Alex Martin 2019 Nashville Supercross-1170By Jim Kimball

It was almost one year to the day when Alex Martin took his last 250 outdoor podium going into the Millville National. So, getting his first podium of the year this past weekend was huge forJGRMX Suzuki Factory Racing’s Alex Martin. It was his hometown race and by that wer mean literally held at the home of Alex and his brotherJeremy, His second overll at the 2019 Millville Nationals was not a surprisse because he was awesome at the previous Red Bud National—which was ruined by a heartbreaking last lap engine blow-up in the first moto (caused by a hose clamp that broke on a water line. At Millville Alex’s day was slightly hindered by an off-track excursion that resulted in him getting docked one position for speeding up while off the track. His second overall podium finish has Alex happy with where he and his Suzuki RM-Z250 are headed. Alex is currently in seventh place in the AMA 250 National Championship series.

GOOD JOB! IT HAS TO FEEL ESPECIALLY GOOD AFTER YOUR STRONG SHOWING AT RED BUD? Yes, for sure. I feel like we just got things snagged away at the last second there in the first moto at Redbud to get the overall, or even to be on the podium overall, so this week definitely feels like some redemption. My starts here were not quite as good as at Red Bud. They were up there, but not quite as good. It was just a weird day because we were all sitting around with the storm delay. It rained a lot, and I was really, really impressed with the track crew, and what they were able to do to make the track rideable. Honestly, with the amount of rain we got, it was pretty good. I definitely have seen Millville in a lot of worse conditions, so it was nice to have a decent race track, and fortunate just to get out front and not like make any mistakes in the first moto and get the second. And then being in a good spot for the overall finish in the second moto.

Alex Martin 2019 Hangtown outdoor motocross national-1666By Jim Kimball

TELL US ABOUT THE AMA DOCKING YOU ONE SPOT FOR LEAVING THE TRACK? It sucked that I got docked, but it could have been a lot worse. It did not affect my overall position or anything, and I was really stoked with how good I felt on the bike in the second moto. Kudos to the team. They have been working hard in the engine department to get the motor up there, and suspension-wise and chassis-wise I think we are obviously looking pretty good now.

YOUR HAPPY NOW, BUT YOUR JGR SUZUKI IS A LITTLE LATE TO THE PARTY. YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN UP FRONT FROM THE BEGINNING OF THE SERIES. It is definitely kind of bitter sweet. It is nice because it is better late than never that we were able to get some results, but at the same time we are nowhere near the championship hunt, and that is a bummer. It has deflated my sails a little bit. In the last three years I have been more or less in the championship hunt, and this summer I just had to regroup. Now, all we can do is race for wins and the podiums. It is good to get the Suzuki guys a podium as I think it has been quite a long time since they have had a second overall. So, all we can do right now is just focus on race-to-race.

Alex Martin 2019 Fox National pala motocross raceway-9191By Jim Kimball

WHAT WAS IT LIKE TO BE THE HOMETOWN HERO? It is awesome. Iit is exciting. It is always nice to come home and see your friends and family. Also, just the vibe around the track with all the people yelling. I can definitely hear them when I am out there. It is cool. I was initially bummed out because I thought the day was shot with the rain delay, so I was pretty surprised that the track came around.

THERE ARE FOUR ROUNDS LEFT.  WHAT ARE ARE LOOKING FOR? From here on out it’s just trying to get a win and work on being on the podium. I think we have momentum on our side and we will just try to keep that going.

MILLVILLE IS YOUR FAVORITE TRACKS, BUT DO YOU HAVE GOOD FEELINGS OR BAD FEELINGS ABOUT THE NEXT FOUR TRACKS? I have some good vibes with Washougal. I got the overall there back in 2016. It was one of my best days actually ever. I am looking forward to Washougal. Unadilla is fun and Budds Creek is where I got my first moto win—Budds Creek has some good vibes. Indiana is a good t too; it should be fun. I definitely have some good tracks coming up.

Alex Martin 2019 OutdoorsBy Jim Kimball

AS A WRAP UP, AFTER THE SERIES IS OVER WHAT DO YOU HAVE PLANNED? Going golfing, golfing, and more golfing, that is about it.

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