What will you be doing when you’re 50 years old? Maybe you’ve already reached that benchmark. Good for you. Start drinking Ensure!
    Doug Dubach is the latest edition to the 50 class, which means tens years of tormenting the world’s best +50 crowd. That’s exactly what he did this weekend when Dr. D walked away with his first over-50 World Vet Championship. It marked his 22nd World Vet title. By the way, he hammered the +40 class on Saturday, showing the youngsters that he still has plenty of tiger in the tank. These titles came a short five months after shattering a bunch of ribs. So again I ask, what will you be doing when you’re 50 years old?



    Nick Wey is a name that conjures up an expanse of memories?amateur prodigy, Pro Circuit Kawasaki hired gun, factory racer, a winner, a team owner?and these measures of a man are a constant reminder that Nick Wey is still in business. He raced through the 1990s, the 2000s, and here we are approaching the 2014 race season. Wey will be lining up to the gate once again.
    It almost didn’t happen, that business about continuing to race. Wey had a massive crash at the Millville National in 2012. The crash left him with a dislocated hip, three broken vertebra (which needed to be fused together and then set in place with screws) and three broken ribs. Most racers would have called it a career at that point. Not Nick Wey. He loves to race, to hold a distinguished position in the rank and file of motocross riders, and to run his own race program. I thought it would be interesting to hear from the “Mafia Moto Crew” leader.

MXA: After that terrible crash that you sustained at the 2012 Millville National, and the subsequent injuries, how were you able to overcome the mental and physical challenges and return to racing?
Nick: Honestly, just recently I finally feel like I am 100 percent strength wise. I took the rehab very seriously, but you can only do so much gym work. I was off the bike for nearly a year, so I just needed to ride myself back into shape. On the mental side, I have always been very aware of the potential for injury. Dislocating my hip and breaking three vertebrae is just the price I had to pay for making a mistake on that day. My desire to compete far outweighs my fear of injury.

What are the driving forces that push you to forge ahead in your racing career?
I feel like I have some unfinished business. Some personal goals that need to be met. For about five years now I have felt like I haven’t been given a shot to do my best.  

What have you learned from starting your own race team, and what are the toughest challenges?
I started from scratch. I didn’t even own a lot of the tools that my mechanic would need. There were so many things to do to get up and running. It was very overwhelming. Now that the truck and awning are all set up we are just making some minor changes and adjustments to make race day as efficient as possible.

How are you able to maintain a racing career while balancing family life and running your own race team?
It’s tough! What more can I say?

You’ve had a number of longtime sponsors that are committed to you through thick and thin. I believe that’s because you’re marketable, but also because you’re very loyal. Racing is about results, but you have a different quality about you that draws investors in. Where did you learn that from?
You are right. I have been fortunate to have some supporters that have been with me for a long time. I understand that racing motocross is a business. These companies are selling an image. I think a lot of the fans and consumers can relate to the fun I have with racing, as well as respect my work ethic and my no quit mentality. Plus I put a lot of emphasis into my look!

Recently you took part in a trail ride in Mexico. What was that like?
I have never driven across the border to Mexico. I was a little apprehensive for sure. My Dad came out from Michigan and we went with the MSR guys for their annual ‘Not On Any Sunday’ ride through Baja. We had a great time. The beaches were beautiful and the people by where we stayed were very friendly.

What exactly is the Mafia Moto Crew?
Mafia Moto Crew is an apparel brand based on the behind the scenes grit it takes to be a motocrosser. There is a long line of racers, since the late 1970’s, dubbed the Mafia. They were the baddest of the bad. Mafia riders had no problem riding and racing in the worst of weather conditions. Most of the time they rode on worn out equipment without receiving the exposure or respect they deserved nationwide. When it came down to it, Mafia riders were some of the strongest riders and a lot reached the top level of motocross. This no quit attitude and determination has made the Mafia a crew of respected standouts. Mafia riders were notorious for undermining authority and they always stuck together. That is what the Mafia Moto Crew strives to uphold today. Based on the traditional stance of its riders, the Mafia Moto crew is customizable to be made your own. New chapters are popping up all over the globe. Is your posse represented?

What are your goals for the 2014 season?
My goal for coming back to racing was to be prepared for this 2014 Supercross season. I want to consistently be unsaid the top 10. With some god starts and hard work I know I capable of top fives and a podium on the right night. I’m working as hard as I can remember at the track and in the gym. We have some more work to do but I’m excited for January.

What will help you succeed in next year’s season?
Hard work and organization are going to be key, and we are committed. Team Mafia Moto Crew is pursuing a marketing partner for Supercross 2014. We just really need some more financial support to make things run a bit smoother. Last summer was tough getting everything up and running on a shoe string budget. Regardless, we will be ten times farther ahead of where we started last summer. Team Mafia Moto Crew would be a great return on investment for any company looking to market their brand in Supercross.


    Perhaps you’re aware of my love affair with the Kawasaki KX450F. I have liked that bike for many years?long before it won our shootouts and even when it had a four-speed transmission with a top gear tacked on for offroad riding. I’ve grown with the KX450F. It’s familiar to me, and so I have raced it for quite some time.
    This year I thought it was time to switch things up. The 2014 Kawasaki KX450F is an awesome bike. I’ll probably beg, borrow or steal the mighty KX450F out of Jody’s stable before too long, but the all-new Yamaha YZ450F intrigued me. It is one of only two brand new bikes for ’14 (the other is the YZ250F). I wanted to be on the ground floor of YZ450F testing, even though I’m still working on the 250 four-strokes. I figured that the World Vet Championships would be the perfect opportunity to hop aboard the YZ train and try some new products out.

    In case you’re wondering, there are 20mm offset Ride Engineering triple clamps, a 6.0 Race Tech shock spring, Pro Circuit exhaust, 50-tooth Renthal rear sprocket, Renthal Twinwall 997 handlebars and a Renthal throttle grip with an ODI clutch-side grip (don’t ask). I had to fancy it up with an American theme graphics kit courtesy of the fine folks at DeCal Works. I even went with a Dunlop D756RR front tire and a Bridgestone M404 rear tire. The whole setup is odd, but it made for a great weekend of testing! Stay tuned, because a number of these products will be featured in an upcoming issue. A special thanks to Yamaha for the loaner YZ450F.


Doug Dubach (15) and Tony Amaradio (hidden by Dubach) fight for the holeshot in the 40 Pro class.

Tony Amaradio.

Billy Mercier finished third overall in the 40 Pro class.


Gordon Ward was going warp speed but didn’t have quite enough to beat Doug Dubach for the 40 Pro title. Ward finished second overall.

The 50 Pro class was a wild affair.

Noleen J6’s Clark Jones contested the 50 Pro class.


Mike Sleeter raced a KTM 350SXF and gave it his all in the 30 Pro class. Travis Preston won out, but at one point Sleeter was within striking distance. Sleeter finished second.

Dubach (15) wheelies away from Willy Musgrave (422) and the rest of the 50 Pro class.

Willy Musgrave.

The sight of the 2014 AMA National opener.

John DeSoto was given a long overdue celebration for being a pioneer of U.S. motocross.

The 30 Pro class stretches their throttle cables as they battle for the holeshot. That’s Dennis Stapleton (184), Amaradio (13) and Travis Preston (11) duking it out.

Roman Jelen, from Slovenia, was a revelation in the 30 Pro class. He finished third with 5-3 moto scores.

The victor! Travis Preston was the favorite going into the World Vet Championship, and he didn’t disappoint.

Dennis Stapleton was bitten by bad luck in the first moto of the 30 Pro race when a rock dislodged his chain. He came back in the second moto with a seventh place finish.

Once a champ, always a champ. Gary Jones (88). Actually, a four-time 250 National Champion and eight-time World Vet Champion.


MOTO 5 Renner Intro/Red Bull from THE ASSIGNMENT on Vimeo.


    Well folks, it’s finally here. The months of anticipation leading up to today were a struggle. It felt like I was patiently waiting to ride the new bicycle that I knew I was getting on Christmas morning, only Christmas was six months away.
    Christmas has come! Today Daryl Ecklund and I will be riding the all-new 2014 Yamaha YZ250F at Monster Mountain motocross park in Tallassee, Alabama. The ’14 blue thumper is the culmination of years and money spent on a radically changed YZ250F. I’m thrilled to take the production bike for a ride. Don’t be confused by the pre-production YZ250F that we rode for three hours a few months ago. That was merely the latest version of the bike (at that point), which didn’t warrant a test because it wasn’t what anyone could buy.
    Look for an exclusive first-ride feature posted on MXA‘s website Wednesday evening, along with an assortment of photos for your viewing pleasure. Until then stay tuned!

[Press Release]

    Fox Head, a worldwide leader in action sports gear and apparel, has released a limited edition camo color pack for the Holiday season.
     The Assault Pack features the Motion Elite, Motion Scrub, and Photon shoes in special new colorways with black-out uppers, camouflage midsoles, and explosive orange accents.
     “The Assault Pack brings a new level of excitement to our best selling footwear styles,” said Fox’s Footwear Marketing Manager Kellen Trachy. “It delivers both high caliber performance and cutting edge style for today’s action sports athletes.”
     The Motion Elite Assault ($95) brings aggressive MX-inspired styling to the best in lightweight training footwear. Features include an ultralight Skylyte misole, TPR midfoot stability cage, and fully decoupled motion outsole for maximum flexibility.
     The Photon Assault ($85) is a high-performance hybrid build for all levels of training. Features include a TPU heel cup for ankle support, leather overlays for durability, and a Skylyte midsole with wide toe and heel platforms for stability.
     The Motion Scrub Assault ($85) fuses the technology of the future with classic casual styling. Features include a Duratrak outsole for grip and durability, nine Motion flex grooves for flexibility, and a Skylyte midsole that makes it one of the lightest casual shoes of its type at just 9.1 ounces.
     The Assault Pack is available now at and at Fox Footwear retailers worldwide.

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    Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA is proud to announced detailed 2014 YZ/WR Contingency Payouts. If you race a YZ or WR or are thinking about it, go to for a complete list of eligible Yamaha contingency paying races, classes and positions, along with total series and individual payouts.
    This is the perfect resource to ensure the events you race in 2014 will have you eligible for the maximum amount of Yamaha’s $3.76 Million dollars in contingency money.
    Additionally, all payouts to bLU cRU amateur members will be made via the new Yamaha bLU cRU debit card, giving you greater flexibility to spend your contingency earnings. At the same time, your bLU cRU debit card provides a rebate off GYTR parts and accessories at your local Yamaha dealership.
    Contingency registration is open for the 2014 Racing Season. Make sure you’re eligible by owning a 2012 or newer YZ/WR and go to to sign up for your opportunity to earn your fair share of Yamaha’s contingency payout as a member of the Yamaha bLU cRU.
    bLU cRU members can check out two new recently posted videos. One highlights the incredible adjustability and ease of use of the GYTR Power Tuner for the YZ450F and all new YZ250F, while the second video captures Yamaha bLU cRU riders taking on the best racers in the world at the 2013 Monster Energy Cup.
    For more information, all the bLU cRU member benefits, videos and updates on Yamaha bLU cRU visit


[Press Release]

    Brea, Ca – Due to overwhelming requests for sponsorship 6D is pleased to announce its 2014 Racer Support Program. This program is activated through your local 6D ‘Level 3’ Dealer. Interested athletes should contact your nearest ‘Level 3′ dealer for support with your resume and proposed racing schedule. Each dealer will have a limited number of sponsorship helmets available and the final decision is theirs as to who they chose to support. Support is available for riders in all forms of off-road competition. To find your nearest 6D ?Level 3’ Dealer go to and highlight the athletes tab and select the Racer Support Tab.

How it works
– Activated through your local 6D ?Level 3′ dealer (find a list of these dealers on our website under the Athletes tab)
– Contact the Parts & Accessories manager or owner with your resume and request for support
– If approved the dealer will activate the program with 6D

Program includes
– A minimum $75 discount on your 6D helmet purchase
– Exclusive Team Apparel (supplied directly by 6D with your warranty registration)
– Crash Replacement Discount Policy
– Exposure on the 6D website (content provided by the athlete)
– Social Media Content

Rider Requirements
– Contact your 6D ?Level 3′ dealer and complete the purchase transaction
– Complete your warranty registration online at the time of purchase
– Social Media Tags – @6dhelmets #6dhelmets #6DFlightCrew

For questions regarding this program please contact: [email protected]

Visit for more information.


Are you the person for the job? Find out if you could be Kawasaki Team Green’s Race Technician

    Kawasaki Team Green, the industry leader in amateur racing and trackside support for over 30 years is looking for a new Race Technician. For more information about the position and the opportunity to apply, please visit the following link to Kawasaki Careers.

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