There’s a method to our madness when we receive a new bike. Take last week’s 2014 Kawasaki KX250F intro at Competitive Edge, for example. We stickered up the new steed, had our video guru Travis Fant shoot footage of the bike on the stand, did a brief introduction, and then went riding.
    That’s where things got really interesting. I grabbed my camera, had Travis in tow, and let Daryl Ecklund spin a few laps on the new bike to get comfortable and acclimated. So began the long photo/video shoot, where Daryl would hit one jump after another, and slam a variety of berms for our lenses. It’s a tiring process, but full of great opportunities. This is especially true with Daryl as a photo rider, since he always throws caution to the wind and goes for the gusto. One second he’ll be displacing a heap of dirt, and the next second he’s on the ground laughing like a hyena. That’s what happened in this photo sequence. Ecklund hit the turn so hard that he got ripped off the KX250F. No worse for the wear, he got up, dusted himself off, and on we went to the next section of track. Good times had by all!


    The MXA wrecking crew is slinging a leg over the 2014 Yamaha YZ450F for the first time. Be sure to check back in the coming days for a video of our first impressions of the all-new YZinger.

Photos by Scott Mallonee

Professional racers, they’re just like us. Only they go quite a bit faster on a motocross bike. Find out what they do at the races.

They check their phones. Maybe they update their Twitter feed, Instagram, Facebook, or find out the latest news on Kim Kardashian’s baby.

Sometimes they hide inside the semi until they are summoned out by the fans.

Just like Derek Jeter, McKayla Maroney, and that guy from the Disney Channel, motocross stars sign autographs.

They often meet with the team leaders to discuss the track, bike setup, the color of their boots, or where they’re having dinner after the race is over.

Sometimes they talk to their mechanic before the start of the moto, depending on how they’re vibing the situation.

They race, of course!

The “lucky” (and when I say lucky I really mean unlucky, since there’s little time between the motos for the racers to relax, since TV has cut into their break) few get asked a series of questions after the first moto.

Only a few get to experience the sensation of stepping on top of the podium.


Malcolm Smith Tells His Story In Malcolm! An Autobiography
Pre-order an autographed copy of Malcolm Smith’s official autobiography, set to release in December 2013!
[Press Release]

    It’s true: Malcolm Smith, perhaps the most well-known and accomplished motorcyclist on the planet, is finally telling his story – all of it.
    From his childhood in Canada and southern California, to his first motorcycles and racing exploits, to his legendary ISDT run and the classic documentary On Any Sunday, to his Baja and African rally achievements, to his successful businesses and charity work, and to his family and many friends all over the world, Malcolm! An Autobiography is the story of Malcolm Smith.
    “It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally time to do it. The timing seems right, too. I just turned 72, I’m slowing down a little, I’m spending more time with my family, and I’ve got more perspective than ever… So here we go! I’m sure you’ll love reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.”
– Malcolm Smith
    This large-format (11×11-in.), 300-plus page, hardbound coffee-table book will feature more than simply Malcolm’s life story. In it you’ll find hundreds of photographs from Malcolm’s private archives, many of which have never been seen by the public, let alone published. For the book, Malcolm teamed up with veteran moto-journalist and racer Mitch Boehm, who’s worked at Motorcyclist, Cycle World and American Honda during his career.
    Malcolm! An Autobiography is set to release in December, but you can pre-order your copy now. And if you do, you’ll get a very special bonus: Malcolm’s signature. That’s right: Order now at and Malcolm Smith will personally sign your copy!
    Whether the book is for you or a gift for that special motorcyclist, it’s something that will be read over and over – and cherished – for years to come.
    Price: $49.95, order today at


BY Daryl Ecklund

    The person that should know yourself best should be you, right? I mean, that would be the logical answer, but I’m understanding that’s not necessarily true. For some, bad experiences are quick to forget and soon to repeat. For others, they are fed false truths by the mainstream media rather than their own intuition. Then, there are the hard-headed individuals that won’t listen to the people dearest to them that see their world from a different perspective from the outside looking in.
    I will be the first to admit that I have been guilty of being just like each of the people I have described. In fact, I will make all those mistakes again. Why? Because it’s human nature. Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes, but after the first time it is no longer considered a mistake, it is a choice. The predispositions of the human mind that help guide us, can and will became a thick haze if we don’t become aware about ourselves and our environment.
    So what am I trying to say? Listen, and listen closely. Your body will tell you everything you need to know. Have you ever ate something that your body had a negative reaction to? Either got heartburn, diarrhea or indigestion, but then ate the same food down the road getting the same effects? Have you started not to feel well or develop a small pain that just got worse but you didn’t do anything about it until it was to late?either ending up in the hospital having extensive physical therapy or even surgery? I worked at a physical therapy rehab facility before MXA. More than 60 percent of the people in there could have prevented all this agony if they would have just listened to what their body was telling them when the signals first started to occur. A lot of the time your body will just give up, stop giving you the warning signals and just adapt to your bad habits?but your choices will eventually come back to haunt you.
      I take great pride in representing a fit and healthy lifestyle. But believe it or not I was once a fast food junkie that did not exercise, lacked sleep, and told my conscience to take a hike. I was in limbo after my racing career trying figure out what to do with my life. I had a fat-skinny body type where my muscle turned to the lighter softer fat tissue, while my arms and legs become skinny-bones-jones as my pot belly grew. At first my body reacted to the negative things I was eating and doing, but the more I rejected what my body was telling me, the better the super size meal tasted and the smaller that “voice” became. After only a year of this lifestyle it almost became too late. My body became tired due of the lack of sleep, my immune system was drained from the lack of nutrition and my body was weak from being sedentary. This led me to a hospital bed with a 50% chance to live due to an infection that my body no longer could protect me from.
    I’m lucky. I learned at the ripe age of 23 what the repercussions can be from not listening to my body. Yes, I will still make mistakes, but I will tell you this, I will never put myself in the same position as I once was. If I’m tired then I will sleep. If I’m sick or hurt then I will go to the doctor. Even if I’m getting out of breath when riding I “listen” and make the necessary changes to adapt.
    So stop for a moment, listen to what your body and others are telling you. Don’t ignore the signs until it’s too late like I did. It is going to be a challenge at first, but with anything practice makes perfect. You always have a choice, to go left or go right, so take a moment to see through the thick haze and see where that choice will lead you. Understand who you are and don’t look back.

    “I think that Broc has realized his capability and how good he can ride. Last week was a huge improvement and that’s where he needs to be, bottom line. He came to my farm to start riding and he’s showing a lot of improvement. He needs to back-up the last few performances every weekend.
    “Southwick is a man’s track. You don’t have to focus on the speed as much?the corner speed?because it’s a strong man’s track. The stronger you are the better that you can be. You better man-up at Southwick. Guys will get gassed and you have to be able to pounce on them when the opportunity comes.”?Ricky Carmichael

[Press Release]

    Dubya has announced the launch of the advanced version of its popular custom wheel builder tool. This updated version allows customers to better visualize how their custom Dubya wheels will look by offering views of both the front and rear wheels, as well as a profile view of the wheels mounted on a bike.
    Customers will be able to create their designs by choosing from Dubya’s extensive catalog of components from top brands like Talon, Kite, D.I.D, and Excel using an easy to navigate menu. Components available to be customized include hubs, spokes, nipples, rims and sprockets, as well as an option to change the color of the demo bike to better match your own machine.
    In addition to their custom wheel sets, Dubya also offers a variety of pre-assembled wheel sets in a variety of color combinations. Check out to see the complete list of available sets.
    Be sure to check out Dubya USA on Facebook at, or follow @dubyausa on Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates on Dubya products, sponsored athletes, fan-only promotions and giveaways!

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