z450, Yamaha YZ250F, KTM 125SX and 150SX, and also the Husqvarna TC250 (above). That’s Dennis Stapleton getting crazy silly fresh on the Husky.



MXA: Washougal went very well for you, Andrew. Does your riding style cater to a slippery track where traction is at a premium?
Andrew: Washougal has always been a really great track for me in terms of results. I’ve always felt comfortable there, where I hear other guys complain about traction there. I don’t exactly know what it is that clicks for me there, but I do like Washougal.

What are your goals for the last four rounds? You’re fourth in points right now. Is it life or death for you to finish top three in the overall point standings?
I’ve done that before. I finished second one year. That’s not so important to me as it is to finish the season strong. I had a midseason slump where I had a few bad races. I want to finish better than I have all year long. I’m looking for the podium and some momentum to carry into next year.

In the second moto at Thunder Valley you finished second place, which is your best moto score this series. Was it the hometown vibe that helped you excel?
Colorado is always really special. When I set my goals for the year I always focus on doing well at Thunder Valley. Anaheim 1 is also important, because it sets the tone for the Supercross series. Colorado is important because of personal reasons. My first moto was so-so, but to get second in the second moto and finish on the podium was great.

Short (29) fighting for space in the start at Red Bud.

Living in Texas, how do you survive practice days? It’s so incredibly hot there this time of year!
Well you have to be smart. I’ve always struggled in the heat, and I think that’s the big reason why I had the midseason slump. I was training and swimming and being outside a lot, but when it’s that hot it puts stress on the body. I wasn’t showing up to the races on Saturday with my body fresh and ready to go. It wasn’t necessarily that my riding was bad, but instead my body was torn up. Now I always try to get my core temperature down as soon as I’m done riding. I also try to practice as early in the day as possible and focus on recovery. It’s good for me to be acclimated to the heat, but growing up in Colorado I’m still not used to the heat. I’ve learned to listen to my body and not go overboard with riding and training when it’s so hot out.

You really seem comfortable on the Honda CRF450. Are you glad to be back on the bike?
Yes. I know exactly what the bike is going to do. It’s definitely my favorite bike. I like that style [of bike] and what Honda has to offer with technology from their race team. I was really happy to get back on the Honda this year, and also to work with Larry [Brooks] and Jeremy [McGrath] and their whole crew. I’m looking forward to 2013 and what that bike has to offer. For 2012 I don’t think that there is any bike that’s better out on the starting line.

Have you had the opportunity to ride the 2013 Honda CRF450 yet?
No. I’m excited to ride it, but at the same time I got hurt last year riding a bike that wasn’t in production yet. I ended up with two broken elbows and didn’t even get to finish the season. For me, I’m focusing on 2012 and getting through this season before trying out the new bike.

If given the option, will you try and race the 2013 Honda CRF450 at the Monster Energy Cup in October?
I’m not sure yet. I’m excited about the Monster Energy Cup. I see that there’s not a whole lot to gain but a lot to lose. Having said that, I love to race. The atmosphere seems pretty cool, and there’s also the possibility to make some money. I don’t know if I’ll be ready to ride the new bike yet. It would be great to ride the new one, but we’ll see.

You’re pretty active in social networking. Do you like the possibilities that Twitter offers?
I really liked Twitter, especially when it was a little newer. I’m a bit burned out on in right now [laughter]. Maybe having a Twitter account is good for my image and all that, but I don’t know if it actually makes me money or helps me keep my ride. I like Twitter because it connects me with my friends that are around the world. I have a friend in England that I talk to all of the time, and it would be difficult to do that without Twitter. That’s the coolest part about it. I also get to talk with people that are in other sports. That’s pretty neat.

Speaking of other sports, have you been watching the Olympics?
Yeah. I really like cycling. The road race looked a little gnarly, and the Time Trial is coming up. I also like watching swimming. Those are two sports that I do for training for motocross. I like to watch the best at what they do. I can learn from their techniques and try to understand the mental side of it all.

Thanks for your time, Andrew.
Thanks, Basher!


Photos by Will Petterson

450 blast off!

The crowd watches the battle go down.

Justin Barcia and Eli Tomac.

Mike Alessi.

Ryan Dungey.

Blake Baggett.

Sponsors, anyone?

Seeded practice.

Kenny Roczen.

Eli Tomac.


[Press Release]  Based off the popular Shift Sandbox video that was shot at Glamis last year, Shift has created “The Ride On Freeride Tour” for 2012 and we’re inviting everyone to join us and hang out! We have selected 5 locations around the USA and will be rolling out in the Shift bus & bringing some of your favorite team riders. Mark your calendars and plan to join us for some riding & fun! Follow us at: #SHIFTMX for #RIDEONTOUR updates | Instagram @shiftmx | Twitter @shiftracing |


6 – The number of riders that have reached the podium in the 250 class: Blake Baggett, Justin Barcia, Eli Tomac, Blake Wharton, Marvin Musquin and Ken Roczen.

8 – The number of riders that have reached the podium in the 450 class so far this summer: James Stewart, Ryan Dungey, Mike Alessi, Jake Weimer, Broc Tickle, Brett Metcalfe, Andrew Short, and Justin Brayton.

11 – The gap, in points, between WMX riders Jessica Patterson (in first) and Ashley Fiolek (in third).

11 – Moto wins for Ryan Dungey so far this series.

31.19 – The amount of seconds, on average, that Ryan Dungey has won by over the rest of the field. His biggest gap, at 48.38 seconds, came in the second moto at Millville. His shortest gap, at 17.90 seconds, was at Thunder Valley. Oddly enough, he has won by 22.79 seconds twice (the first moto at Thunder Valley and the second moto at High Point).

80 – The amount of points that Dungey is leading by. Based on a statistical analysis of Ryan’s average finish (23.93 points, or first place with 25 points), coupled with Mike Alessi’s average finish (18.93 points, which falls between third and fourth place with 18 to 20 points), Dungey could sew up the title after the second moto at Unadilla.

99 – The gap, in points, between Blake Baggett (in first) and Marvin Musquin (in fifth).

163 – The gap, in points, between Ryan Dungey (in first) and Broc Tickle (in fifth).


This is what we’re doing today.

    The MXA wrecking crew are a busy bunch of guys. While we don’t ride every day of the week (although collectively we do), we’re always tinkering on or talking about bikes. Our wives/girlfriends/friends/family/dogs occasionally tire of all the moto chatter, but they understand that motocross is what we do.
    What have we done this week? On Monday Jody, John Minert and I finished up the October issue (can you really believe that we’re already done with the October issue?). On Tuesday we disbanded and worked on our own projects for the next issue, while our video guy, Travis Fant, visited Competitive Edge and shot footage with some top riders (including James Stewart). Today we’re throwing a leg over the 2013 Suzuki RM-Z450 out at Suzuki’s top secret Supercross test track (from what I understand the track will be tamed down quite a bit). Tomorrow some of us will spin laps around Glen Helen, while I shoot action photos of the 2013 KTM 125SX and KTM 150SX. Friday we’re back to the computer, typing up stories and reporting on our findings. Unfortunately there isn’t a race at REM on Saturday, but we’ll find somewhere to ride. As for Sunday? That will be a good day to start planning for the next week (when we test the 2013 Suzuki RM-Z250 and get closer to the MXA Shootouts).


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                                                 To facilitate the move
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